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Visual Distortions and Perceptual Heaven
Citation:   TwoSeeEye. "Visual Distortions and Perceptual Heaven: An Experience with 2C-I (exp100473)". Erowid.org. Dec 27, 2019. erowid.org/exp/100473

25 mg oral 2C-I (liquid)
  1 tablet oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
    hits smoked Nicotine (liquid)
*I am an asthmatic and the only medication I take are albuterol inhalers. At the time of this trip I only ingested Benadryl (to prevent bodyload) and 2CI. I only trip when I am by myself or with one or two close friends, this time I was by myself.

4:30A.M-5:00A.M: After calibrating my scale a few times (for safety reasons) with the 10 gram weight, and getting it to read 10.000 multiple times, I decided I was ready to start weighing the empty glass vial I use to fill with said phenethylamine. I weighed it a few times, and once I was comfortable with the 'numbers' I was getting from my milligram scale, I began to add some 2C-I. It is marketed as accurate to .001g, but for only 25 bucks, a dozen trials with 2C-E and one with 2C-I, I can safely say it is accurate to +-3mgs from my experience.

Ingested at 5:45A.M: First, I took one Benadryl to counteract any nausea or bodyload. The last few times I took 2C-E, this worked wonders for the bodyload, so I figured why not. Even though I notice no bodyload or nausea with 2C-I, I did this last time before ingesting it, so did it again anyway. I mixed what was weighed in my vial with some ginger ale and drank it. The last meal I ate was at 11:34P.M. It consisted of chicken cutlet with lettuce, red peppers, bacon, mayo, and habanero tabasco sauce on whole grain bread, which I made into garlic bread/garlic toast. This sandwich was fucking amazing for the record and again, for anyone who gives a fuck.

6:15A.M: My mouth is starting to get that kind of thickened saliva that I normally get after ingesting a phenethylamine.
My mouth is starting to get that kind of thickened saliva that I normally get after ingesting a phenethylamine.
I have read others say that this type of saliva buildup makes it harder for them to breathe, but I never noticed any of the negative side effects mentioned with either phenethylamine personally. I do find myself swallowing more often, but do not consider this a bad thing. I am going to lay down until I notice some sort of visuals.

7:00A.M: After keeping my eyes closed for 10 or more seconds and opening them, it is as if for the first few seconds strobe lights are patterned throughout my vision. My rug and walls are beginning to morph as I lay here. The wooden grain patterns on the wall have an orange, purple and greenish halo to it, with the help of my blacklight. As I am typing this, the words are becoming more stretched out and slightly vibrating, while the paragraphs above this sway gently.

7:30A.M: Again I feel no body load or nausea, just very nice visuals. 2C-I seems to be a lot more visual for me than 2C-E, and I have ingested up to 45mgs of 2C-E (I tested it and am sure was 2C-E) without any visuals quite like this. 2C-E is just very introspective for me, while 2C-I is not introspective at all and produces wonderful patterns, colors and morphing. I am typing this in Notepad, and I constantly see these 'veins' waving back and forth on the page. These veins are a mix of green and purple, and make staring at anything enjoyable. My entire room can easily be morphed and shifted into different patterns, while on 2C-E I almost had to sit there and concentrate to make things move. The pattern of my rug flows like a river and curls up in certain parts, even typing this right now the keys on the keyboard are jumping around. I can make my walls completely change textiles, shift and gently wave across the room almost as if there is an artificial wind making it sway in that direction. Right when I take my eyes off of this trip report my eyes are bombarded with neon greens, reds, purples and blues. They start off as colorful dots in my vision, and form into more complex patterns and gently wave 'goodbye.' My walls are like liquid, the designs flowing freely, but each section of the wall has its own unique breathing pattern as well, due to the design on each piece of wood is actually different. This creates a show that is unique to each piece of wood.

7:55A.M: I just closed my eyes to gain a 'CEV' point of view of what is going on right now and can only describe it as bliss. My whole body feels like one giant orgasm being sexually molested by waves of color that are forming some beautiful horizontal line patterns, morphing into circular/spiral fractals. Every 10-20 seconds something completely new begins to form and a new pattern begins. I just lost myself inside a bunch of 'clowns mouths' because I kept on thinking of the 80's movie Killer Klownz From Outer Space. That movie is fucking bad ass, regardless if it is/was a 'Grade B' movie. It is extremely hard to describe in words, but I am getting lost in these wonderful closed eye visuals. First, I was spiraling down a hallway that was moving in a kaleidoscope like fashion, then I saw these 'veins' of color that I normally see with my eyes open. These veins are extremely profound and pretty much resembles red, yellow and purple lightning. I just had a really crazy/ fucked up visual of how they constantly medicate people 'behind closed doors,' almost how prisoners are served their food. A slot opened up in a door, and someone wearing a gas mask would administer a handful of pills to make them'better.' I look at big pharmaceutical companies as a joke that do more harm than good, which makes me believe that is why I imagined such closed eye visuals. I can hear my dad on the phone, he talks mad fucking loud, and his voice is changing the patterns, and the speed of the flow of patterns that I see. He is walking back and forth like crazy upstairs, and the reverb up in this bitch is fucking crazy right now.

8:15A.M: I can see bright geometric squares and circles that were moving like the cracking of a whip, very fluid in motion but then move back to a spiral 'eye of the storm' weather map type image. I decided I would do a live report on 2C-I based on all the positive reviews that my 2C-E trip has, I was not expecting feedback like that. It makes me want to document every trip I have and not miss a moment of detail. I just made a Thomas Kinkade painting about five times the size that it is in 'reality.' Next to it is a prayer or some shit like that, and I can make the words scroll left and right, up and down just like the opening/closing credits of a movie. This shit is amazing. There is absolutely no 'mindfuck' with this like with 2C-E, no heavy bodyload or stimulation. Everything I look at takes on different forms and almost new meanings. I gave myself a lightshow with my rave gloves and that shit made my rug take on different patterns, depending on which hand was moving around the other hand or what movement I was doing. The gloves change color from green to red to blue as I don't really find the strobing setting fun while tripping. Each time I stare at the floor, it's as if new hieroglyphics are being formed and scrolling past me.

8:35A.M: I just turned on the new Swollen Members album Beautiful Death Machine, and all I can say is fuck. I love underground rap. This is my third time listening to this CD, first time while tripping. I feel like fucking electricity right now. Ill Bill and Slaine are fucking great emcees. La Coka Nostra and Jedi Mind Tricks collabing with Swollen Members, it's about fucking time. I know Slaine and Madchild have a couple of tracks over the years, but shit. This is like lyrical fucking kung fu. At least these guys put thought and meaning into what they're saying, they actually tell a story.

Anyway, I was just visually assaulted by a shitload of vibrant pinks and yellows, shit looks like straight up pink lemonade, and now I'm fucking thirsty. It literally reminded me of these pink lemonade flavored blow pops the Good Humor truck used to have. I'm talking about a throwback here. This is when the local Good Humor ice cream truck still peddled m80s and cherry bombs with their ice cream. Gotta love inner-city ice cream trucks with their extras, right? Again, my walls just melted really low and seemed like they were going to make it to the floor, but instead of touching the rug and becoming one with it they just vibrated upwards away from it, kind of like a big 'fuck you' to the rug, so I actually just laughed out loud.

9:20A.M: I became lost in a series of neverending, slithering checkerboards which spiraled into a shit load of those ying yang symbols. They turned into a series of extremely vibrant red, hot pink, fluorescent purple and yellow bulbs pulsating into the shape of a human being. It's almost exactly like having a Windows Media Player with the visualizations turned on random. This shit could never get boring. The visuals go with whatever song or music you are playing, only this isn't Windows Media Player. It's me, and my eyes are fucking closed! When I opened my eyes, these visuals scattered out my 'visions way,' and my eyes were trying to readjust to what it's like when you're eyes are open. The visuals calmly moved in diagonal directions, vibrating outwards with a strobe like blinking effect.
The visuals calmly moved in diagonal directions, vibrating outwards with a strobe like blinking effect.
It took me about 5 seconds to realize that I was just sitting here staring at my wall. I can get lost in these CEV's, they are fucking amazing and infinite. Any sound can generate a certain series of shapes, colors, or patterns. The length of that sound determines how it will shift, or if it will just cease to be and another will be born to take it's place instantaneously. Holy shit, that word looks weird as fuck. It's long, and I'm not sure if I spelled it correctly, but damn that is one weird looking word.Sorry for the rant, this tends to fucking happen for some reason when I take phenethylamines, I consider it part of the trip.

10:00A.M: I just took a sip of water and I swear it was like being fucking born again. A chill of relaxation went through my body, almost like an orgasm...Holy fuck, I just navigated through my room with my eyes closed to shut my blacklight off. It was fucking amazing. Since there is sunlight shining on different parts of my face and eyes, the CEV'S constantly changed each step that I took around my room. I just put some more Watermelon flavored liquid into my electronic cigarette, this shit taste like straight up Jolly Ranchers. In my opinion, this beats the shit out of 2C-E hands down. I had almost no amazing CEV's with 2C-E, and the OEV's were nothing like I have received from 2C-I, except for my first trip. I'm also not re-evaluating what the fuck is wrong with me, which is what 2C-E made me do each time. I understand it is very introspective, but it is also supposed to be more visual than 2C-I. I am sticking with 2C-I. I value 2C-E for having it evaluate and breakdown things I previously could not/ would not grasp, but this is strictly visual and sensory distortions, without any mindfuck or bodyload. I'm actually in a pretty good fucking mood come to think of it. 2C-I is more like LSD in my opinion, it gives me the exact feeling I had on July 4th, when I took a half tab of some premium blotter with ZeroCool.

12:08P.M: I am still tripping, but nowhere near as hard. I still have really good CEV's, but cannot make them manifest into the thousands of intricate designs of 2 hours ago. Music still sounds fucking amazing. OEV'S are still mild, but I cannot make the walls wooden grain patterns have lives of their own, and breathe into one another. The lines separating each piece of wood still breathe lightly, and I can still make them melt downward slightly. The carpet designs appear to be like pixels, and patterns form in certain areas of the carpet. It still has a liquid flow to it, but not like a busy stream, more like a pond. I know I have somewhat of a tolerance to phenethylamines to begin with, as I did take 28mgs two days in a row. On 3/16, and again on 3/17 for the parade/went to a club which was fucking sick. I also ingested a cannabis lollipop on 3/17 before going to the parade which definitely amplified the effects, and made them last longer. I probably should have taken at least 29 or 30mgs to get where I was last week, but I was seeking a mild trip. The CEV's were pretty much on par with last time, but the OEV's on the carpet and on the wall were nowhere near as intense. It was as if my entire carpet was a constant moving wave of water, rippling outward with its own tide. Everything does still has nice hues of orange, blue, and purple to it. Again, I notice no terrible headache or headache at all like some psychonauts report. I in no way feel depressed or like shit. I am quite content with everything, and will definitely give 30mgs a try one month from now, after I have some time for my brains receptors to 'heal.' The only negative thing I can report, is my wrists hurt slightly, but that is obviously from typing out this fucking novel. I'm going to watch A Scanner Darkly since the way it is filmed is trippy as fuck, and then probably sleep for 6 hours.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100473
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Dec 27, 2019Views: 1,986
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2C-I (172) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), General (1)

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