All This Because My Regular Generic Is $600
Citation:   grad student. "All This Because My Regular Generic Is $600: An Experience with Methadone (exp100403)". Jan 20, 2020.

50 mg insufflated Methadone (daily)
Another Done Head
(Reported Dose: 10mg 5x per day]

I've been through all the pain pills for my cervical pain and need an MRI to get real morphine (the slow release kind that you take and wake up feeling like you've never taken anything and you're perfectly clean) so I'm on the DEVIL of drugs.

I snort EVERYTHING due to my sensitive stomach. My boyfriend says 'I used to eat all 4 at one time' so the first time I ate one, I vomited all day... Went right back to up the nose. Oh, and if I dont eat b4 the drip of 2 in a row, I'll get a feeling like it's burning the inside of my stomach walls.

It feels like poison for 2 mins then I'm fine back up and at em! Snorting sucks but the only way I can do it. I'm frantically looking up a way to get the 2 hard chemicals out (I found them but they are the things that burn that oxy/morphs don't have) and it's to keep you from doing it via this route. I'll spend all day if I have to. Then I lick the powder off the glass and LOW AND BEHOLD, I've got a mouth sore. Fuck methadone, WHY would anyone want to be on this freaking crap when 1 slow release 200mg morph tab works for all day?

Heres the fucked part - I gotta get something to get off the methadone. I say Slow Release Morph I gotta wean off something it might as well be a drug that doesn't pile on top of itself creating a months worth in my fucking system.

DRUG COMPANIES ARE FUCKED!!!! All this because my regular Subutex non brand generic is FUCKING $600 a month! So, thanks junkie doctors for making me into a junkie as well. The same company makes the generics of both and dones are $11 for 100count. FUCK THEM! Anyone on suboxone - quit it and go on dones, then maybe they'll stop this rich get the good drug poor get the drug from hell shit.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 100403
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Jan 20, 2020Views: 1,476
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Methadone (166) : Not Applicable (38), Medical Use (47), Addiction & Habituation (10)

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