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Powerful Relaxation, Profound Happiness
Citation:   Wallcrawler. "Powerful Relaxation, Profound Happiness: An Experience with Kratom (exp100269)". Feb 3, 2014.

20 mg oral Pharms - Fluoxetine (daily)
  8 g oral Kratom (dried)
The purpose of this report is to outline my personal experience using the plant matter known as Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa). Before I begin, a little background about me: I am male, currently 20 years old, and in good physical condition from daily weight training and cardiovascular exercise. I take Prozac 20mg on a daily basis to control generalized anxiety, and no other medications. I have used cannabis occasionally in the past, but infrequently as it causes anxiety for me. I am not what one would consider an avid drug user, but I enjoy a high once in a while to contrast the monotony of classwork. Also, because Kratom is often compared to opiates, it may be important to note that I have taken zero opiates in the past 6 months, meaning my opiate tolerance is non-existent.

The product I ordered was labeled 'Premium Thai Kratom'. I initially was skeptical at the tiny, 1 ounce baggie of dried, crushed up leaves that arrived. The vendor had misspelled 'weight' as 'weight' on the bag, so I sort of giggled and sighed at the same time. This could potentially...well, suck. It smelled vaguely earthly and dry, with hints of an herb-y aroma I assume is unique to Kratom. I ground 8 grams of the leaf into a fine powder, and then mixed it with a half-cup of of applesauce.

10:00 pm: I have not yet taken the Kratom, and I am currently feeling pretty relaxed after an hour workout and a light dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. I am thinking of waiting another hour before taking it, in hopes that I conk out at about 2 am (college has demolished my sleep schedule...).

10:15 pm: Anticipation gets the better of me! I eat the mixture of applesauce and Kratom, and surprisingly it tastes fine. I read a plethora of complaints about the taste of Kratom leaf, but in my opinion it was kind of tasty, at least as far as dried up plant matter goes. The powder mixed well, but next time I think I will make a tea, to avoid having to stare at the green/brown apple-slop as I shovel it into my mouth.

10:30 pm: As I watch an episode of 'The Office', I begin to feel slightly more relaxed. I am very comfortable on my bed, and my muscles feel a bit heavy. The effect at this point is light, but definitely noticeable. I would compare it to drinking a cup of chamomile tea. I feel profoundly at peace.

10:45 pm: The effects have most definitely intensified at this point. I start to feel a very warm sensation in my ankles and calves that is very similar to what I felt when I took hydrocodone after getting my appendix removed. My legs feel tingly and altogether it is a very pleasurable sensation. Walking around or excessive movement seems to reduce these effects substantially, however. Mentally, I am clear headed, and able to concentrate perfectly on the television. Waves of slight euphoria come occasionally, and my mood is elevated. I feel content, and happy to be alive on this planet.

11:00 pm: At this point, I would say the effects have peaked. I am experiencing deep muscular relaxation, and I do not think I would have felt like moving even if my house was on fire. 'The Office' is bringing me far more happiness than it should. The warm tingling in my calves has peaked, and it feels excellent to lie still and concentrate on my legs. My eyes are heavy and I feel tired, but I am not interested in sleeping. The experience at this point is very similar, yet noticeably superior to the 10mg of hydrocodone I took several years ago post-surgery. I am anxiety-free, and nothing sad or worrisome seems to be able to enter my mind. However, my thoughts feel slightly cloudy, and it takes me a little longer to complete simple tasks. Mentally, the cloudiness feels similar to taking one or two hits off a light marijuana cigarette. An urge to text friends comes over me; I feel social, oddly enough, and I am excited to tell friends what I am feeling.

11:30: The warm sensation in the legs has almost entirely subsided. I still feel relaxed and my muscles feel heavy, but the pleasurable opiate-like sensation in the legs is gone. I lie on my back and listen to Pink Floyd's 'The Wall', and I feel a content, tired sensation in my eyes and muscles. I believe that, at any given point, I could instantly drift off to sleep if I gave my brain the order. In addition, I have an indescribable feeling of contentedness about my future. This interests me, as I am usually anxious and apprehensive about what lies ahead. I able to tell myself, 'Things are going to be great', and further relaxation ensues.

Approximately 12:00 pm: Zz... I drift off to sleep, relaxed and certainly happy.

The next morning I awaken at 8 am. I have a very slight headache. Would I describe it as a hangover? No. I am still mentally content and relaxed, but the light pain in my head is noticeable enough to be annoying. A heavy cloud lies over my eyes, and colors seem a little more vivid. I am still very tired, and physical activity is simply out of the question. Foggy, is the word I am looking for. Foggy, relaxed, warm, content, and very, very sleepy.

Overall, the experience was highly pleasurable and rewarding. I seriously enjoyed the anxiolytic effects and the sensations in my legs. For someone who is debating whether or not to use Kratom, I recommend asking oneself what kind of high he/she enjoys most. I personally enjoy being sedated, tired, warm, and relaxed. A person who prefers to feel stimulated, intoxicated, or to 'trip' may not enjoy the leaf as much. I personally plan to use this plant again, but in moderation and only on special occasions to avoid a tolerance. As always, be safe, good luck, and use good judgement!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100269
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Feb 3, 2014Views: 57,892
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