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Story Time With Moxy
5-MeO-MIPT & Cannabis
by mostly harmless
Citation:   mostly harmless. "Story Time With Moxy: An Experience with 5-MeO-MIPT & Cannabis (exp100171)". May 2, 2014.

8 mg oral 5-MeO-MIPT (powder / crystals)
    repeated vaporized Cannabis (plant material)


I have a fair amount of experience with the more common psychedelics (LSD/25i/salvia/DMT/2CB/etc), second time using Moxy. I tried to rely on what I learned the first time to get the most out of this. The general feeling I got the first time was that this substance put my in an extremely positive mood and greatly increased my appreciation for music. I've heard it called the MDMA of tryptamines and while I didn't find it to have quite as strong empathogenic and not nearly as energy boosting qualities I still felt it might be a good fit for a dance party drug so that's what I planned for my second trip.

T+0:00 Eat an 8mg cap of moxy on my way to a club

T+0:30 Arrive at the club and have a beer. Feeling a general improvement of my mood, but it seems very subtle. Could easily miss it if I weren't specifically paying attention.

T+1:00 Solid Shulgin +1 now. Lots of smiling and feeling rather dancey which would be somewhat out of character for me normally. Completely lucid and coordinated, but clearly heightened mental state.

T+2:00 Feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the club atmosphere. The DJ is doing a bit of an average job at it and I can feel it in the crowd. Does not seem like the moxy would turn average music good, but does seem to be maximizing my enjoyment of it.

T+3:30 Mental state unchanged and still extremely positive, but continue to be unimpressed by the party. Decide to change the scenery and take this trip back to my house. Zero OEV activity throughout all this.

T+4:00 Back home. Vape some weed (and will continue to do so from now on every now and then) and put on some music I can get into some more. Turn off the lights and put on some winamp milkdrop for coloful lights. This is what I discovered the first time - just looking at the milkdrop does nothing for me, but closing my eyes so that I can somewhat perceive the color through my eyelids induces extremely vivid visuals in a matter of seconds. But unlike most psychedelic CEVs where you see abstract things like patterns, fractals, color blotches or lights, the visuals on this are extremely intricate narratives. They seem to stem from a combination of the milkdrop lights and themes of the song currently playing, if it has a clearly discernible one, or just improvised otherwise. I open my eyes every now and then to pick songs or chat with people and am instantly transformed to a near-sober state. Closing my eyes takes me back to the illusory world in seconds. Plateauing at ++ now.

Depending on the light/sound stimulus it occasionally switches from the narratives to a more expected type patterning and flowing, with the two occasionally tying into each other. While I am thoroughly enjoying the aesthetics of my visions, I'm a bit confused by the almost mundane content. I attempt to take control of the themes and 'push' them towards a more cosmic style, maybe something along the lines of mild DMT, however the drug immediately pushes back and chastises me for trying. Immediate visions of objectionable stuff like gross porn and gore that slowly fade as I let go. After trying that a couple of times I give up trying to wrestle it and just let it do its thing. One of the stories involves a guy taking some material from the gory vision, packing it into a barrel, moving the barrel into his van, driving around and eventually digging a hole to bury it. I can estimate actual time by the songs, so this actually went for a few minutes, but the length of the experience feels more like following him around for ages. Even while looking at the nastier parts of these stories, I feel neither fear nor revulsion and am enjoying the quality of them. I find that focusing on the music produces the best results. After some experimenting I figure out I seem to be able to control the themes indirectly - rather than trying to conjure up pictures in my mind I'm trying to just focus on peaceful general themes like trees or skies and have moderate success with the visuals following. Also tried boobs, but no luck.

T+5:00 I experiment with different music and colors. Slow to medium tempo electronic / trip-hop seems to produce the best results for me (Kosheen, Bonobo). Excessively uptempo rhythm and lights seem to interfere with the visual generation. I have been sitting still with eyes closed just about this entire time now in an sort of meditative state, trying to keep my mind clear and just let the Moxy flow freely. I can open my eyes at any point and snap out of the visions (which I mostly do to administer more weed), but it's accompanied by a tingling feeling in the back of my mind that every second not spent in that state right now is a second wasted.

T+6:30 The visuals are starting to fade and the Sun is coming up, so I decide to go to sleep. Having some difficulty falling asleep due to some CEV noise, but headspace still decidedly positive. Back to +.

T+14:00 Wake up well rested and in high spirits.

Overall a very positive experience, just like the first time, definitely planning on more of this in the future. Undecided about using it as a party drug, though. Although the club was fun, I definitely enjoyed the second part of the trip more. I will probably give it another try in a hopefully cooler club setting. Also worth noting, there was no feeling of any sort of body load or drunkenness throughout all this. Even deep in the dream world I was completely lucid and would have been able to snap out of it completely should have there been a need for that. Weed seemed to complement it perfectly, as it often does, helping me relax into the light trance-like state and further increasing my appreciation for what went on there. The quality and vividness of the visuals was astonishing, especially considering I am generally fairly resistant to those types of effects.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100171
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: May 2, 2014Views: 10,395
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