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Consciousness Away From My Body
Salvia divinorum
by OceanLover
Citation:   OceanLover. "Consciousness Away From My Body: An Experience with Salvia divinorum (exp100287)". May 27, 2020.

  smoked Salvia divinorum (extract)
    buccal Salvia divinorum (leaves)


I want to share a few different trips I have had on salvia. Please bare with me for not having exact minutes and dosages mapped out.

The first time I smoked salvia was with my stoner buddy at his apartment. We had obtained a 20x extract. He had never done it either. I loaded up a bowl using a regular lighter. It affected me right away and I tried to go from the living room to his room where he was. I was unable to make it through the doorway. I was very confused about whether I was already through the doorway or not. Basically my consciousness got ahead of me - I was already through the doorway mentally but not physically. I was not scared.
I was not scared.
I came down over the next couple minutes and my friend gave it a try. Afterwards we went out to dinner and were definitely experiencing the after effects for the next few hours, which were kind like being stoned. I was stunned by this experience. I had witnessed something totally different from normal life, and I could not assimilate what I had just experienced into my previous understanding of reality. All I could say to myself was 'wow, what the heck was that?'.

The next time that I smoked salvia was in the garden of my own apartment. This time I got strong enough of a hit that I had my first salvia black out. I tripped so hard that I later could not remember that part. My theory is that you're tripping so hard that later you cannot even come close to assimilating the experience into your normal frame of reference, therefore it is impossible to remember. Anyways, I was laying down in the grass in the garden next to this bush next to the house. My attention became totally fixed on this bush and I thought I was the bush. The top of the bush was in front of the family on the first floor's window. The window was open and I could hear them talking about something, and at the time I thought they were talking about me (the bush) 'peeping' in through their window. Then they went out to their car and drove somewhere. It was summer and I thought they were going to the beach, and I was very sad that as a bush I would never get to leave that one spot. There were other things I experienced that I can't remember, but the lesson that I remember taking from this trip was that my subconscious is very active whether I experience it or not, because on this trip it was manifest into (mistaken) perceptions.

Another time I was in my parents back yard smoking salvia. I had just torched a bowl of salvia when apparently my dad came out back to sit in his chair, not knowing what I was doing. I had a salvia black out during that point and all of a sudden I found myself sitting in a chair out back opposite my dad talking to him. All I could say then was 'wow, wait, I'm here talking to you? that is so weird....'. It was like a time warp. It must have been pretty weird to him because I think that I probably stumbled over like a zombie. The amazing thing is that even when I was totally tripping out I responded to him calling me over and was able to do it without being totally aware.

A couple days later I was in the back yard again behind a giant shrub. I torched the salvia bowl and laid down / passed out on the ground, so that I was gazing up towards the shrub. My sister called my name from the back porch, trying to find me, and as I was looking towards the sun behind the shrub, I thought that she was a being who was both a plant and pure light. It made sense to me at the time. 'Look, here's my sister, calling to me', I thought. I went inside a few minutes later and found her. Everything she said made me laugh, because it seemed so ridiculous that here we were, in these bodies, with all these random objects around us, two consciousnesses acting as if existence makes sense
it seemed so ridiculous that here we were, in these bodies, with all these random objects around us, two consciousnesses acting as if existence makes sense
, which to me, it really doesn't anymore. (This also comes from studying Buddhism and physics I think.)

The last salvia experience I want to share was taken orally. I got an ounce of dried leaves. I filled my mouth with the leaves and sugar until my spit had condensed that mouthful into a much smaller ball. Then I spat out the ball and put it on a plate. I repeated this five times or so. Then I put all the balls back in my mouth. I had also smoked some weed and taken valerian tincture before. Then I went and laid down on the porch and meditated. I really can't describe what that was like unfortunately, but I have tried numerous drug combos, and this was unique and was great for meditation.

Overall I think salvia is a unique and wonderful thing. Salvia obliterates my sense of self as a human.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100287
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 29 
Published: May 27, 2020Views: 330
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