A Quest in Pain Relief
Citation:   satya. "A Quest in Pain Relief: An Experience with 3-MeO-PCP (exp100435)". Erowid.org. Oct 12, 2015. erowid.org/exp/100435

  sublingual 3-MeO-PCP (powder / crystals)
This is quite the amazing compound. The following is a collection and summary of experiences I've had with 3-MeO-PCP over the past few months. It's a bit of a novel.

3-Meo-PCP Experience Report

Date & Time: 4/21/13

Set: neutral, somewhat tense if anything; been taking 4FA & etizolam far too often (several times a week for the past few months, mostly in low doses, 20mg, as a kind of alternative to caffeine. At first I used the etizolam to sleep, but then I found combining them to be quite worthwhile. This was not a healthy pattern) and if I don’t dose, I think I start going into slight withdrawals – hence, the tension, which is mostly in the body and not the mind.

Setting: work, quiet

Material, dosage, & method of ingestion: 3-MeO-PCP, orally ingested a negligible amount eyeballed onto the tip of a paperclip at 11AM as an allergy test. Smells very plasticine but left very little taste in the mouth.

Motivations: The reason for acquiring this particular chemical was not purely recreational; I have very bad teeth which are falling out faster than I can afford to fix them. (You find irony in the fact that instead of fixing my teeth I spend my money on drugs instead? I don’t think it’s funny at all. I would need tens of thousands of US dollars’ worth of work done in my mouth, which is not accessible to me. Pain management via research chemicals is cheaper – cheaper than pharmaceuticals, even - and makes my life much more tolerable. Judge not.) The pain in my mouth does not manifest as toothaches, instead, I get migraines and muscle tension extending from my head and down my shoulders. Needless to say, this is not “normal” pain and does not respond to traditional painkillers – NSAIDs work if the pain is mild, but when it gets deep, not even oxycodone helps. Vicodin makes me sick, Percocet makes me incredibly, stupidly stoned and tends to make me nauseous, tramadol doesn’t do much, o-desmethyltramadol helps a little bit but I have to be very careful with dosing or else I’ll end up nodding – obviously opiates don’t sit well with me, so I turned to the RC world for help. I imagine anyone who’s broken a bone can relate to the deep, throbbing, ache I’m talking about.

I have been on a quest to find something that will even take the edge off. I looked into arylcyclohexylamines - seemed logical. I’ve had nitrous countless times at the dentist (and believe me when I tell you they crank it - I once had a dentist tell me that they set it to the notch above “elephant” when I walk in), so I thought what the hey, maybe dissociatives will help. Mind you, I don’t like nitrous much… which may be due to the environment, lol, but the wa-wa’s are just not my thing. I’m an upper kinda girl, downers don’t interest me unless they can help me sleep. I looked into MXE, tried a few different batches, but I get very intoxicated off it – can’t walk, can barely form a thought nevermind talk, my eyes cross, and although I get quite numb, I can still feel my bones. As a matter of fact, it seems to me like MXE numbs everything but my bones, which in turn feel like they’re aching. I kind of enjoy the headspace, but the physical effects of MXE are a major drawback for me. In very small amounts (5mg and under) it can be useful for helping with my tooth pain, but otherwise I am not a fan.

After reading around a bit and watching the market, 3-MeO-PCP caught my eye. After reading many reports of it feeling more lucid and seeing that about half the people attracted to MXE did NOT like 3-MeO-PCP, I snatched up a sample when it became available to me. Now, I understand the stigma against PCP but have no prejudices against it myself - as far as I knew, I had never taken it before. However, after having experienced MXE and 3-MeO-PCP, I am certain I have had marijuana that was laced with PCP. I can also say that I am more understanding now of the stigma… arylcyclohexylamines are strange medicine.

Background: In case it’s not clear, I have a long-standing relationship with substances that induce altered states. The substances relevant to this experiment were listed above; I am also a daily toker. I eat a healthy diet and practice yoga regularly. I am generally in good health with the exception of my teeth.

T= 11AM
This is to serve as an allergy test to 3-MeO-PCP. Eyeballed amount could not have been more than 1mg. Took Mucinex-D (120mg pseudoephedrine hcl & 1200mg guafenesin) at around 5:45am; not expecting any complications due to this, but there is always the possibility of an adverse interaction between the drugs. Not expecting to feel much.

11:43: sounds are sounding. Definite auditory enhancement (could just be the setting I have the tuner set to, though).

12:07PM: feel a bit sedated. Sounds are DEFINITELY enhanced, music almost sounds louder.

12:12: went and took a piss, had the thought “I look prettier than normal” run through my head when I looked in the mirror – I never think I look pretty. No change in pupil size.

12:15: Feel somewhat… lighter? Might just be hungry.

1:52: ate ok, sitting somewhat heavy. I think there’s slight visual something going on, when I was in the kitchen the angles of the cupboards looked slightly skewed, and occasionally I get a sparkle or streak of light, but my mind could just be playing tricks on me. Also, there’s a tiny bit of mood lift going on. My body tension is returning, though.

2:16: the sounds coming out of the speakers cannot be explained away as due to equalizer settings (put on Shpongle for reference, playing with the settings does have an immense impact on how it sounds but this is… different)

3:04: time dilation, definitely slowed a bit. Kinda nice, actually.

3:14: sinuses just got strangely clear, which they have not done since a regional burn I attended.

Test Run #2: 4/28/13

Oh my. I think I might like this. I think I might like this a lot. I took three small bumps (sublingual, I would guess between 1-2mg per bump) today after fasting from all drugs yesterday, except etizolam before bed.

This feels somewhat like MXE, but seems to be more selectively working on receptors in the brain; it feels more refined. I can tell this is different even from such a small amount, and it makes me wish I had grabbed more than 100mg. I didn’t think I was going to like it much; dissociatives aren’t my thing. This, however, is special. I cracked a molar on Thursday and I think my bottom right wisdom tooth as well. There is a definite anesthetic effect from this chemical, and it is subtler and lasts longer than MXE. I took my last bump around 3:30? Or was it 4:30? Time slows down on this one. But anyhow, the anesthetic effect seems to work on deeper tissue (maybe even bone?) – I still have normal tactile sensation in my skin, for instance, but my teeth? My tooth pain is relieved quite a bit, which is nothing short of phenomenal. And if I poke into an area that hurts, I can observe that it hurts, yes, but I find that I just don’t care. I am not as upset as I normally would be about my mouth, partially because it doesn’t hurt as much as normal.

It is also much more lucid than MXE, even in tiny doses. I can form thoughts and stuff! I like the sense of calm, cool detachment. I was actually productive at work today instead of playing around on the computer all day. There seems to be a sort of stimulation going on, as I am wide awake and alert, yet relaxed. I didn’t realize how tense and dehydrated 4-FA makes me until I felt some tension release yesterday; I also drank boatloads of water yesterday and swear I could feel my body soaking it all in. I finally pooped twice today after not pooping for 3 days – I was starting to get seriously concerned. I feel much better now. Sorry if that’s TMI but it’s noteworthy.

5/19/13 Addendum:

So, I do like this a lot. Probably too much – I ordered more when the vendor restocked. :/

I pre-measured several capsules (I just refer to them as “caps”) with about 10mg each (give or take 2mg, my scale can be rather flaky). I like to take pre-measured amounts with me when I’m testing out a new substance so that I can open the cap and remove a smaller amount if desired. I find it to be a good method for keeping a limit on how much you are able to take, and also for keeping track of the total amount taken. It’s handy for bumps. I had four caps with me, for a total of 40mg. I had one full cap and at least half of another by the end of this trial. When I say “some” as my dosage, I mean very small increments, about 5-10 mg at a time. I would just sprinkle a few mg from one end of a cap to the other and toss it under my tongue, or eat what was leftover of a cap.

I took 4 caps with me when I went up to Boston for a friend’s graduation and kind of went on a mini-bender. Thursday on the drive there I took some about half an hour before arriving at my destination (around 8-8:30, at a gas station. Yes, I drove while on this substance, but that doesn’t mean I should (have) and neither should you; it’s stupid and I’m well aware of that. As a side note, I feel less safe driving after I’ve had a drink, and had to take two mg of etizolam (Intas brand) in order to fall asleep somewhere around one in the morning.

Friday was graduation and I took some in the morning and boosted in the bathroom before the ceremony. (So now the dose at this point in time is up to about 10mg, roughly) By the time everything was underway (2pm) I was nicely buzzed. Ate some concession stand chicken & fries and shared with everyone, feeling quite jovial. After the ceremony and before dinner I took a bit more (another 5mg). About halfway through dinner (and one, or was it two drinks in?) kicked in something powerful. Combines decently with alcohol, it seems to take the stupefying edge off of booze.

On one trip to the bathroom I seriously thought I might fall over when I first got up, but I was surprisingly stable walking through the aisles. The bus ride home was quite entertaining - lights were bright, almost neon, and it was fun to watch them whizz by and the hum of the bus felt good. Everyone else was passing out, but I was wide awake. Never felt sick not once, not too bad the next morning either. The next day I refrained until the evening, when I had a birthday dinner to attend. I dosed about 7mg half an hour prior to dinner, and I felt much more relaxed and laid back than normal, actually making eye contact instead of avoiding someone’s gaze, and the affair had a rather intimate quality to it. I even made body contact (I gave my ex, who I am still good friends with, a brief shoulder massage), which is something I tend to avoid. So there are definite anxiolytic properties to this chemical. Obviously there are some effects on inhibition, as well. After dinner, we all went back to the birthday person’s apartment and smoked a lot of high-quality marijuana. Shortly after tapping out, I started feeling tired and knew it was time to get home before I fell asleep on their couch (6 hours or so after dosing).

Here’s the pattern of effects I’ve noticed: If I’ve held it sublingual (preferred method) then the area will go numb. T + ten minutes and I start feeling it, but it’s very subtle...
Here’s the pattern of effects I’ve noticed: If I’ve held it sublingual (preferred method) then the area will go numb. T + ten minutes and I start feeling it, but it’s very subtle...
I notice decreased sensitivity in my mouth, a general feeling of glowing warmth and increased circulation, and increased tactile feedback. It creeps for the next hour and a half, and when the two hour mark hits, it can hit like a truck. (Some reports have referred to this as the first plateau.) But not in an overwhelming way, more in a “wow I am really fucked up” way. If I space out dosing, I seem to get a cumulative effect – each dose will follow the same pattern and timing, but the intensity of what I’m feeling subjectively increases expotentially. I have yet to determine if re-dosing “resets” the clock, I have been terminating the trips with etizolam when I am feeling ready for bed but not yet tired. I usually wake up without problem after about 6-8 hours of sleep, but there can be residual effects for at least a few days – I have noticed decreased sensitivity in my mouth for a few days afterward. I would say around day 5, the residual anesthetic effect is gone.

Strangely, I can get very horny on this stuff. Sensation is very nice. Sad that I have no partner.

No stomach complaints to speak of, no dizziness or nausea (I have a very sensitive stomach). If I take a bit too much, I go a little cross-eyed at the peak, but nothing like on MXE. I feel very relaxed and serene when I take it. Floaty but grounded. The peak lasts probably about three hours (so about five hours from ingestion) and then a long, very drawn-out return to baseline (some reports have called this the second plateau).

Around the eight hour mark I think I start to feel baseline, which means I am definitely still not. I would say down totally around twelve hours after ingestion – if I can feel my teeth when I chew on my lip then I know I’m down. Fatigue is also a good sign – this substance seems strangely stimulating, but not in a physical way. My heart does not pound like on stimulants, nor do I sweat buckets when I take it. But I feel very awake when I take it. To me, it’s kind of like being incredibly, lucidly stoned – I experience general anesthesia, mild dissociation, and slight mood lift. My sense of smell becomes enhanced and my sinuses clear; colors become brighter and more saturated (I have not noticed any mydriasis, and I’ve checked several times) and sometimes I get sparkles in my field of view. Almost has a dream-like quality to it. Goes very well with weed, but I could see some people being pushed over the edge if they are not a regular toker. I could not comment of what a total dose of over 20mg spaced out throughout the day would feel like; I have not taken more than 10mg in a go. 10mg gets me into a really nice headspace, and if I’m not where I want to be, I’ll bump 5mg or less every two hours or so until I find that lush, lovely, warm-fuzzy place where everything is a-ok.

A strange effect on the come-down (or second plateau): I tend to get incredibly emotional. It can swing either way, positive and loving or miserable and crying. Music during this time can be incredibly moving and cathartic. If I try to go to sleep and it hasn’t worn off yet, my mind starts to go some very weird places – I think I hear whispers, or things moving in the house, which makes me feel paranoid, which circles round and round. The first night I attempted to fall asleep before it wore off, I tried listening to soothing music (OceanLab) and got the strangest effect: I would “pre-hear” the vocalist singing. I would hear the singing before it actually started. This effect weirded me out entirely and was the last straw before I decided to take an etizolam to help me sleep.

Also, after my mini-binge, I had a really nasty case of the Tuesday blues. From Sunday (when I discovered some hateful words aimed my way) until Tuesday (the day my ex came over and massaged me until I fell asleep, exhausted) I could not stop crying. Everything sucked and I hated the world. I just wanted to curl up in a ball and be left alone. Felt like the world was against me. This started lifting on Thursday. On a happier note, I have been consuming considerably less 4-fa since I have been experimenting with 3-MeO-PCP, which is a very good thing as I was getting too skinny. I've been able to gain some muscle tone back, and I almost feel inclined to speculate as to whether or not this drug could be helping my muscles somehow. In any case, it's effectively killed my cravings for stimulants.

I like this chemical so much because not only does it take away my tooth pain, it also acts as an anxiolytic – I feel much less tense physically and mentally when I take 3-MeO-PCP. I feel that for the first few hours of the experience, it puts me in a really neutral, objective, non-judgmental headspace. I feel that low doses are very good for socializing – I think it becomes much more enjoyable when taken around friends, even if they are sober or tripping on something else. Lots of laughter, smiles, and happy-feelgood.

When taken while I’m alone, it stands on more neutral ground. If taken alone, I don’t want to do much – though I could, I have no motivation to get anything done. Simple tasks like showering can become monumental obstacles, and there can also be this distinct lack of interest in well, everything. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I can appreciate the sense of detachment, it brings relief to my “monkey mind” – that never-ending stream-of-consciousness babble going through my head. However, sometimes my thoughts can stray to the darker side, and I have to be careful which corridors of my mind I traverse if I get to that point. However, doing things with friends is a blast and a half. It seems like if you keep distracted, your mind won’t slip into that negative thought pattern so easily. I imagine taking even just a bit too much would be quite the psychological ride with lots of ruthless self-analysis (which could actually be good therapy)… or just fuzz-brain white static for hours on end. Either way, I don’t think I want to experience that side of this chemical. I do think there’s a lot of potential in this one for helping study the mind, but I understand now why so many people associate PCP and going batshit banana-sandwich crazy; it’s a fine line.

F&B posted on BL about this one and called it a shining example of a Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde chemical, and I’d have to agree. It can be a lot of fun, but it can quickly take some twisted turns and take you places you may not feel very comfortable visiting. I think I’ll call it my Gem, short for Gemini. The twins seem fitting for this one. Take one guess at my astrological sign. ;)

TL; DR: great for tooth pain, very nice dissociating high from 5-10mg. Effective at 1mg for intolerant users.

My apologies for the novel but I feel that it's important to get some information out on this chemical. Thank you for reading!

PLUR and Namaste.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100435
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: Oct 12, 2015Views: 8,081
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