Golden Bliss of the World
Citation:   Billy Joel. "Golden Bliss of the World: An Experience with Gabapentin (exp100496)". Sep 28, 2015.

3000 mg oral Pharms - Gabapentin (pill / tablet)
This experience of mine was one of the most eye opening events in my life; it is something I will always remember and attempt to replicate as often as possible. I will give some detailed insight on to why this is in the following report.

I am an 18 year old, 5'11', 120 lb male (yes, I am very skinny from extremely high metabolism). I had read everywhere online that Gabapentin (this is the form I took it in, otherwise known as 'Neurontin', but I shall refer to Neurontin as Gabapentin throughout this report) was either a blissful experience for an individual while for the other it was dull. I figured I had nothing but a two-hour class I was required to attend that night, so why not pop a decent amount and see how it goes?

Time of oral ingestion: 5:30 PM to wait for the Gabapentin to kick in for my 7:00 PM class. I took ten 300 MG tablet. I was very excited to see how it would affect me.

One Hour after ingestion: I am expecting a pronounced high or something of that nature at this point, yet I am starting to believe maybe it's not going to work. I am now heading to my class and waiting for any sense of alteration.

One and a Half Hours after Ingestion: I am starting to feel... Strange. No real mental high, maybe just a hype, but an odd, sort of Xanax-like body high, yet very weak. A little heavy, loose, and floppy all at the same time. Still waiting for the esteemed mental high at this point. I am also doubting the effect of the drug.

Two and a Half Hours after ingestion: I feel it; a mild 'anything goes' type of mind alteration. Sort of happy, strange, but optimistic about all of life. Absolutely no anxiety about anything or anyone, self confident, zero social anxiety (usually I'm not the most talkative person, but all I wanted to do was talk), and I was being the funny guy at the table for the first time in a long while. Everyone was cracking up at the jokes I was making, and not because they knew I was high, because nobody did and nobody suspected it. I am a little off balance, but nothing I cannot hide.

Three Hours after ingestion: Oddly, I feel a large sex urge; something that usually is not too evident for me when I'm high on any substance (I have never done E). Never-the-less, I am really happy, just like if you took the best point in your life and captured it into a pill and took it. Or, if you just won the superbowl or something. Compared to Hydrocodone, I would actually prefer this! It combined what I loved of Hydrocodone, Xanax/Alcohol, and Ritalin. You have the euphoria and warmth of hydrocode, the body high of Xanax/Alcohol, and the awake, alert, talkative mindset of Ritalin, not to mention loads of motivation.

Four Hours after ingestion: The world could not be better. I am back home, I'm talking to a bunch of my other friends, texting girls, messing with some electronics, and watching basketball, all at the same time. I went out to shoot some hoops, and despite the drunk feeling, my confidence was at an all time high and everything was dropping. I felt unstoppable. It's like if someone suggested I go play russian roulette, normally that would be an obvious no, but it felt like it would be alright on gabapentin (not that I would even while high, but it's just an analogy; don't ever play russian roulette.). I guess inhibition was down, but it might have been one of the greatest things about this drug.

Eight Hours after ingestion: I'm feeling just as good; no comedown and still feeling like I'm at the summit of the high. I have noticed a small 'ticking' of my muscles, but it's an enjoyable feeling in my body, something I look on sober as something I relish now. Music sounds wonderful, I have energy yet I could pass out face first on the bed if I wished. My mind was at ease, I feel so much warmth and my emotions are amplified by at least ten times. If I got happy, the smile would not go away. But if I got angry, which I did at one of my friends because he tried taking a girl I was trying to get for a while, it felt like a grudge I had been holding back for ten years at this guy for killing my dog came out. The emotion of sadness did not exist an, however, my anger passed over rather quickly and I did not care anymore as I forgot in my blissful state.

Ten Hours after ingestion: I'm off to sleep. I feel like I can just pass out now and have the deepest sleep of my life.

Seventeen and a Half Hours after ingestion: It is 10:00 AM of the next morning, and I was right about the deepest sleep of my life. Zero hangover and the best amount of energy I have had after a night of sleep.

Overall Summary: I would accept this drug at 2500 MG over 10 MG (not tolerance) of hydrocodone any day. It lasts for about a peak of 6 hours.

-Really long high
-Best of hydrocodone, xanax/alcohol, and ritalin combined
-Zero comedown
-Increased sex drive
-Better socialization skills
-A lot of euphoria and motivation
-Energy but the ability to sleep if needed
-Anxiety is eliminated
-Minor color enhancements
-Not scheduled
-Cannot tell you are high
-Almost inpossible to overdose

-Need large doses for desired high
-Can be an expensive medication
-I can see physiological dependence issues
-Slight twitching (which is enjoyable, but I assume it's from the anti seizure part of the medication, which may not be good for you)
-Slight slurred speech/stumbling

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100496
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Sep 28, 2015Views: 86,452
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