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Wonderful Travel Through Centuries and Music
by Sontae
Citation:   Sontae. "Wonderful Travel Through Centuries and Music: An Experience with LSD (exp100651)". May 30, 2020.

1 hit oral LSD
  4 hits oral LSD
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes


My experience is great, and it was during a festival in France, a huge one with a lot of people and a lot of different bands, atmosphere and music. It was a long time I did not see one of my best friend living with me in Canada, and we planned to meet this summer and this festival was just the perfect time and place because we were both just near it!

Se we met at the festival, and we remember the time we have taken LSD in Canada. It was such wonderful time and we absolutely wanted to reproduce that again, but in a better way : The most craziest (and securiest) way, in a festival with thousands of people and a lot of cool music and atmosphere.

We have just bought LSD from our kind neighbour festivaler, we have bought 5 each, we look at the blotters, and we began to take only one of them.

We wait, wait, and wait, and BOOM, it's growing up, we just look at our face, and the effect begin, it was great sensation of happinness we laugh a lot, and we felt connected as always, but we wanted more, so we decided to take the 4 blotters we each left.

We took them, and now the universe was gonna be open to us. I feel a vibration growing up in me such powerful way that I was thinking I was losing my legs and arms, everything around me is blur, there is a concert just in front of me, but I cannot listen to it, I only listen to wind, and to people speaking and laughing, I'm conscious that right now I'm totally losing the control of my spirit, I'm feeling very very fucking high, so high that I can fly just above the people, a girl speaking to me, her face is turning everywhere and here eyes are like suns, I just walk around and around, and try to get back my body and my spirit but its impossible, I'm to far away. I follow my friend, he look at me and I feel a feeling of love, and happiness, we finally decided to buy some sweets.

I just stand in front of the colourful sweets, and this is an explosion of taste and smell and sweets began to dance, the man just try to ask me what I want to buy, but I cannot answer I cannot talk actually, my body is physically here but not...

Now, I began to listen the music, OH MY GOD, it's awesome, I feel a big power rising up in me, and I dance, I jump, I run, I cry, I'm feel an extreme sensation of moving my body, I WANT TO EXPLODE!!! It's so good! The music stop, we smoke cigarettes with my friend and we decided to look at our face, we sit down for a while , I dunno how many time exactly a long time maybe, and I see a thousand faces in his faces, we don't speak we just 'experiment' LSD, I'm deeply going inside of his mind, I reincarnate into multiple things, his eyes are green, blue, shining, glowing, it's fantastic...

The sensation of losing my mind and body smoothly goes away, I feel I'm getting back to reality, I'm feeling much better than before, I can feel my body, I can talk, and I'm feeling very calm but with a lot of energy, after this great travel it's time to dance, and enjoy the music and I know that now it will be for a couple of hours before I'll sleep so lets dance. Me and my friend, we dance a lot, we just enjoy the music, I totally recover my ears and eyes, but everything is more intense than usual.

After a big session of dance, we sitting back again and we look our faces, now it's mystic and shamanic, his face is dark and very hairy, I like this, his eyes going everywhere in his nose, in his ear. We finally decided to go back to the car, we walk for a while in the town, we lost ourselves, but we enjoy, we stop listing to frogs, and we began to dance again (yeah frogs on LSD is very very funny).

We go back to the car, we cannot sleep, it's now 11AM, its warm, and I'm not feeling tired at all, we just chill out all the afternoon, and suddenly, the night is coming, I'm feeling very very heavy, broken, tired, exploded totally dead, I'm feeling asleep. I slept very very good and woke up the next morning at 2 PM. I'm feeling tired again, and physically destroyed, I drink a beer to make the trip come back and its work, now it's more calm and smooth I'm feeling good, I dance I speak to people and after that the story goes to its end.

What I can say, is that, it was on of my favourite experience, I share a lot of thing with my friend, and I really enjoyed the festival and people, it was spiritual and deep.

The first hours I was feeling very weird like totally in another dimension, but it was so intense, a little bit freaky because there was a loud music and I cannot listen to it at all, but it was not a bad trip it knew that I was under a lot of LSD and that I experimented a deep introspection of my mind and body. But after, when I get back to earth, it was soooooooooo good.

LSD is powerful, but LSD is more than a drug, LSD is an open door to the infinite and to hidden universes.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100651
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: May 30, 2020Views: 437
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LSD (2) : Music Discussion (22), Glowing Experiences (4), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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