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The Cosmic Clown
by Dylan S
Citation:   Dylan S. "The Cosmic Clown: An Experience with DMT (exp100618)". Jun 21, 2021.

1 hit smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
  1 hit smoked Cannabis (plant material)


A little bit of background before I start explaining my experience. Okay so prior to ever smoking DMT I have only experienced psilocybin mushrooms one time and I have never tried any other psychedelic. Currently I have smoked and broken through on DMT at least thirty times since I've been doing my own extractions with mimosa getting very very white spice. The experience I'm going to explain is around the fifth time breaking through smoking the spice.

Okay so now to explain my experience. I always smoke DMT at night before I go to bed so I'm in silent darkness. So usually around eleven ill get in my bed and I usually have a bowl pre-packed and ready to go. I use a normal bowl for smoking marijuana. Ill pack a bowl of marijuana leaf or some bud shake. I pack it as if I'm going to be smoking a normal bowl of bud so I pack it to the top to make sure the spice won't fall into my pipe when it melts. After the bud/leaf is packed Ill scoop some dmt on the bud. Usually three decent scoops. I cover it so I can't see any bud at all. When its all packed ill make sure the lights are off and then I grab the pipe and prepare to hit it. I don't sandwich the dmt in the weed I just hold the lighter about a half inch away from the dmt layer that's exposed on top of the bud and ill use my mouth to suck the heat to the spice and move the flames around to make all the dmt melt into the bud. After its melted in I take a deep breath and a sip of water before I take the hit. Then I light the lighter and draw the heat from the flame to make the bud cherry. I NEVER HEAT THE BUD DIRECTLY!!! When the bud is cherried I take slow deep hit. I fill my lungs completely and hold it in as long as I possibly can. As I'm holding on the toke I set down the bowl and get comfortable cause I normally won't feel effects until I blow out the hit. I had my first breakthrough using this method to smoke it and ever since I've used the same method and works every time with one toke.

I rush to put my head on my pillow then I blow out the hit. I instantly hear a light ring inside my head but its very soothing because I've become so familiar with the sound. Shortly after the sound comes it will get louder and raise in pitch. Then in my peripheral vision it looks as if I'm moving very fast. Straight ahead I'm seeing two big yellow objects formed of millions of individual small cubes made of light put together and arranged to make these two 3d shapes. This is all within 30 seconds of taking the hit. Then all of the cubes seem as they explode apart in all directions to mould this huge black space crawling with neon lines and patterns. This space was massive and the shape of a dome. In front of me I saw what I call the cosmic clown. He was very tall compared to what my size seemed to be. He was neon green and had a free floating head and hands with no body. I couldn't really see perfect details like if he had eyes or how many fingers. I could only distinguish his shape and color. When I did look at his face He always had a huge smile. He used his free floating hands to morph this object he had floating between his hands. He'd point his finger and move his hands to make it morph and change color. The whole time I have a smile ear to ear as I see these impossible objects. I couldn't remember any details other then they were amazing and Impossible. This whole time he doesn't speak to me or really give me any message. I just felt as if he was there to entertain me and get me comfortable to the spice.

I start to come down and my vision starts to fade away. I notice I have a body and I sit up really fast in complete awe of what I just saw. I laid down and repeated the words thank you to myself over and over again honestly feeling that the cosmic clown was real and could hear me. It truly was that amazing of an experience. I was so happy to have that opportunity to experience what I have experienced. It was as SYFY as life could possibly get. I'd lay back down and giggle and watch these neon green lines and shapes floating around. I've come to this place and have seen the cosmic clown two time so far. Both times were very similar except the second experience with him I could see more details about him. Since this experience I've Had many many more experiences and hopefully will get to put more reports up here soon!

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100618
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20 
Published: Jun 21, 2021Views: 155
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DMT (18) : Alone (16), Personal Preparation (45), Entities / Beings (37), General (1)

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