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Crazy Night With 25I
Citation:   nbomexperiement. "Crazy Night With 25I: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp100746)". Oct 13, 2013.

T+ 0:00
1.5 hits sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 1 hit sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:30 0.5 hits sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
To start off I'm not a very experienced user with the psychedelic world, I've only tripped on 25i about 15-20 times and haven't had any other experiences rather than cannabis which I smoke on a daily basis. Most of my experiences with 25i have been positive but I have had a few bad experiences with it as well, but ultimately I feel really good after a consciousness change.

I'll give you a leading up to the trip. My girlfriend was at school and I decided I would go up to see my brother and his new baby girl he had just had and I've been having great trips on this 'acid' I just got. My mom tells me if I take her up north she'll buy me a bag of weed so I agree. We go to meet her boyfriend. I'll just call him M. When we meet M we buy an eighth of good cannabis and head up north.

T(+0:00) When we arrive its about 8:30 in the evening and as soon as I get into the parking lot my mom walks inside and I put 1 and a half tab on my tongue (immediately feel the numbness that comes along with 25i) and my friend from childhood who's a bit older than me is there. We'll call him W. W asks me if I want to go with him to go get some addys, it's not my thing but I think fuck it, let's go, so I let him drive my car since I had just popped the 25i and didn't want to be driving. For the record it was icy all over out. He was being inconsiderate that it was my car and driving crazy, I told him to slow down several times but he would not listen then he ended up putting my car into the ditch. So we start driving really slow until we get to the dealers house who W had said was just a little farther ahead.

T(+0:40) I feel the come up, I'm starting to trip nicely as I walk into this guys house who I had never met, there were veins all over the ceiling which looked like they were squirming and wreathing. I got very claustrophobic and just wanted to be home in a safe environment so I could trip nicely I kept thinking. W was inside as I walked outside to look at how everything else looked and I didn't see too much yet as it was just the come up. So when W came out we hopped in my car and on the way home he said he needed to stop at his ma's which is 3-4 miles out of the way, so I say OK not wanting to sound rushy considering I haven't even seen my brother yet that I came up to see.

T(+1:00) We now arrive at W's mom's house and I'm relieved that the car is just stopped and we're not moving, its been quite a drive with W, and I take another tab of 25i, I walk in the house to see what is taking W so long since I told him I'd wait out in the car, he's going through people's pills, I feel like as I'm looking at him I see the bottom of what people can become, stealing pills from his mother. I see there's a leak in the ceiling dripping on plywood, the plywood starts morphing into like little worms everywhere on it and just looked nasty. We finally leave.

T(+1:30) We're finally back to the apartments and my buddy brings me into his room to show me the new baby, I'm feeling it really come on now and I walk into the room and he has a tiger blanket and the tiger looked like it was standing up in front of me, then the floor starting waving back and forth like sharks were swimming in the carpet, but it was more like my vision turned weird kaleidoscope on me. Just before I walked into my brother's room I took the rest of the 3rd tab I had. I only had 4 and I spit it out ten minutes later, I remember looking at the clock 10:36.

(+2:06) Shit, I can't believe its only been 2 hours!!! I feel like it's been so much longer, so wait, I take all the 25i out of my mouth and realize I've taken way too much too quick, so I'm like shit maybe it won't escalate, boy was I wrong. My brother and mom asked me if I'd like to go to the store so I say yea, and I've been pretty quiet so when I hop in the passenger seat my brother looks over at me and says 'you took too much didn't you?' Worst case of fucking de ja vu I've ever had, I knew at that moment that I've already been there and experienced that moment, but how, this is the second time this has happened on this drug with a crazy thing like that. So by the time we get to the store we walk in, time is moving very slow for me right now and I start to cry inside my head as I was waiting for seemingly forever outside the door because I didnít know how I'd react to people in the store.

(+2:30) Holy fuck both of my hand are tingling and stinging like they're falling asleep, I tell my mom this and that I have to go to the hospital immediately and that I'm going to die, this alarms her. She said I'm going to be fine and I say no my hands won't stop, I felt like Casper how he says in that movie that when you're dead your whole body kinda feels like it's asleep well it moved throughout my whole body for at least 5 minutes and went away, it never came back but for the rest of the night I was terribly worried that it would escalate in waves which it didn't thank god.

I walk inside and by now everybody knows I'm freaking about having a bad trip and my mom tells me to lay down and just relax, I try, and she starts rubbing my head, holy fuck I think she's trying to kill me!!! I jump up because I'm seeing lightning bolts coming from my mom's fingers while my eyes are closed, this weirds the hell out of me and I walk outside, I start pacing the normal green carpet in the hallway of my brother's apartment wondering if people would wonder if I'm out there but the carpet turned into diamonds, like the shape and were swirling in and around each other, so I walked back inside not ready to go back outside yet, the difference between outside and inside is that when I'm inside I feel claustrophobic so I couldn't breathe but once I'm outside I'm really chilly cuz its winter and the trip is easier to deal with somewhat outside, so I sit outside pacing back and forth trying to kill time.

(+3:30) The waves are only getting stronger and I don't know if I can take this much longer, my mind is racing but my body feels like it wants to die, I realize I'm only getting started in my trip and this gets me pissed now I'm angry and I say fuck it if I'm gonna die, then let it happen, I was going insane, time was moving super slow, tracers were a complete full 5 arm tracers. The most beautiful thing about the whole night even though I was scared out of my mind most of it, the trees were waving and interweaving creating spider webs with the branches and the snow look very orange with lots of rainbow looking sprinkles all over it.

(+4:00) I really have to use the bathroom, I've been trying to avoid this because I know how small my brothers bathroom is, I mean it's a regular bathroom but at that point I didn't know what could happen. So I go inside and walk in the bathroom as soon as I walk into the bathroom, I'm overwhelmed by how big it is! I mean everything was like double sized to me. It was the weirdest feeling ever, I literally felt like little Alice! Using the bathroom was hard, I forgot to mention the worst thing about this trip was that it was really hard to breath I had to consciously keep breathing because it seemed like a struggle.

(+5:00) My mom asks me if I'm coming down any and I say no and I try to give her a smile to reassure her I'll be okay tho. I wonder if I'll be in this world forever, I've heard you could overdose on this stuff, and I think maybe I did and I'll never be right again. I keep thinking 'why me' and I had the strangest feeling like I was just some experimentation that was meant to take this drug. I start getting better at controlling myself.

(+6-10) I'm very slowly coming down, I tell myself I'm done with this stuff and I'm never touching it again, I'm even afraid to smoke weed on my comedown cuz I'm afraid it will bring back my acid high. I call my gf and tell her I love her and I should never had left without saying goodbye and I can't wait till I see her and how I just wish she was there, I keep pacing the remainder of the time because everyone has already fallen asleep. My back hurts by the end of the night because I couldn't sit still throughout the whole trip.

I wanted to know the difference between taking 1 and take 3 and I got it, be careful people this is a very new drug, so just stick to 1, you'll always have a next time if you stay safe!!!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100746
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 13, 2013Views: 6,693
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