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I Never Know the Potency
Products - Bath Salts
by Nugs187
Citation:   Nugs187. "I Never Know the Potency: An Experience with Products - Bath Salts (exp100283)". Feb 24, 2017.

  repeated insufflated Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc (powder / crystals)


[Erowid Note: Cannabis substitute "spice" type smoking blends, "Bath salts", "plant food", "incense", "tea" and similar products generally do not accurately list psychoactive ingredients or dosage on their packaging. Analysis has revealed that ingredients in a single product of this type may vary over time. The component chemical(s) may be different than what is assumed for this report.]

I am writing an overview of the drug MDPV as I used to periodically for about 2-3 months and tried many different varieties, some may of which could have been analogues of MDPV.

My first experience with this substance was in California in 2011. I went to my local smoke shop in search of some nitrous oxide. The guy working knew me pretty well and offered me 2 grams of 'scarface' bath salts for free. He described it as synthetic cocaine which will not show up on a urinalysis screening. After I acquired the nitrous and bath salts I jumped in my friends car as we were on the way to a party. I had told them about what I had just got and they were all just as skeptical as I was. We stopped off at a liquor store so we could pick up some beers. I took this opportunity to try it out. I took out the jar containing one gram and snorted an unknown amount of MDPV. I felt the effects almost immediately, A rush of euphoric energy rushed through my body. I was instantly amp'd beyond belief. I sprang from the car and rushed into the liquor store and bought a 30 pack talking a million miles per hour all the while. We get to the party and everyone wants to try some, so I oblige and give anyone who wants some a little bump. We continued this way all through the night and into the early morning, all amazed at the how powerful it was.

Another trip to the head shop, this time I was looking for bath salts, The man told me he had some new varieties in stock so I opted for one called 'Blue Star Dust' It was marketed as being more like MDMA, I purchase 4 grams and head home with a couple friends. This substance whatever it was, was very similar to MDMA in effect. I had the body rush like I was on ecstasy I was stimulated and felt euphoric. Thoughts and sentences flowed like water as my friends and I spoke rapidly to one another late into the night. They slept but I had difficulty sleeping. And did not feel 100% the next day.

At this point I had used bath salts probably 5-6 times over the course of 2 months, A friend of mine I had introduced to MDPV showed up with a bag of what was called '8 Ballz'. This stuff was no joke and was extremely powerful, I had this nagging anxiety but kept re dosing anyways. My friend was in the bathroom by himself basically for 7+ hours trying to masturbate, I did not experience the sexual arousal like he did, But I remember being a little weirded out that he could spend so much time in there. We had a 200 mile drive the next day, I felt dehydrated and drank 2 liters of water which was a mistake because I had to pee like every 5 minutes on the road trip. The trip turned into a nightmarish ordeal, time seemed to be at a standstill, we were both quite confused and it seemed like we never knew where we were going or when we would get there. He kept on saying ' WHEN WILL WE BE THEIR I CANT TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE' as he pulled off the highway to re dose. By the time we got to our destination I felt as though I had been ran through a meat grinder, I was exhausted, dehydrated I wanted to sleep but it would not come I lay awake all night wondering if it would ever wear off. I searched for hours online to find a way to counter act the effects to no avail.

This was one of my last experiences with MDPV, My friend however went out the next morning and picked up some more. I am not really sure how far he took it but I imagine it was pretty intense. We worked together and I had co workers asking me hey why is he so wound up? Or man he is really wasted.

At one point he called security to his quarters and said he had been robbed while in the shower, that someone had come in and stolen his SD card for his camera, He must have been awake for over 6 days on this substance and his mind started to deteriorate to the point where he was seeing shadow people everywhere and extreme paranoia was his normal response to everything. Our friendship was never quite the same after this experience, as he blamed me for it all.

SO ALL IN ALL I would say that this drug is not worth the toll it takes on my body or mind, If your looking for something new and enjoy pushing it to the limit then that's on you, I am that way but know when enough is enough. I personally ended up in the psychiatric ward for over a week for suicidal ideation, and I am an experienced user of many psychoactive substances, and that was after one night with only 1 gram. I never know the potency of the product and tend to redose unnecessarily.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 100283
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Feb 24, 2017Views: 1,512
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Products - Bath Salts, Plant Food, etc (521) : Hangover / Days After (46), Retrospective / Summary (11), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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