Very Bad Experience After Taking It
5-APB, Duloxetine & Divalproex
Citation:   Andythefish. "Very Bad Experience After Taking It: An Experience with 5-APB, Duloxetine & Divalproex (exp100525)". Aug 17, 2015.

100 mg oral 5-APB (powder / crystals)
    oral Pharms - Divalproex (daily)
    oral Duloxetine (daily)
First of all, excuse any bad grammar or mistakes and whatnot, as my mind is still not right since I've done 5-APB, and I'm having major trouble thinking clearly.

I took this stuff about 2 days ago, and it most likely caused the worst experience of my life.

First, I guess I'll tell you some background info about me and what lead up to me taking the drug. I'm 24, I have a history of drug use and abuse. I currently use tobacco (in snus form) and caffeine, on a regular basis. I also got off of cymbalta a couple days before I took the 5-APB, and I take depakote every day
I also got off of cymbalta a couple days before I took the 5-APB, and I take depakote every day
for diagnosed bipolar disorder, which I don't think I actually have. All of my manic episodes were caused by antidepressant drug abuse and to my knowledge, the mania was caused by serotonin syndrome and not bi-polar disorder. I have used marijuana, ecstasy, adderall, ritalin, dxm, and have abused my ssri antidepressants which really got me into some trouble. I also have taken and abused benadryl.

So here is how I ended up taking 5-APB: I guess I was reading about some research chemicals on Wikipedia, and stumbled across 5-APB and 6-APB. Now let me tell you, that I LOVED Ecstasy when I took it, especially the first couple of time, and I've been trying to find something that will replicate that feeling ever since then. I read that 5-APB has similar effects to ecstasy so naturally I was interested in trying this chemical. It took a long time to find a supplier that would deliver to the united stated, but I finally found one and had 500-mg of it shipped over.

When I took it, which was 2 days ago, I weighed out 100 mg on a scale. Now it's important to note that I wasn't actually sure how much of it I would take until I weighed it. I read online that 70 mg is a starting dose, and 100 mg is a reasonable high dose, and I've read reports of people taking even more than this and enjoying it. Now looking back, I wish I started with 10 mg and went up by 10 mg each time I took it to find my dose and this never would have happened. I would not fall into the thinking trap that I have to take a high amount the first time to feel the maximum effects. In fact, there is 2 lessons I have learned from my experience with 5-apb. One is I am never touching any amphetamine drug ever again. 2 is always start out with a very low dose and work your way up with any new substance. I wish I had this advice in my head before I took it.

After I took the 5-APB (orally), I started noticing effects hitting me about 20-20 minutes in, which initially were pleasant, but this would soon change. The first hour to was fine. I played chess and othello with my whole family, and was having a great time.

Around an hour in, I had an uncontrollable urge to text my friends, which I rarely talk to, and I expected this to happen based on what I know about MDMA and entactogens in general. I ended up texting a girl I dated once that I haven't spoken to in a very long time. I texted a friend that lives near me I haven't talked to in a while and he called me. I wanted to hang out with him, but, he was at work so we couldn't. While on the phone with him, I noticed that my voice was sounding odd and was lacking emotion and was flat (I'll call that the amphetamine effect?).

The girl wanted to talk to me also, so I went outside and called her. Now to keep track of time vaguely, I went outside about 2-2:30 hrs after ingestion. And I was NERVOUS AS SHIT, shaking, my heart was beating fast, dehydrated, I was having palpitations, and basically having the symptoms of a panic attack, plus VERY bad mental symptoms
I was having palpitations, and basically having the symptoms of a panic attack, plus VERY bad mental symptoms
that included inability to think clearly, distorted voice, headache, and dysphoria. Note that the dysphoria was so bad that it felt like hell and nothing could do anything for me to make me feel better. These symptoms continued throughout the night, and into the next day, and of course I couldn't fall asleep at night. To make things worst, I was on the phone with this girl for about 4 hours, and afterwards was horribly embarrassed after exposing her to this side of me. Later the next day, I would text her and tell her that I threw out the drug and it was really bad, and I wont be taking it again.

So 2 days later, the lingering mind f***ing effects are still present. My thinking is scattered, and I'm unable to control it. There are twitches in my face and body. I'm still very uptight and restless, although I did manage to sleep, and the severe dehydration, palpitations, and severe anxiety are gone now. All in all, I'm pretty incapacitated and can hardly do anything except eating, walking around sleep, masturbation, or lying on a couch. I dropped several glasses on the floor, broke a glass medicine bottle on the floor, because my coordination is incredibly poor.

I will not be taking 5-APB again. Flushed it down that toilet, and that's the end of that chapter of my life.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100525
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24
Published: Aug 17, 2015Views: 7,404
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