First time into the threshold
Citation:   infantannihilator. "First time into the threshold: An Experience with 25i-NBOMe (exp100630)". Nov 20, 2013.

400 ug insufflated 25I-NBOMe (liquid)
Okay so this was my first time with 25i, and the first time I have tripped in a few years actually. A friend online told me about it and it sounded like something I had been after for a while. As a teenager I had been vastly interested in the various 2c's but never had any means of acquiring any. Fast forward to today with the RC scene and I now have access to probably more than I will ever be able to try.

My experience is mainly with mushrooms ranging from 2-7gram doses. I had acid a few times, but it was mostly bunk and/or threshold type trips, except for one time where I had taken MDMA as well which I believe somewhat potentiated it, nonetheless though I enjoyed that experience very much.

I've always liked mushrooms, but I always feel this really dirty almost primal feel to them, and an uneasyness from within. For me mushrooms have always been more of a 'mindfuck' than anything else; yes Id get some morphing of patterns and notice patterns within textured objects, but never any sort of open eye fractals or morphing, melting, anything of the sort I was really after. Largely just a total mindfuck is the best way to describe it. In pushing the doses upwards of 7 grams visual effects were definitely heightened, but at those doses ego loss and a total loss of what reality is occurs and the ability to even process what is going on visually seems entirely lost, inhibiting actually enjoying it. This is the main reason I was always interested in the phenethylamines.

Now I don't want to come across as someone who entirely wants an eye candy experience; I truly value the introspective potential of mushrooms and have used it to great advantage with many realizations throughout my time on this planet. I just feel like when I take mushrooms I'm thrown into a thick muddy stew where everything around me breaks down and I find myself fighting through the gunk, its not a very
psychadelic feeling that the 2c's apparently lack (I'll have to find out for myself) That all said, and not being able to source acid, and finally realizing I have a number of 2c's at my disposal as well as the new NBOMe's, I decided to try 25i after much extensive reading. In a nutshell: visual 'candy' without the muck.

With it being so new and the reported problems people have I decided to dose pretty low for my first time. The large variation in active doses, as well as in the problems like seizures reported by few made me cautious, even though I personally believe there are likely a lot more contributing factors to these variations and problems than are reported; what other drugs were used, frequency of other drug use, known or unknown existing medical conditions, etc. To say the least I am skeptical, but being that the drug was so new I tread forward with caution.

I acquired 14mg of pure 25i-NBOMe HCl powder from a reputable vendor. I carefully added the powder to a 4ml glass vial and then added 2.8ml, measured with a syringe of 10% ethanol (watered down vodka). The vodka will help prevent bacterial growth and helps the dissolving. Most of the powder dissolved on contact, but heating in a bath of hot water was neccessary to fully dissolve the rest. None has precipitated out at room temperature. I had considered both buccal and nasal dosing, and after reading many reports I decided that I would dose nasally as this seems to be the most repeatable - there appears is a WIDE variation in both effective doses and come up times when dosing buccally. This is in contrast to erowids advice, but personally I felt it to be the right method for me, which is why I made a solution the way I did rather than using isopropyl and attempting to lay blotters. With my 5mg/ml solution I drew up .08ml or 8 units using an insulin pin. By cutting the end of the cap off you can insert the syringe into your nose and shoot the solution in while inhaling lightly without stabbing yourself - without having access to a lab grade micropippette this was the best way to ensure an accurate dose.

And away we go..

T-0: 11:38pm

insufflated liquid, around 400ug 25I. initial burn, fading very quickly, purely just the alcohol.

Super excited, heart racing, slightly nervous. Listening to blacksun empire

11:46 feeling very euphoric and warm, music sounds awesome

11:47 feeling super euphoric come up, almost like an mdma rush.. noticing some slight

vision changes, light seemed to dim.

11:49 changes continue, crazy body rush, hands starting to feel light, vasoconstriction I guess

11:51 amazing good vibes going on, can feel vision changing ever more slightly

11:53 I just yawned, I feel like jello, slight pangs of nausea, bit of neck tension

11:56 I keep getting crazy body rushes, other than that load isnt too bad, noticing visual disturbances

12:01 Words on my screen are starting to morph.. fucking crazy euphoric rushes, feel like throwing up at times.. but feel insanely calm and amazing.. this is very very reminicent of an ecastacy come up.. feel the need to move

12:07 Its getting hard to concentrate on much of anything, visual disturbances growing more. the rushes are fucking intense as hell, I am glad I chose this somewhat low dose as a first time.. feel fucking amazing overall though.. feel like I can feel each individual pulse to each muscle fiber

12:16 I'm not sure if this is what people would call a body load or not.. i dont feel restricted in anyway but keep getting this rushes.. very hard to describe and can really only liken them to e. still no major visual disturbances. there is a picture of a bird on the internet asking me if I even lift, it appears to be breathing and moving but I know its not a gif.

12:20 maybe this is a body load, I feel like a pulsating radiating outward from within..

12:30-34 I'm getting some slight warping and stuff, very clear headspace still, some slight confusion, but in general very clear. at times I feel like I need to crap and at others like I'm going to be sick.. uneasy yet I dont feel all that uneasy.. very hard to describe.. I wish I had taken more for more visual effect, but the visual effects seem to still be building even approaching +1 hour after insufflation, I will say that I don't feel 'dirty' or this primal feeling I get from mushrooms

12:42 I think this is about as much as the visuals are going to come up and the body surges seem to be diminishing slightly in intensity though they are still coming in waves

12:45 Well, I spoke too soon, and am starting to get slight tracers.. this keeps getting more and more fun. a restless ease

12:52 close eye visuals are very 'digital' I finally understand what a lot of people mean by this now. very blocky, of seemingly inifinitely small size and quantity. digital. hah. Very colourful, strong light blues, yellows, pinks, very happy and uplifting colours, in strong constrast to the earthy reds and greens mushrooms offer. feeling very conversational, spirits are definitely heightened, I dont see how this could go in a negative direction at all.

1:00 ( ~ T+1.5hrs) noticed decent pupil dialation, took a pee, noticing the vasoconstrction to say the least.. lol. I want to say I think Ive plateaued.. but I have been wrong before, though at an hour and twenty minutes in, Id say its fairly safe to assume. I guess at this point there is some time dilation as it doesnt feel like this long has actually passed by.. but oddly and most confusingly it does and doesnt.. I know that makes absolutely no sense but it does at the same time.. deal with it is all I can say, maybe you'll understand one day.

1:06 felt the desire to say that my body high seems to be really settling out, I feel more 'stoned' while still stimulated and very light feeling.. but I'm beginning to gel a bit more and mellow out into my surroundings.. thiS BSE album was a great choice.

1:08 I quit smoking 6 months ago but I feel like smoking _something_ would be amazing right now.. wish I had some weed. don't want to buy a pack of cigs as we all know how that goes.. but I am defintely coherent enough to make my way to the store and get one.

1:13 Things are defintely levelling out into what feels like a 1/1120209309230th of a shroom headspace, literally, that small of a fraction. but still clean without that gunky primal earthy feeling. is that what some people consider the difference between natural and synthetic feeling? im not sure, more exploration is needed.. but if I had to say id say this is so far one of my most favourite substances ever..

1:17 almonds taste like shit - normally theyre very tasty to me.. and im not digging the texture at all. neither almonds nor skittles seem to be hitting the spot. Almonds stuck in my teeth bother me more than they should be.

1:26 Indigestion problems.. leaving an odd feeling. visual 'morphing' is down but tracing and blurring still going on.. this indigestion is bothering me though, first time Ive felt somewhat uncomfortable, but is the feeling of having to poop ever comfortable? I wonder.

1:39 I just spent what felt like an eternity on the toilet.. my insides are twisting and turning it feels like a bomb was dropped in my intestines.. I guess I spoke too soon about things turning neagtive. Is this from the drug itself or just happenstance? feelings are definitely amplified.. was feeling sober for a second but coming back to the music and writing has catapulted me back to good feels.. this has been a ride

1:54 feeling better, nothin really new to report on.. just ridin it out, feels good. keep wanting to say things are winding down, but i keep catching myself higher than I think I am.. down I suppose you could call it. (T+2.5hrs)

2:20 (T+2.9 hrs) frequent urination. having some introspection. I dont feel grounded in my life, this trip doesnt feel very grounded either, I feel like ive been all over the map and I cant settle down, within such a short time span.. like a fly in a bottle smattering around until my demise. I have to do something to fix this, somehow.

3:00 (T+3.5 hrs) definitely coming down

4:40 (T+4 hrs) been down for a while, typical afterglow feels I spent most of the night online writing this as well as chatting with people on various message boards and on facebook. I felt very conversational, as I said in the beginning it felt a lot like an MDMA come up, it was pretty intense. Only threshold effects were really felt, the visual disturbances were very mild and it was mostly physical body effects that gripped me primarily. My headspace remained very calm and clear the whole time. I wanted to dance and move, I'd say this would be a very good drug for concerts or raves or just wandering around town aimlessly with some good friends. I did't really have any negative effects other than the indigestion which could maybe not even be related. Twelve hours dosing I was completely at baseline with no ill effects, no headache, no odd pains, nothing. My only gripe was the duration, it was very short, but this is largely in part due to both the ROA and the low dose.

I will definitely be trying this one again in the next few weeks at likely a 600ug dose. The dose/response curve is very strong with this drug so I don't want to go doubling the dose, although I feel like I could probably do so now that I know what to expect and how it affects me. That also brings me to another point, the variation in effects: some people say they don't feel anything like MDMA and they get little visuals, others find this to be the most visual drug they have ever tried with very

little body high at all; in short there are wide variations as to the effects and you can truly only figure out what will happen by trying them, which is why I urge everyone to start with a low dose for their first times, especially with such an unknown substance which has had numerous horror stories associated with it so far - just to be on the safe side. While I didn't massively trip it was still a very enjoyable experience, a clean experience and I enjoyed it very much.

Happy tripping! :)

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100630
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Nov 20, 2013Views: 4,931
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