The Cutting Edge of Psychedelic Rsearch
AL-LAD & Cannabis
Citation:   Bro Wolf . "The Cutting Edge of Psychedelic Rsearch: An Experience with AL-LAD & Cannabis (exp100453)". Jun 10, 2013.

  oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
    smoked Cannabis (plant material)
After something like 30 years in the dance music & drugs scene & about 5 years learning about Research Chemicals, I have recently had the most remarkable opportunity to try out a very unusual & seldom seen compound related to LSD.

The compound in question is Al-Lad, or 6-allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide. This psychedelic drug appears amongst those reported by Alexander Shulgin at the beginning of his famous book TIHKAL (Tryptamines I Have Known and Loved) but is extremely rare due to it's instability & because it is expensive & truly very tricky to synthesise. Although I have no way of telling for certain, I am extremely well experienced with psychedelic drugs & I personally have little doubt that I have actually now tried Al-Lad.

We found ourselves in excellent mood after dodging a heavy but unfair parking fine so, one weekend recently, after having received some blotters in the mail, I decided with my partner in crime Sister Moon, to celebrate by assaying the new blotters. We spent the day in my bright, sunny flat with my cat. A small amount of strong marijuana was smoked once the effects had established. I am asthmatic, but apart from my Symbicort, no other drugs or medicines were present.

I am a very cautious drug user. I'm the sort who scrapes a little off of every pill & allergy tests it, before taking something sold to me as ecstasy. As such, I cut the first blotter carefully into 4 equally sized pieces & wedged one quarter into the space between my gum & upper lip. I then shut up for a half hour, not easy for me I might add.

After half an hour I chewed up the paper. I discerned no taste whatsoever, even after chewing. This made me confident that the blotter is not likely to contain an NBOMe compound. At the hour point nothing had happened so I gave the same, quarter tab dose to Sister Moon & placed two quarters in my mouth, in the same place. Within half an hour I began to believe first alerts were appearing. I seemed to become more aware of peripheral movements of shadows in my room, which was well lit on a gorgeous English spring day. 2 hours had now passed since the first quarter tab so at this point I added another half a blotter to my repertoire & the same for Sister Moon. No more substance was absorbed from this point, & as the blotters are dosed at 150ug, my dose was aproximately 187ug & Sister Moon aprox 112ug.

The trip picked up for both of us once these doses began to work. The effects were subtle but typical of psychedelic tryptamines & phenthylamines. In fact, the effect was so similar to DOC that I began to suspect that the blotter might have contained DOC. It did not however, & I'll explain why I know that in a sec. I'm not going to describe all the psychedelic effects because these are well documented & I'm wary about affecting the experiences of others. Instead I'm going to compare the effects with more common psychedelic drugs, such as LSD & Psilocybin, & DOC of course. The usual rippling, breathing & waving of movement in stationary objects was observed, & the giggles were constant. The appearance of colour were highly enhanced. The effects were similar to Psilocybin & LSD, as you'd expect as these are also psychedelic tryptamines. The come-up seemed quite drawn out, the peak was fairly brief & the tail off also seemed to last ages. The total time from initial effect to sleep was about 7 or 8 hours, much less than DOC & less than normal dosage LSD. The effects appeared to be about half the strength of a standard LSD trip. This was quite fortunate as I put Jacobs Ladder on for Sister Moon, who'd never seen it, & if we'd been tripping heavily, it would definitely have freaked her out ALOT more. My mistake!

The effects began at about 3pm but we were both able to sleep easily by midnight. There appeared to be no nausea & only the lightest of body-load tension, almost non-existent. The trip was mild so perhaps the side-effects & tension might increase with higher dosage. But I suspect that this is just one of those really gentle compounds that does exactly what it says on the tin & nothing more. A truly remarkable psychedelic which I hope many more Psychonauts will have an opportunity to assay in the future. Sadly, I may never come across this compound again, due as mentioned above to the costs & complications associated with it's synthesis. This is not something that your average Chinese mephedrone chemist can knock up in ten minutes.

The next day we increased our dosage & the effects increased but duration was unaffected. No hangover or any untoward effects were experienced at all on either occasssion. Sister Moon enjoyed a much lighter Sci-Fi movie with no disturbing bits!

All in all, I found this stuff to be amongst the finest psychedelic drugs I've ever tried, but I am a fan of gentle, mild tripping & I must accept the possibility that folk who prefer a powerful trip may find this compound lacking. I most certainly did not. Not at all! Wonderful stuff, true mind expansion!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100453
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 45
Published: Jun 10, 2013Views: 11,644
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