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The 5-Dimensional Hiccup
LSD & Cannabis
by Blu
Citation:   Blu. "The 5-Dimensional Hiccup: An Experience with LSD & Cannabis (exp100266)". Sep 10, 2021.

1 hit sublingual LSD (blotter / tab)
  2 - 3 hits smoked Cannabis  


1 blotter hit LSD per person. Standard blotter with a colorful design. The hit was about double that in size of what I have gotten in the past... suffice to say, extremely strong.

3 grams high grade Marijuana

It's Sunday morning and we both wake up knowing today is the day, we've been waiting a long time for this day. For me it's nothing new, I've tripped acid many a time but for my wife it's a first. For the last five years (we're both 28) we've been trying to find some to no avail, then about two weeks ago, out of the blue, finally a score. 4 hits. Hell yeah!

So we wake up and we're both a little nervous so we eat breakfast and shower to kinda calm down and relax a little. We decide we are each going to take one hit and that we can always take a second one if necessary.

At 13:51 we each take our first hit, I can taste a slight metallic taste on my tongue; hell yeah, this taste I've tasted before, a very slight taste, seems to be a strong hit! I instruct my wife (lets just call her MaryJane) to put the blotter under her tongue, after five minutes I tell her to start swishing it around her mouth and a few minutes later we started chewing it. Altogether I spent around 20 minutes sucking on the blotter.

After swallowing what was left of the paper I immediately realized that something was different, I started walking around the room making jerky movements with my arms and walking a little like a robot whilst chuckling to myself. MaryJane was sitting on the couch telling me that she felt nothing at all. I loaded a bowl and we each took two or three drags.

30 minutes into the trip is when shit hit the fan; the next 6 hours were to be the craziest, best, most compelling and beautifulest trip/session/experience I have ever had. It came and took us really quick. Normally I have like a wave that swoops me up and it's like an intense drop into the trip. This wasn't like that at all, from one second to the next we're tripping hardcore, not even really thinking about tripping. MaryJane starts telling me that she is thirsty but try as I might, I was not able to get her to drink. We both are sitting on the couch laughing uncontrollably. All of the sudden I think to myself, man we're tripping hard, but also as little sad because it seems like there’s no “spiritual” aspect to it, no connection, just a strong “superficial” kind of high. I was hoping to take my wife on an adventure... little did I know that in these terms, there was absolutely no need to be sad.

It's now 14:51 and we move from the couch to the computer desk and the next wave hits us! I am not able to see the contents of my computer screen anymore; 100% visual hallucinations. The next level. I look over to MaryJane as to make sure she's on par with me- she definitely is. I take out some markers and some paper and I start drawing. In my mind I cannot make up what to draw so I just start drawing lines, spirals and things of the sort. Whilst drawing I am in the picture, it is completely three-dimensional, way better quality than the 3d at the movie theaters. I am riding the lines as I draw them, like being on a roller coaster. The whole time my computer screen is blaring away with all kinds of crazy hallucinations. Usually when on LSD I just see the regular “world” and the things within are manipulated, even rather strongly at times. This time was different. This time I was completely hallucinating, seeing things that had no ties whatsoever to reality, coming straight out of the blue. MaryJane starts drawing with me. The whole room is moving. For some reason I am not scared, I enjoy the whole situation. I see no reason to be scared. MaryJane's picture is awesome, she used several different markers and made this never-ending spiral out of nothing but dots. Some dots were made to spell, “lost in time”.

I put some music on. A play list with some Pink Floyd and some Tool. Things seem to intensify. The music is definitely sounding different. I've known these songs for ages, there seems to be a whole different dimension to the song that’s playing. I hear a whole new voice singing, like its always been there, I've just never been able to hear it. I can also hear the regular singers voice but there is also another one, very subtle but ever so present. I'm sure this voice does really exist somewhere on the track... .. . The peak has not yet been reached.. Something is going on.. I..

We seem to be slipping. All of the sudden MaryJane (whom up until this point had been unable to move really, not even to drink. Up to this point she had been rather uninvolved.) got up and tells me it's time to go to the couch, I don't really feel like moving but being happy that she shows some sign of life I droopingly move on over to the couch. It's been about two and a half hours since we took those powerful little slips of paper. The whole room is alive and moving. Little did I know this was but the very beginning. I lay on the couch next to MaryJane, we lay there in each others arms and lose total touch with reality. I hug her and it's like I'm grabbing through her physical body and we slip into an astral plane. Stars are everywhere, aligned in a beautiful symmetry, we are engulfed with joy and delight as we fly through what seems time and space. The whole time we are together, ever so close, we both feel as we are one, it's unbelievable. Our human shells are in a total sense of trance. There are no words that can sum this feeling up. We are communicating in terms and on a level that a day seems so incomprehensible but at the time was clear as day. We are in a different dimension, flying about, totally exhilarated.

During this session and the several that followed my wife and I experienced an awesome connection and experienced things far too personal to sum up in a trip report. Suffice to say, on a personal level we managed to communicate in a unfathomable manner that simply cannot be put to words.

After about an hour I decide that I need a break, time to go “back”. Coming back proves to be quite difficult, kinda felt like I was crawling and at the same time yanking myself out of a dark tunnel. At first I could hear music- chaotic music. The music makes no sense at all, just random chords and a mish-mash of notes floating through the air. My eyes aren't open yet, that is to say I cannot see the room yet, still space. The music starts to get a little clearer and I start to see the room, I can hear my wife calling me to come back but I pull her out with me. The entire room is chaotic, the far end of the wall is like a really small square and the colors are totally random and very intense. I start to recognize the music as Pink Floyd. I tell Mary it's time to take a drag. We do. Now most times I've taken acid I didn't really feel all too much when smoking. This time was entirely different, it really really intensified things. I'm hallucinating like I never have before. We decide we had better delve back into whatever it was that we were experiencing earlier. It was kinda like laying down and going to sleep but I was definitely awake. I don't know if I had my eyes open or closed, I guess it doesn't really matter because the visuals were unbelievable. In a matter of seconds we reentered the cosmos. Like I said, it was an unbelievable experience, total ego loss, loss of being, time and space. At this point I was totally unaware of the normal world and my real surroundings, if someone sober were to have walked in I probably would not have been able to respond, I wonder what I looked like whilst in this state. We stay in there for about an hour, so many things happened, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.

I start heading back to reality, bringing MaryJane along and as we enter back MaryJane starts laughing uncontrollably. This in turn makes me laugh. I have never laughed so hard and so long. The hallucinations are still going hard and I am not able to stop laughing. I look at my wife and see her grinning ear to ear and her face starts to contort, I quickly look away because I don't really like my Jane's face going all jibbery on me. We are still a laughing. I tell her the neighbors are going to call the cops on us for chronic laughter, this in turn makes us laugh even harder. I was laughing so hard that it started to get hard to get air, my stomach hurt and my eyes were tearing. I finally manage to get up and head to the kitchen to get something to drink. The whole room is still moving, nothing seems intact, walking feels weird and with the room spinning I wobble my way to the kitchen, weighing myself through cosmic mass. I manage to grab something to drink and go back to the living room. We sit there first staring at each other and then into each other. We grab hands and start to drift back into another dimension. Literally! Never before have I been on such a trip, total out of body experience, more than that, total lose of being. At first I could feel the life running through MaryJane's hand, felt like throbbing light. For another 40 minutes or so we spent just sitting there holding hands, what was going on in mind was another matter, like I said, it was like stepping into a complete different dimension. For me the strangest thing was, somewhere in the middle of it I could hear bits and pieces of the music. Complete chaos, or just a single instrument in the background, all other sounds muted out. It got kind of scary when I really couldn't see my surroundings anymore and all I could just hear was chaotic music, for a second I questioned my sanity. Then I just let go an enjoyed.

This continued for about another hour and a half or so. We kinda started coming back to ourselves at around 20:00. I turn on the TV and we decide to watch Men in black 3. Then I realized that the trip was still going strong. MaryJane asks me, “Is it always that way, do normal people see it like this too, or is it us?”. The visuals on the screen are really cool but the movies content is really bothering both of us. We go on the search for other things to do and have a nice evening. Come 11:30 things have calmed considerably and we go to bed.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100266
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28 
Published: Sep 10, 2021Views: 185
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LSD (2) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Relationships (44), Glowing Experiences (4), Combinations (3), General (1)

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