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Slip Inside This House As They Have Done
DMT & Cannabis
Citation:   NA Brown. "Slip Inside This House As They Have Done: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp100673)". Erowid.org. Nov 9, 2020. erowid.org/exp/100673

1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
    smoked DMT (powder / crystals)
To begin the tale of this particular jump into the depths of psychedelia I'll start by giving a description of my previous experience with pharmacological agents. In the course of four years I've smoked marijuana too many times to count, ingested LSD about two dozen times, eaten mushrooms a handful of times, taken MDMA seven times, had a love affair with ketamine, smoked DMT on a handful of occasions and dabbled briefly with many other psychoactive substances including MDA, LSA, 2C-E, 25i-NBOMe, 25b-NBOMe, methalone, opium, GHB, nitrous, and cocaine. Personally I find compounds of at least a partially psychedelic nature to be the most beneficial and interesting of drug categories (and here I make the distinction between hallucinogenic and psychedelic drugs).

It was around 3:30 p.m. on what had begun as a rainy day in July when my friends R and H suggested we “blast off” on some DMT. All three of us were in good spirits as we’d spent the previous night at a friend’s house babysitting a few people on MDMA. In my personal experience, having to be sober around people who are rolling is so joyful that I might as well have taken the MDMA myself
In my personal experience, having to be sober around people who are rolling is so joyful that I might as well have taken the MDMA myself
, but there was also the task of explaining to the first-timers that while MDMA is extremely euphoric and pleasurable it can also be addicting and dangerous and is something to be respected. I’ve always been slightly offended by its over-popularization of use within hip-hop culture.

We decided not to make any particular preparations for this trip except that I asked them not to play any music during the experience as not to distract me from whatever I may see, think, or feel. This may seem reckless, but H told R and me that too much time passing between the desire to trip and the actual trip might kill his nerve to try it. H had only smoked DMT one other time and so R and I were doing our best to play by his rules and allow for his comfort. I watched as R loaded his bong with the layered batch of marijuana and DMT first for himself and then for H. Although both of them enjoyed the effects and praised them as being very significant, both also admitted to having not quite “broken through”. I asked R to measure out the bowl he’d be giving me so that I could be sure to see the other side, but he shook his head and said, “For you, I’ll just pack it nice and big.” He handed me the lighter and I burned the top layer of marijuana, pulling on the bong hard and attempting maximum impact.

Usually when I’ve smoked DMT on previous occasions there has been a distinct buildup of effects including slight burning sensation in the lungs, a warm surge slowly coursing through my torso towards my head, a buzzing in the ears that grows to monstrous proportions, and increased sensitivity in my mouth which I believe is brought on by the rather unpleasant taste of the substance. I follow this with lying back, closing my eyes, and traveling through a wormhole-like field which contains a continuous swirl and interchange of intensely complicated and colorful geometric forms that flow into an opening of sorts until suddenly I am somewhere else and it is truly foreign. This time things were different.

R’s voice faded to nothing as I heard him tell me to try to hold the smoke in, but I had succeeded in maximum impact and there was simply no way I wasn’t going to cough up the body full of DMT essence I’d imbibed immediately. It was enough.

(I have no idea how long it actually took the phases of my trip to occur due to time dilation, but I’ve tried to pin them as well as I could.)

(T+0:01) There was no wormhole. I simply closed my eyes and immediately was not in R’s room anymore. Instead I was surrounded by a dozen or more beings that were dancing in the most acrobatic of fashions- skipping and cart wheeling and moving their bodies in styles I find hard to describe. Their bodies were somewhat humanoid in that they had heads and limbs resembling ours, but this was not a three-dimensional realm. They seemed to be made out of a sort of constantly flowing extra-dimensional energy which pulsed and changed colors rapidly and I’m fairly certain they had male and female genders or at least two distinct kinds to their race. They had mouths that stretched across their faces, eyes made of the brightest light, rather large ears more pointed than ours, and what looked to me to be a kind of hair on their heads. The scale of their frame was enormous. It was like being in a room of incredibly benevolent giants. I was in awe. Who wouldn’t have been? I had made contact with things within the DMT realm before, but none were so charming or so entertaining as these fellows.

(T+0:02) They danced in beautiful rhythmic patterns and laughed and beckoned me to follow them, and so I did. They showed me their home: a super-dimensional fortress of such aesthetic wonder that I can scarcely compare it with even the finest structures and monuments of human history. We traveled down what appeared to be an endless corridor of light(I didn’t seem to have a body but floated in their direction just the same), and all the while the beings danced in and out of my view, jumping from behind pillars that littered the great hall to smile in my face. In all directions there appeared to be no end to this uncanny structure, and for that reason I am still baffled as to where the pillars began and ended. They had other structures that looked like huge shifting platforms suspended in space and as I moved along I found them all looking up or down or across from their platforms to laugh and smile at me.

(T+0:03) For some time I found it all but impossible to formulate a usual train of thought, but after the initial rush of being in such a strange and ravishing land I began to speculate about these beings. My first thought was, “Be you friend or foe?” Their responses were to laugh and smile, but they seemed to be sending a kind of telepathic signal that said, “Of course we are your friends!” To find out whether this was true or not, I simply began loving them. It was so easy. Never before had I been so able to focus and extreme positive emotion on something so newfound. The feeling just flowed so naturally from every corner of my being and I was so grateful and happy for having found these friends in this far off world. I told them over and over again that I loved them and they signaled to me that they loved me as well, and the energy in their already impressive bodies was amplified to an immense glow of pink and orange. They told me that they’d been waiting for me, that they’d been waiting for all of us. This was a cosmic temple, a safe haven for the universe’s children and a learning center for all who would accept it.

(T+ 0:04) I got it. I understood. These things knew the nature of my presence. They knew I was a stranger who needed a little help and they were being good hosts. They were the ultimate performers in a cross-world of pure love there to entertain and teach me. Their message was simply that I appreciate and love all things around me and that I be in the service of others. They praised me for my understanding and for a moment I’m fairly sure I saw one of the pairs of male and female present a smaller one of them, perhaps their child. I’m not sure as to what this was supposed to signify, but my understanding is that it was a furthering of their trust in me.

(T+0:05) The trip began to descend back from such great heights and something very different happened. In previous experiences, coming down has simply been the fading of the DMT realm from my senses into a murky haze and finally into standard reality. This time it was more like being in a glass elevator that was going down with tenacious speed.
This time it was more like being in a glass elevator that was going down with tenacious speed.
It was like I was catching a brief glimpse of each world or dimension that came before that of the playful performers but I was going too quickly to actually see the details of each layer. Why I had no buildup but instead a build-down is still puzzling.

(T+0:06) I opened my eyes and started laughing. The DMT still swarmed my visual field with light and intricacy and as I looked out R’s window at what had once been considered a dreary day I was filled with a sense of life and gratitude. The backyard was gloriously ablaze with colored detail and I was filled with a reverence for nature and wildlife and asked myself why man must make such selfish endeavors like the destruction of forests for perceived profit. I swear in that moment I could see the spirit of the trees. They had faces that smiled at my understanding and hopeful appreciation. Perhaps within our dimensional latitude trees appear to be nothing more than organic statues, but in that range of mind they were easily as sentient as people if not more so.

As the residual effects slowly dwindled over the next 10 minutes I stood up and smiled and laughed for a few minutes before telling R and H how much I loved them and about my experience. H would later tell me to my astonishment that I had only had my eyes closed for about five minutes. I told him I didn’t believe in time.

I went home, ate, showered, and spent the rest of the day alone thinking about Alan Watts referring to life as a dance of pattern and about how Ralph Waldo Emerson had talked about the course of human history having existed within the mind of mankind before it’d ever played out. In short, this was my favorite DMT experience. It filled me with hope for the future and renewed my faith in the power of positive thinking. Though I was sick all day I’ve never felt better. The universe is alive, and its pulse will rattle you to the core.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100673
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Nov 9, 2020Views: 2,526
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DMT (18) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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