Where Have You Been All My Life
Citation:   Sepher. "Where Have You Been All My Life: An Experience with AL-LAD (exp100451)". Erowid.org. Jun 10, 2013. erowid.org/exp/100451

450 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
Received ten x 100mcg blotters of AL-LAD to trial for a vendor had it synthed up in a European lab licensed to handle LSD as a kind of proof of concept thing, low volume run, hoping it would be commercially viable. NMRs and LCMS are available for it, I trust the source based on past dealings, my two experiences with it, and those of others I have read from those who've also trialled it from the same source are entirely consistent with Shulgin's reports on it, and those I have read elsewhere previously. I have every reason to believe what I got is exactly what it says on the tin, despite it being a very rare chem generally.

Trialled 300mcg one week previous to good effect, though not quite where I wanted it to be at that dose. Experienced with a good number of your traditional and not-so-traditional psychedelics. Years since last had LSD, but plenty familiar enough with it to know the similarities, and the differences here, subtle though they are. Running a tolerance generally due to somewhat frequent overuse of mainly NBOMes, aMT, the various APBs, 2C-E, 4-AcO-DMT recently on a good as weekly, certainly fortnightly basis for some months. I always dose high with any psyche, I don't do half-measures, want it full, full on. *** Noone should extrapolate anything from this dose then. As in all things YMMV! *** Reports elsewhere of fairly strong effects at 150mcg and up, 300mcg may be a more typical dose for most for similar intensity to that described here. I'd hazard an educated guess that's your range for light / common / strong then: 150 / 300 / 500 mcg.

Trip report:

17:00 ~450ug as close as I can be cutting blotters. Applied upper lip, see if buccal admin comes up any faster. Proved it's active orally last week with a 300ug oral dose.

+0:45 Not much at all from it. Can't say there's any effects worth noting at all? Swallowed down at this point.

+1:00 First signs of a visual disturbance, patches of colour coming at the very edges of vision. Buzz mainly at the temples coming in. Very vague at this point.

+2:00 Still very vague. Feels like it's going to be a disappointing night, maybe tolerance but not feeling anything like as strong as last week. Got some movement in bathroom tiles and vague patterns in carpet, towels, etc for instance but not nearly as much as I'd expect. Nice feel in the body, nice buzz and warm rushes, hollow feel in the chest.

+3:00 Developed real fast all of a sudden, from +2:30 and on seemed to suddenly come up in a great big rush. Massive rush of colour, patterns exploding all over visual field, stacking up over each other. Lots of vibration to everything, long tracers swirling my hands about, bedroom door looks pretty jellified, wobbling and melting in its door frame, all over the place rippling away. Really good, detailed CEVs, beautifully intricate and dynamic fractal patterns. Brightly lit, colours are lots of pale pinks and yellows, kinda neon. Thrashing around a bit, breathing hard, helps bring massive rushes of euphoria with waves of warmth coming up from the body and up through the head, helps work the images up, they seem to surge with the motion of my head.

+4:00 Weird thinking patterns very much in evidence. Caught myself a couple of times going down long meanders that don't make sense, the chain of thoughts from one thing to another don't link up, I don't understand the thinking going on. Some of it very irrational, hints of the madhouse I sometimes get with LSD, that kind of 'have I gone mad' questioning where I can't make sense of things. Little kinda time-out moments where I have to just stop and focus right on the moment, stop all thought and try and pull back to something I have a handle on properly. Not easy that at times, have to exert some real effort to wrest control back. Very meditative, emotionally connected.

I can let myself go quite easily, close my eyes and just kind of dissolve into the visual field. CEVs emanating right from a single point in my head I'm at the centre of, flowing from me. I can merge into it all at will. Quite dissociative almost, moments of being somewhere else, mainly feel at the centre of all things, all things contained within that centre. Union with all as the source of all as creative consciousness. Had some really interesting ping-ponging effects where the single point of consciousness I seem to inhabit seems to jump this place to that, and seem to be inhabiting different identitities at each point. They're not me, they're not my usual selves, it's like trying on a costume being someone else completely for a moment, then switch. Weird. And catch myself being almost just out of body, very slightly out of phase as though I have a vantage point from just outside myself looking in, then snap back into position. It's very LSD-like in the mental effects, though a little less so if that makes sense. The same kinda odd thinking is there, but not so fucked up, there's still the rational observer present. There's potential for a bad one here if you got the wrong side of it, more than I expected. It's properly psychedelic, more so than 25I by a long way. There's craziness here for some.

Music sounds incredible. Massive distortions to it, huge flanging effects, pitch-shifting, tempo seems really all over the place at times. Odd moments where it was just waves of sound washing over me, the shape of each one evident in minute detail, working out what they'd done to produce a sonic shape so intricate, could properly analyse every last detail like the music was in slow-mo, or I had it under a microscope zoomed in close, and then pull the focus back and it surges back into normal time and the tune continues. Difficult to describe in a way that makes sense I guess.

+6:00 Past peak now. Still very visual, colourful. CEVs have dropped off in intensity, not so engaging. Still there but can't melt into them any more, they're outside of myself again, eye-candy only. Still can barely see to type though but easier. Very euphoric still, but more relaxed with it, calmer, not rushy any more, still a nice buzz to it.

+8:00 Still going, not faded completely yet. Colour patterns still in evidence, all OEV now though, CEVs are almost gone, becoming more like phosphene patterns though still more in evidence and better lit / detailed than usual. Stick a film, on, can't follow it for shit. Keep drifiting off a bit. Think will sleep despite there still being some of the buzz going. It's not stimulation as such.

Notes end. Reckon I drifted off about the +9:00 mark.

Some more thoughts:

Different class from last week at 300mcg, the extra 150 made the world of difference. More than I expected, I thought I was in for a disappointing night still even +2hrs in then suddenly, boom, here you go: full, full on. Couldn't see for shit at +3hrs, barely see to type. My notes, all taken contemporaneously typed into Notepad, as time-stamped took some right editing this morning.

Intensity was right up there, had much more to it than even stupidly high dosed NBOMe combos, mentally and visually, I would prefer this every time. Just as full on, every bit is visual, better than 25I, OEV and CEV much closer to LSD in detail, complexity, fluidity, multi-layered, multi-dimenional, proper psychedelic depth to it and didn't feel like I was risking a heart attack and seizure to get it. Perfectly comfortable on the body throughout, nice rushy body high, VERY euphoric, VERY horny on it, very tactile and fully functional, lovely stuff. Would deffo buy if it came to market if the price was right, had just about everything I'd want, could be very good once better used to it enough to make the most of it, get the set right. Winner!

Was disappointed with 300mics last week but 450mics Friday night was full of win. Fuck NBOMes, I hope to G*d this comes out, I'm buying as much as I can while I've got chance. Closest thing to acid yet, if I'd been sold it in a pub as LSD I'd have accepted that's what I'd got. It's its own drug, there are subtle differences ( lighter trip, more candy-coloured visuals, more MDMA-like in the body, very rushy and euphoric. ) but almost indistinguishable. Exactly what I've been looking for with RCs all along.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100451
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 44
Published: Jun 10, 2013Views: 48,655
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