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Crazy Rush Crazy Risk
Methamphetamine, GHB & 4-Methylmethcathinone
by BraveVoyager
Citation:   BraveVoyager. "Crazy Rush Crazy Risk: An Experience with Methamphetamine, GHB & 4-Methylmethcathinone (exp100433)". Aug 22, 2018.

T+ 0:00
1.5 ml oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 0:00 5-6 hits smoked Methamphetamine  
  T+ 0:00 1 line insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone  
  T+ 1:00 1.2 ml oral GHB (liquid)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Methamphetamine  
  T+ 0:00 1 line insufflated 4-Methylmethcathinone  
  T+ 0:00 1 cig. smoked Cannabis  
  T+ 0:00 2 mg oral Pharms - Diazepam (capsule)
  T+ 0:00   repeated smoked Tobacco  


I was meeting up with some friends that I havenít seen for a while, the setting was a small house party (5 people). On arrival, I see that there is crystal meth, GHB and mephedrone (meow) on offer. This isnít the clearest account by far, but Iíll take you through all of the important things that happened, and hopefully this might be useful to someone. In terms of my past experiences, frequent pot smoker, MDMA, coke (insufflated), mephedrone, meth (smoked) are all in my history. I donít take any prescription medications or have any medical conditions.

I arrive and everyone is about to take some GHB. I generally dislike GHB as a drug because Iíve seen far too many people get fucked up on that stuff and (in my experience) are just looking to get as fucked up as possible. I work in the medical field, so looking after people tends to be what I spend much of my time doing at these parties where GHB is on offer Ė too many people take it without any idea of correct dosage or donít keep track of their doses so the GHB makes them forget that they just dosed 10 minutes ago, and another dose goes down the hatch. Just to take a quick second to talk about GHB (even though Iím probably preaching to the choir here, should some new traveller happen to stumble across this it might be useful). When you start with GHB, start fairly slow. If you have no idea what kind of dose is right for you, hit somewhere around the 0.8-1.2ml mark. If you feel nothing after an hour, try 1.2-1.5ml. If you are feeling a little buzzed, but nothing to write home about an hour after your first dose, dose again at the same concentration. Dose every hour, not before, not after, and write down your doses somewhere. If you are doing GHB in a group, write a table down to keep track of doses and the time at which you all took them. It might sound nerdy as hell, but anyone with experience with GHB will give your table a respectful nod.

Anyway, rant over! This was a closed house party and my friends know what they are doing (to some extentÖ). I went for 1.5ml. The time was ~3am Friday morning. Shortly after, I smoked some meth. I wasnít really keeping too much track of what I was doing, as I was lost in deep conversation (about everything and nothing, as anyone else who has tried meth would know). But 5 or 6 tokes perhaps? At about 4am, I did a line of mephedrone and took 1.2ml of GHB. No-one else seemed to be taking the mephedrone for some reason. This didnít bother me. At this point, I was enjoying a decent meth buzz with the restless energy of mephedrone. I soon realised that the mephedrone wasnít adding too much to the experience, so I only did one more line that night.

Around 5ish, things got a little interesting. One of my friends had recently got into slamming meth IV. Now, I had been slightly curious about IV routes of admin but very hesitant to try. Meth is a nasty, chemical substance that damages pretty much anything it comes into contact with Ė snorting it damages the nasal septum and blood vessels (and is rather painful), eating it in a capsule can lead to gastric irritation, smoking it does a number on your lungs (as I was about to find out) and booty-bumping does god-knows-what up there. The problem is, preparing the syringe is tricky and must be done absolutely correctly (NB: please do not attempt this without someone who is well experienced or without some extremely thorough research. For real. You could die). However, I decided to try it. Iíve given plenty of injections in hospitals and all the equipment was medical grade from the local hospital. I got distracted, chatting whilst my friend prepared the syringes. I didnít see the dosage (which was careless of me I suppose, I try not to trust people too much!) I saw that my friendís technique was all perfectly correct to give me a safe injection. Of course, taking my own advice, I decided to wait until he had injected another friend just to check he knew what he was doing Ė releasing the meth outside of the vein is extremely painful and fairly dangerous. He did. I dosed his friend and then he dosed me.

Holy mother of God, the rush! I donít really know how to describe the feeling. One way of putting it would be imagining that first euphoric hit of meth (smoked), but brought on super quick and far, far stronger. I felt warmth spread over the arm he injected into which spread over my whole body, fast. It was almost startling. As it spread to my face, my eyes showed signs of nystagmus (rapidly darting from right to left and back Ė faster than just looking from one side of the room to the other). I could taste a chemical sensation in my throat and felt warmth in my lungs. Then, perhaps 5 seconds after the plunger had been pressed, massive euphoric hit. Unbelievable. No noticeable adverse effects at this point. Raised heart rate, increased social awareness, increased energy, no hunger whatsoever and just a massive feeling of well-being. The characteristic horniness was present but stronger than Iíve ever felt, it was insane. This was possibly compounded by the GHB and mephedrone, but it was 95% due to the route of admin. Honestly never felt such a buzz. The first few seconds almost felt as if I was flying out of my body, only to snap back to reality with a ferocious energy and sense of happiness.

The crazy dopamine surge left me with that typical feeling of pretty much anything I noticed, be it the smell of the air in the room or a picture on the wall, was absolutely the coolest thing I had ever. Thinking about this sober I realised how this was working in the brain. In usual (non-high) life, you see things that make you happy and this causes your brain to release neurotransmitters such as dopamine to create a happy feeling. With meth, however, your brain is releasing crazy amounts of neurotransmitters and your brain is completely confused. It has a happy feeling, but no idea what the stimulus is, so it picks up on pretty much anything that you notice and focuses the causality of the euphoric feeling on that thing. I just thought this was some pretty cool opposite neurology!

Perhaps 10 mins after dosing, some of the more negative effects became apparent. I was a little too chatty (but not by a great deal, I was far away from being out of control). The crazy libido might have been distracting and possibly dangerous in the wrong setting. This party was all good though, Iíll say no more. I started with my usual stereotypical automatisms that I get when Iím high. I squeeze my inner thigh, shake my leg, smack my lips or crack my knuckles.
I started with my usual stereotypical automatisms that I get when Iím high. I squeeze my inner thigh, shake my leg, smack my lips or crack my knuckles.
This isnít a problem at all, just something that I noticed at the time. My mouth was also pretty dry and I was getting the beginnings of bruxism, but nothing too strong. I stopped to take a look at myself in the mirror and my pupils were massive.

About 45mins of meth mayhem, my high was coming down to just above where it was before slamming that last point. I was feeling pretty good at this point, chatting and making jokes. I smoked a few cigarettes. Cigarettes felt amazing during the headrush of slamming the meth. After a little more smoking (meth), we decided to go for another shot of meth IV. Everything went fine. My advice when redosing, make sure that the person dosing you is fit to do so! Make sure their hands are steady or do it yourself if you are able. Another thing to remember, when your shot is done and the needle is coming out of your skin, you need to apply pressure (just like when you give blood) to prevent bruising. I didnít do this to my injection site very well (the intense euphoria is ever so slightly distracting) and as a result have two small bruises. My friend gave me a tip for taking care of those unsightly and incriminating bruises Ė hand sanitizer over the area, wait for it to try and then apply cocoa butter (or BioOil). Failing the cocoa butter, I guess any kind of moisturiser would do. I have been repeatedly applying this combination since the doses and (about 30 hours later) one of them is gone and the other is very faint. My tip, if anyone asks, you had a blood test today. Bug-bite works too if you donít have too many puncture sites.

In terms of shooting meth, the effects were fairly short-lived and extremely intense, making it a very addictive feeling. I didnít really have much of a problem with not re-dosing. I was happy to stop at one dose. So the evening wore on and we smoked more, I did another line of mephedrone, we had one more dose of GHB. Eventually, my friend had to go to the bank and get some stuff in order so the party was over at around 12pm Friday lunchtime. So I took quite a lot of meth over that 9 hour period. My friend gave me a 2mg diazepam (valium) pill to help with sleep. I think he meant to give me a higher dose but didnít realise that each capsule was just 2mg. I donít have any prior experience with benzos and therefore no tolerance, but 2mg is still a very small dose (especially to combat the meth monster). One thing I should note is that the side-effects gradually increased as time went on. The bruxism was that typical stimulant chewing by the end (leaving the insides of my cheeks slightly chewedÖ make sure you have gum with you!) and I had developed a resting tremor due to dopamine depletion.

So I got home, bought some light food and some isotonic sports drink. Like a fool, I hadnít taken care of myself over the time I was partying, drinking less than 1 glass of water and eating nothing. Thankfully it wasnít a crazy binge. I sat at home and listened to some music. The weather was awesome and I wasnít high, but still feeling ďupĒ. I tried to put some good things in my body, but my stomach wasnít feeling it. I ate a banana, drank the juice, took some vitamins and minerals and drank a bunch of water.

So here is where my negative experiences with this drug begin. Meth has a crazy half-life which is a total pain in the ass. I went through a nice period of feeling very even and then all of the positive effects of meth disappeared, leaving the negative physical symptoms of insomnia, tremor, palpitations, tachycardia, anxiety and bruxism.
I went through a nice period of feeling very even and then all of the positive effects of meth disappeared, leaving the negative physical symptoms of insomnia, tremor, palpitations, tachycardia, anxiety and bruxism.
The tremor wasnít crazy bad, the insomnia was awful though. Couldnít sleep the first night at all. The tachycardia and palpitations were the worst though. My HR was constantly over 110 reaching about 130 with occasional palpitations. Very uncomfortable which started me feeling anxious, which increased my heart rate etc etc. I decided to take the diazepam.

After an hour, there were no effects felt off the benzo. Iím a big guy and I recon Iíll need more than that to get me down after a hard stimulant. In the hour I was waiting for the benzo to kick in, I smoked some cigarettes and took a hot shower. I was feeling chilled after the shower, so I rolled up a joint of some good weed. This was when I discovered the beautiful, beautiful combination that is benzos and weed. The high took me ages to get, and I had to smoke around twice as much as I usually do, but when I got high, it was a beautiful, introspective, spacey high. The awesome thing was that the diazepam was just enough to completely block any anxiety or paranoia allowing me to fully relax. My HR didnít drop much, but I was so chilled out. I watched some TV until around midnight on Friday night. I then noticed that my high had almost completely disappeared, leaving my very sober rather than sleepy like weed usually makes me feel towards the end. I smoked up the other half of the joint and went right back to that spacey, chilled out place. Went back to bed. For some reason, I started to feel quite euphoric and the odd clarity of thought I was experiencing unexpectedly from the combo of benzos and weed was suddenly replaced by my thoughts becoming very cloudy, unable to remember the start of sentences that I had formed in my mind by the time I was half way through finishing them.

My heart was still racing at 112bpm, slightly worrying. I still felt the horny buzz from the meth through the benzo/weed cocktail, so I decided to masturbate to take my mind off of things (I did realise that masturbation could raise my heart rate further, I just didnít think it mattered). It was a really weird experience. The first thing I noticed was something that appears to be a lesser-known fact about meth. My balls and penis were fairly smaller than they usually were and my testicles were shrivelled up like it was cold outside. This was a major turn-off to the drug for me. I donít really want drugs that will make my genitals smaller thanks. Everything still worked fine and I achieved a normal-sized erection. Turns out the genital shrinkage isnít permanent (at least not in the short term). I didnít get far with masturbation though, it was really odd. My mind couldnít focus on one thing long enough for me to get fully into the mood. My head was all cloudy with half-thoughts. I got, perhaps 4 hours of fitful, disturbed sleep. I reckon that another 2-3mg of diazepam would have sorted me out beautifully though.

I woke up feeling a little rough. The worst part is a rough, dry cough that I have now. I can only imagine its related to smoking the meth. Never had this before though. Heartbeat is still occasionally fast. Pupils are still fairly dilated, something like 20hrs after my last dose Ė crazy half-life. Although I was feeling ok, the comedown in general was pretty nasty. Shooting makes the comedown way worse. Now, 24hrs after my last dose, Iím feeling slightly nauseated, not wanting to eat much and with a pulse of 108bpm. The meth is clearly not out of my system yet, I still have a slight tremor too.

My main problem with meth is that it seems to beg me to go on weekend binges. If I use it for a period of 9hours or so as I did, the meth will persist far longer in my system in an uncomfortable manner. If I decided to ride the meth for as long as it wants to stay with me, I will end up on a long binge, feeling like absolute shit with a disgusting comedown to look forward to. I neither want to use meth for 9hrs and then have a problem with sleep and getting general shit done (socially, the energy from meth is great but I canít really do much socialising with needle marks in my arm and flying saucer pupils). I also donít want to go for weekend binges and then spend the next week depressed and self-loathing. And my secondary problem, it makes your dick little. Just read that one more time, let that sink in. Meth makes your dick little. (albeit temporarily Ė unnerving nonetheless)

So my overall experience? Meth is dangerous. Very, very addictive. I didnít have much of a problem, but I could see some of the other guys jonesing real bad.
Sorry this was long, I had no idea it would get so drawn out. Hope it was interesting and/or useful.

The Verdict: Very nice drug, exquisitely intense when given IV (but must be done properly!). Nasty comedown though, very addictive. Would not do this regularly (or even semi-regularly). It clearly put a lot of stress on my cardiovascular system and is not very friendly towards people that can't just clear any given weekend for drugs. Becoming a regular user would probably put me at some pretty hefty risk.

NB: This experience is related to a short term experience had by a relatively amphetamine-naive student. I havenít taken anything about chronic use into account.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100433
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Aug 22, 2018Views: 5,728
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Methamphetamine (37) : Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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