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Another Realm
Citation:   Toddyvedda. "Another Realm: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp100693)". Jun 7, 2018.

1400 ug insufflated 25I-NBOMe (powder / crystals)
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“The greatest part about hallucinogens is that you never have the same trip twice” These were the words uttered to me by my best friend around half an hour prior to the trip, let’s call him Silver. Now, Silver and I had certainly had our fair share of hallucinogenic experiences before this trip, however it was our first time doing this drug. At the time, 2C-I-NBOMe was a relatively unheard of substance; the only opinions we had from it were from the person that sold it to us, he claims it was like “DMT in powder form, and it lasts way longer”. As two people who had sampled DMT and both felt slightly disappointed by the lack of longevity associated with it, we were both highly eager to sample this brand new wonder-drug (keep in mind the seller hadn’t actually done it at this point, though we were currently blissfully unaware of this).

After being persuaded to buy 10 capsules each containing 700ug of 2C-I-NBOMe, and being highly recommended to take two for “a real decent trip”, we decided it would be foolish to let them go to waste, so invited three of our other friends who had expressed an interest in doing this when we informed them of it (let’s call them Purple, Blue and Crimson). Purple, like Silver and I, was a fairly experienced tripper, and was fully aware of what to expect after we filled him in with the details; Blue and Crimson, on the other hand, were not as experienced. Due to the naivety of Purple, Silver and I, we decided to continue with the trip, and convinced ourselves that if Blue or Crimson were to freak out, we would simply comfort them for a bit, and then everyone would return to having a good trip.

T 0:00 – We all snorted two capsules of the drug in Silver’s house, and made our way outside to the park around ten minutes from his house. The drip back tasted slightly like marzipan, but was in general fairly pleasant; nobody in our group had any problems (which was expected from such a low dosage).

T+0:10 – We’re a few minutes from the park, and already I have a build-up of energy from my stomach, and the lights on the periphery of my vision are beginning to blur and merge. Silver has already vomited, though this is likely due to excess eating beforehand and not a primary effect of the drug. Blue was already starting to feel the proper effects, which in hindsight was something we should’ve been slightly concerned about, but we just left him to it.

T+0:30 – We’ve arrived in the park, and I find myself staring at the few leaves of an almost completely bare tree, however those few leaves are creating unbelievably beautiful fractals and patterns. The streetlight from about five metres away is acting as a beacon of shimmering light beaming onto those leaves, and illuminating them with all sorts of incredible colours. Much like when doing other hallucinogens, Silver and I talk about absolute nonsense with each other, though to us it makes perfect sense. At this point, the visual effects are comparable with a moderate LSD dosage, though it is far less thought-provoking than acid. Purple joins in with the gibberish conversation, and unbeknownst to us at this point, Crimson and Blue couldn’t work out how to climb over the gate and into the park. Our minds were too focused on enjoying the drug at this point to worry about the other two.

T+0:45 – The visuals are getting more and more intense now, and Blue has now attracted the attention of us that he can’t get in. He appears to be in a lot of distress at this point, and we decide to try and move the trip elsewhere. Unfortunately, the only other place we knew suitable was another park around a twenty minute walk away, and only Silver and I knew the definite direction on how to get there. Blue and Crimson were finding it very difficult already to function properly, only managing a few words out of a sentence; Blue had also resorted to yelling ‘Help!’ every once in a while which certainly did not ‘help’. We decided to make the long and arduous journey over to the park, in the hope that it would calm Blue and Crimson down.

T+1:00 – I’m on the phone to the seller explaining the situation, and how everybody is finding it ridiculously intense and over the top; this is the point he then exclaims to me that he hasn’t actually done it before, nor does he know anyone who has done, he was simply guessing the correct dosage. This was incredibly distressing to hear when I'm in the middle of one of the most visually mind altering experiences of my life, and I know there are four other people who are experiencing something similar.

The visuals began turning slightly sinister; the fact that it was pitch black meant I felt there was always someone from the shadows watching me, and laughing at the fact that we had no idea what we had let ourselves in for with this drug. Purple and I had walked a fair bit ahead, and decided to stop near a street lamp to try and gather our senses. He recommended closing my eyes and just lying down under the light for a little bit. (Purple is a very solitary tripper, he often never speaks during trips and will instead just go into his own little world for a few hours) This was an experience which was very enlightening, it was the first time I had properly experienced Closed-Eye-Visuals. To think, all the time I have been doing hallucinogens, I’ve been keeping my eyes open, but with it’s what happens when your eyes are shut when things get truly unique. I appeared to have a blank canvas before me, and whatever my brain was thinking of, it conjured it up in front of me on this canvas. I thought of simple ideas, trees, stars, dolphins, all of these images just started appearing from nowhere, and I could manipulate them in any way I deemed appropriate. It is most definitely a solitary drug, one that does not need conversation to enhance it. However, this was interrupted by a now zombie-like Blue marauding towards us, now shouting out “something about a glove”, as it appeared he had lost his glove somewhere along the way. The calm, positive vibes had now immediately been replaced with the slightly dark and sinister visuals I had before.

T+1:20 – Unfortunately, we had taken a slight wrong turn somewhere and were now nowhere near our desired destination. Blue had completely lost his way about him, meanwhile Crimson was convinced she was a rabbit, and was bouncing along and cackling. It was, therefore, not the best idea to take a shortcut through a pitch black alley, with a graveyard on one side and high black fences on the other, though Silver assured us it would get us to the park in less than 10 minutes. This is where shit really started to get messed up. The second I entered the alley, I felt myself get whisked out of my body; I was now looking at the sky from about 20ft up in the air. It showed a happy image get completely destroyed by darkness and evil, with the words “BAD TRIP ZONE” written high across the sky for me to read. [Note that this only lasted about 2 seconds, I was then shunted back down to the ground] The intensity of this trip had therefore developed to a point where I wasn’t actually aware I was tripping, it was instead like the most vivid dream I could ever experience. Walking down that alley, I could see a lot of people in the alley and in the bushes, all staring at me like I wasn’t welcome in this part of the town. They all had dogs on clanky metal chains with huge teeth bulging from their foamy mouths, all growling about two feet away from me. I knew I didn’t have a lot longer in this alley before I gave up and just lied down on the floor waiting for it to be over, so I shut my eyes and ran. It was a perfectly straight alley luckily, so I had no problems with bumping into anything. I jumped out of the other side, and stared at somebody’s house light they had left on. This light was to this day the most beautiful and re-assuring image I had ever seen. I was mesmerised by the light and all the kindness and forgiveness it had to offer, and just stood there for what felt like hours being brought back into a lovely trip. It appeared as though the alley had completely shifted my trip from okay to bad, and upon leaving it had shifted it back, and then exemplified it even more. I shut my eyes once more, and could now develop much more complex images and events. I was creating entire landscapes, and having events and situations happen inside those landscapes. It was like lucid dreaming in a way, though if possible even more powerful, and certainly more memorable.

T+1:30 – The rest of the group had finally made it out of the alley, though looked almost inhumane in a way. They most certainly didn’t resemble the people they were supposed to be, with the exception of Silver, who seemed to be having a wonderful time. Unfortunately, Blue had lagged far behind, and was calling for help from far back in the alley. Silver eventually agreed to run back and rescue him; he was still making the exact same calls as he was half an hour ago, but this time with the added ‘shit man, I’m tripping balls’ statement getting occasionally shouted. Thankfully, it was just a short walk to the park where we could try and regain some of our mental wellbeing.

T+2:00 – Blue has been yelling for the last half an hour, and Crimson is appearing to just be uttering a sequence of numbers over and over again. Silver, Purple and I had given up trying to help them, and instead were just taking it in turns to keep a watch over them while the other two just stared up and into the abyss. The description mentioned by the seller at the beginning informing us that it was like DMT was certainly not far from the truth, the visuals were definitely far more intense than any acid trip I’ve ever had. The visuals I was depicting now were imagining myself, but in a completely different dimension, where there was something slightly different about me each time, and seeing how my relationships with people would be different with this subtle change. I saw myself with dreadlocks; this of course made me much more relaxed and chilled with everyone. I saw myself with my DNA laced around my body instead of being embedded in cells; this of course looked incredible, though I was eventually taken away for testing. It does seem incredible that all this was entirely fictitious, and was just completely made up by my mind [it definitely helps to have a vivid imagination with hallucinogens].

T+3:00 – Peak effects are beginning to wear off now, visuals are still full of fractals but I no longer have full control over the Closed-Eye-Visuals. I felt eager to chat about everything I saw with Silver and Purple, they both had completely different trips to discuss. Silver is incredibly talkative on any sort of drug, and this trait seemed to have helped him in a way in this trip, he never has anything resembling a bad trip, not even down that alley, but at the same time the chattiness detracts a certain something from the trip, he can’t fully appreciate the purpose of it. Purple felt like he was lifted up out of his body, and taken on a train ride all around the world, with incredible buildings and pieces of architecture for him to see. This, oddly enough, was almost identical to one of my DMT trips a few months back, so it’s definitely interesting to see the comparisons between these two drugs.

T+4:00 – Crimson seems quite quiet and reluctant to talk about anything that happened in the last few hours [she later explained that the trip made her convinced she was a dog, not a physical dog but the social standing that a dog has in a group where everybody takes little notice of her apart from to patronisingly pat her head]. Blue had finally stopped shouting, though was still very far from being a sane person. The visuals were still fairly decent at this point, lines in various objects were wobbling a lot and the outlines in large structures had a nice glow about them. Fractals are there if you concentrated to see them, and Closed-Eye-Visuals have completely gone now.

T+6:00 – Visuals have almost completely faded now, just a few wavy lines here and there. We’ve spent the last two hours chilling in the park watching Blue claims he’s returning to his own universe, falling on the floor and then repeating that exact sequence. Blue was very difficult to speak to through this time period, though he isn’t convulsing or having a panic attack so he could be doing worse.

T+8:00 – I head off home, it’s about 5am now so heading off back before anyone in my house wakes up [regardless of whether or not I could see anything, I didn’t want to talk to my parents at all straight after doing this], Blue appeared slightly more normal as I left, though it was difficult to tell. [Blue later informed us that his hallucination involved him tripping that he was dying; he had ambulance sirens circling him and a man came over and announced his T.O.D, he was then convinced he was actually dead. This sent him spinning into a world of hell, where he spent what he claims were days getting tortured in every way imaginable, and then suddenly shunted back into the real world].

It is evident, therefore, that the fact we all did the same amount of the same drug does in no way mean that the trips we will have will be remotely comparable to each other, as Silver said at the beginning: “You never have the same trip twice.” For me, the trip was just a little bit too intense, for others it was far too much and they are now scared at the thought of doing hallucinogens again. The visuals, however, were so vivid that I will be able to remember them for years to come.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100693
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 17
Published: Jun 7, 2018Views: 2,927
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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