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Total Blackout
Citation:   Lampmann. "Total Blackout: An Experience with Propofol (exp100581)". Mar 7, 2018.

  IV Pharms - Propofol (liquid)
My experience with Propofol isn’t a very long one, mostly because I can’t really remember any of it at all. I will, however, tell what I do remember from the experience.

I was over at my friend’s house, let’s call him B. B is a student of pharmacology so every now and then he will show up with some very strange drug that I’ve never heard of, whether he obtains these illegally or legally I don’t know and I prefer not to ask. Just a few days ago B called me up and said he had a drug called Propofol, or as he put it as “Propofol, the MJ killing drug”. I can’t say this attracted me much to the idea of trying it but I’m always very curious about substances when I have never tried so I gave in and said I would be over soon. When I showed up at B’s house I was happy to see syringes on the table because that happens to be my favorite way of administration. B sat me down on his couch and asked me if I was ready for some of the deepest sleep of my life… Not really what I came for but I do have insomnia issues so I’ll never turn down a good night of sleeping. I put my right arm out; he wrapped a belt around my upper arm and gave me a ball to squeeze to make my veins pop out.

0:00 – (9:30pm) I felt the needle go into my arm. It stung more than usual but I don’t know if this was the Propofol solution or if the needle was a thicker needle point.

0:00.30 – (30 seconds, or so) I heard B say “You’re going to become tired very quickly” but even as he was saying this I felt something quickly start coming on. The rush was very intense, not like a shot of heroin or mephedrone but it was intense in its own unique way. My head got this feeling of being completely empty and my body got a very strange warming fuzzy feeling. The ceiling above me quickly started to get further and further away as if I were sinking or if the room was getting taller. The last thing I remember is seeing colors and hearing sounds around me begin to shift very intensely, I got a very big smile on my face and I remember thinking to myself “I’m home” and then I was out.

1:30 – (about 11pm) I heard B’s voice way off in the distance saying “Wake up now man”. When I opened my eyes it was 11pm, it seemed like the last hour and a half went by in just a blink. I was too sedated still to be mad at B for waking me up. I could barely put a sentence together and I couldn’t walk. Whenever I stood up I would get so dizzy and my legs were so heavy I’d have to sit back down right away. This lasted for about 3 more hours before I was back to baseline.

Overall, the experience wasn’t all that incredible or life changing at all. I would enjoy trying it again though in a lower dosage to see if it would cause more dissociation or sedation without putting me to sleep. This is a drug that really is keeping my interest though. If I get to try it again in a lower dose I will try to write another report about that experience.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100581
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Mar 7, 2018Views: 5,612
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Pharms - Propofol (490) : General (1), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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