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Concurrently Regenerating Kaledoscopic Patterns
Citation:   JamesBurz. "Concurrently Regenerating Kaledoscopic Patterns: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp100372)". Mar 30, 2014.

1.5 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
My phone says it's 4:14 PM. Sunday, June2, 2013. Whatever that means. I guess those are like my coordinates in time. But that all means nothing to me.

I reside in a very digitized world. one of pink Floyd, concurrently regenerating pulsing kaleidoscopic patterns; they resemble that of a persian throw rug.

The best way to describe that 25i-NBOMe world I'm in is digital. On LSD everything is so bright, glowing. Organic. like psilocybin mushrooms. 2 very classic psychedelics. Yet this is more classic. LSD brings in that whole organic feel. It feels natural. That element of nature is what makes her Non-Classic. The unstabilized balance of nature. Things can get messy. And real.

25i-NBOMe isn't any of this. It's fake. It's a real reality only to me. An easy, generic, digital reality of integration. Integration of the 2 realities. The real world slowly becomes the digital world.

Why then does even the digital realm hide vague organic showings. Showing off natural and ancient patterns flowing from eons before. Pictures all of humanity can relate to. Our genetic pictures.

1.5 '1mg HPBCD-complexed blotter (50)' bought off reputable Silk Road before. Held gum to mouth 20 minutes Then spat out.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100372
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 30, 2014Views: 1,488
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Alone (16), General (1)

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