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For What It's Worth...
by Infectious
Citation:   Infectious. "For What It's Worth...: An Experience with AH-7921 (exp100274)". Oct 10, 2016.

  repeated   Methoxetamine
    repeated   4-Fluoromethamphetamine
  100 mg oral AH-7921


I, along with a few friends, have sampled this compound, obtained from a trusted source. We didn't go about things scientifically, or even with the intent of sharing our experiences with others...We just wanted to get high. So, this is poorly documented, but for what it's worth, here's my report:

OK, first off, I am the drug geek in the group. As of late, my interest has shifted to RCs. I prefer psychedelics and dissociatives, but I have used at least a few chemicals from every class. I have been using drugs for over a decade. At a few points in my life, I have been mildly habituated to opiates.

I bought this substance along with MXE, 4-FMA, 4-OH-MET, and I believe 3-MMC. I wanted to research it purely out of novelty, as I tend to stray away from opiates anymore, but I do have friends that enjoy such substances, so I wanted their input.

I'll start with my experience, which is very inconclusive. I was on prolly 1/2g of MXE and 1/4g of 4-FMA. This was Day 2 of my run, no comedown, no sleep.
I was on prolly 1/2g of MXE and 1/4g of 4-FMA. This was Day 2 of my run, no comedown, no sleep.
I was pretty high at this point, but felt like maybe it was nearing time to return to reality. I ingested roughly 100mg of AH-7921. I cant say how long it took to kick in or comment on duration, as the dissociative obscured my sense of time. But, I felt a moderate opiate-like high, some sedation, with no nod. This continued until I fell asleep. That is it, that's the extent of my experience, a mere 100mg out of the 2g I bought. I simply wanted to check it off my list, and now that I have, I personally have no plans to use it again, even though I did find it enjoyable, from what I can discern from such an unscientific experiment involving other substances.

My main goal in purchasing the chemical was to see what a currently opiate-addicted person might think of such a compound. I gave it to 'R', a male friend of 29, approx. 150 lbs, a user of opiates, both recreationally and medicinally for about 20yrs, who was on Suboxone treatment for a Heroin addiction, his last run lasting about 3yrs, being clean for maybe 4-6 months at the time of the experiment. He had taken 8mg of Bupe that day, a low-dose for him. In the past, he had several inches of his colon removed, and it was recently causing him quite unbearable pain. Even with 16-24mg of Bupe, there were days when he found it hard to get out of bed.

I gave him roughly 100mg of AH-7921 in a capsule, which he ingested orally. I told him to wait at least 90 minutes before deeming it an ineffective dose, and I would give him (free of charge) as much as he needed to get off. About 2hrs after ingestion, he told me that his pain had subsided very subtly, and he would like a second dose. I gave him another 100mg, and then left to have my experience, mentioned above. I called to check in on him about 90 minutes later. He told me that his pain was completely gone, but that he wasn't the least bit high. I expected as much, as his tolerance to opiates was quite huge. He asked if he might have another dose, to try to get high. I stopped by, and this time I gave him 200mg, and instructed him to call e in an hour and let me know how it was going. He did so, saying that he was moderately high, no nod, but was enjoying himself. I told him that he ingested about $16 worth of the substance, and he felt like the price was in line with street opiates, possibly even a little cheaper. His high lasted at least some 6hrs, at which time he retired to the bed.

I also gave 100mg to my brother's friend, 'J'. He was fairly opiate-naive, able to get a nod on as little as 30-40mg of Hydrocodone. It took about an hour for it to kick in when he dosed it orally. He was obviously very fucked. He kept saying things such as, 'Dammit, I told myself not to take any of your freaky drugs, and now I'm so fucked up, I can't do shit' and 'I feel like I'm on Heroin' (despite the fact that he had never tried H). He nodded off and on for the first 4 hours, passed out completely for about 4 hours afterwards, and awoke with a 'slight buzz' (his words) that persisted until he once again went to bed, some 6-8 hrs later.

I gave out the remaining 400mg from the first gram I purchased, to two people, divided in 2 100mg caps for my friend 'C', and 1 200mg cap for my brother 'B'.

I gave the 2 caps to C, along with 2 15mg caps of 4-HO-MET. He mixed the caps up, and ate some of the Metocin when he wasn't expected a trip. This was a little unpleasant for him, so he flushed the remaining caps.

B saved his back, in a lockbox, awaiting the input of others. About a week later, I noticed that his cap seemed to be more squishy than before, and possibly filled with a gas of some sort. I told him for safety purposes to wait until I could find something out about it, which I was never able to do. Sometime during the following week, someone stole it from him.

I bought another gram, specifically for my ex 'A', R's currently girlfriend. She is 25, and was probably around 15 lbs at the time. She used to do H with R, and said that she had to eat 75-100mg of HC just to feel satisfied. So, I divided her gram into 4 250mg caps. She ate 3, and said she was fucked up all night, claiming she was higher than she would have been had she ate 80mg of OC. She said she had some intense double vision. This was a little much for her, so she gave the remaining cap to R, who felt nothing more than a minor analgesic effect.

R and A both felt that the compound was worthwhile, and both said they would gladly take more, given that it was free, lol. Seems they don't find it good enough to pay the $40/g that I dished out. J said he would never touch it again, but that I could 'make a killing off it' (I refuse to sell RCs. I distribute freely only to people who I am close to, and who make an honest effort to understand the risks involved). If I were more into opiates, I would buy it again. I feel like it is cost-effective, being cheaper than most street alternatives. However, I have no desire to really use opiates at this point, so I'm laying this to rest. Anyway, that is my account. A horribly deficient report, I admit, but due to the lack of info on this one, there you go, for what it's worth...

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100274
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Oct 10, 2016Views: 2,676
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