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Lovely In The Sweet Spot
Citation:   InnerExplorer. "Lovely In The Sweet Spot: An Experience with AL-LAD & GHB (exp100765)". Erowid.org. Jul 16, 2013. erowid.org/exp/100765

75 ug oral AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  1.5 g oral GHB (liquid)
I have taken AL-LAD two other times, once at 150 ug and once at 37.5 ug. The first trip was much stronger than I expected, and was similar to Shulgin's first report:
(with 150 g) 'I felt it in less than a quarter hour, and was shooting up past a +++ in another quarter hour. Fast. Just like LSD but without the vaguely sinister push. A little time slowing, randy, no body disturbance. Dropping at six hours and totally tired and going to sleep at twelve hours. I will repeat!.' except I was rolling around on my bed in fits of hilarious laughter during the peak. The second trip still produced mild psychedelic effects, though it was more of a very mildly psychedlic dose and closer to the nootropic end of the effect scale. Anyways, for my third trial, I've decided to go in between and try 75 ug and see how it affects me.

+0:00 - Took ~75 ug AL-LAD orally (swallowed since I've read that it is best absorbed through the stomach).

+0:05 - Not sure if it's just me, but I'm already starting to feel some of the mild sensations on my head (slight pressure, dreamy waves) that typically accompany ergoline drugs for me. I am also a bit excited, as I believe that this will be my sweet spot with this drug at this time of my life. The first two trips were great
+0:08 - Starting to feel slow, warm relaxation flowing from my temples down into my shoulders.

+0:16 - Just finished reading a trip report and am surprised that it has only been 8 minutes since I last made a note. Feeling more relaxed, almost stoned now. Full body relaxation.

+0:20 - Is it just me, or did someone just turn up the heat in here? Sweating slightly while cleaning up/organizing the house, which I like to do when coming up on psychedelics. Helps clear the headspace and also the physical space for the trip. Hydrating accordingly and removing shirt. Whoa, just had some issues putting these sentences together. Interesting stoning effect. Looking back, I think that the other two times I tried AL-LAD, I took it with my normal medication, 50 mg of lisdexamphetamine (Vyvanse). I consider that this may be the reason 150 ug felt like 2 or 3 hits of strong LSD in strength. I am hoping that this current dose still hits me in the sweet spot .

+0:25 - Going deeper in the mental realm slowly but surely. The comeup on AL-LAD has always been very smooth.

+1:00 - Feeling a much stronger head trip now, cleaning and organizing tasks are becoming a bit more difficult and actions and things are taking on more metaphorical meaning. Actions are more like meta-actions if that makes sense.

+1:04 - Listening to CHVRCHES - Gun (Auntie Flo Remix) and reading about Sepher. Though I didn't know him, I am deeply moved to know about a fellow psychonaut moving on from this world. I think about all the deaths of close friends and family that I have experienced in my past and am touched with a nostalgia. I am filled with joy at the knowledge that what I am doing with my time here on Earth and with the people I encounter is positive. I am filled with joy to know that I am a light in this place. I hope to continue being so until the day I move on.

+1:08 - Music is an absolute necessity. So glad I decided to put some on! Music pretty much turned on emotions and has made thoughts flow so much more. It's rather astounding. Usually I spend my days in silence (as a meditative practice), but I do love music. This is beautiful I am blessed. No, we are all blessed. This life is a wonderful opportunity. I am seeing how effective I am being in my daily life with finding love in all things, even the moments that are most negative or difficult. Reflecting on how I can continue doing this and living a life full of peace rather than war. Patience, Love, Understanding. Oops, I just almost said PLUR. :O

My old candy kid came out for a minute. For me, Patience is the solution to many of my problems, so I am seeing much more clearly where I may be more patient in the future. Each moment is a lesson. Each experience a classroom.

+2:10 - Had a wonderful conversation with my mother on the phone. Realizing how far we've come over the years and how accepting my parents are now that we have a more adult relationship. We have grown onto the same level with many things and I realize also that they really don't care about whether or not I use drugs. They just care about me being happy and healthy, which is what all adult relationships should be. People genuinely caring about one another without judgement. The only reason they should criticize some kind of drug use is if that drug use is interfering with that person's happiness or health in my opinion. Feeling absolutely delightful and just glowing. I also don't feel like the phone conversation was affected too strongly either. We normally have intellectual conversations, and this one was just accompanied by stronger positive vibes from the drug I was on. Did not feel 'fucked up,' nor that I was 'tripping' in the traditional sense. I personally love the clear-headedness of this analogue. Incredibly therapeutic for individuals that know the direction they are headed, and also a huge magnifier of positive emotions.

+2:23 - Good body feeling with some minor tension in ligaments and back, but I suspect that is due to dehydration and/or lack of nutrition lately (due to saving someone's life while on a trail on the last few days). It seems that the 3 hour mark is more or less the peak for this drug. I am still climbing a bit higher, with minor synaesthesia happening primarily 'feeling' sounds. For example, I am feeling the sound of cars driving by my window. They feel like soft strokes on my head. Right now, it feels like my hair is standing on end, which actually feels quite silly. I know that it isn't but it's like I'm bursting with positive energy right now. Eating feels quite good at this stage too. I contemplate other drugs that I use/plan to use and have that thought of 'wow, I really don't need any drugs besides this one.' I've had that feeling with other drugs such as 2C-E and even LSD, and I think that it's just part of the process of taking psychedelics...they open me (and I think others also) up to the truth. If I'm living my personal truth, then the trip is an enjoyable reinforcement, and if I'm not then I have the opportunity to work some things out. Leaving the computer. Writing this report is engaging, but I have other matters to attend to

+2:36 - Oops, got distracted with reading...

^ A wonderful description of the AL-LAD trip imo.
I am considering taking some GHB soon, as I've never combined it with psychedelics and I have heard that they can synergize quite nicely.

+2:42 - I'm a bit tired and have some muscle tension, so I decide to dose 1.5 g of Na-GHB and go make dinner. I also take note that my pupils are not significantly dilated any longer and are quite responsive to light at this point.

+3:00 - Wow, music is on another level at this point with this combo. So THIS is why they call GHB 'liquid E.' I never really understood that name before, although I love GHB. Lovely and not too sedating or blunting.

+3:30 - Things are coming down (I estimate there are about 3 hours of effects left, but I don't expect to have much new information as I've experienced the comedown before), so I'm going to wrap up this report. Overall this was a great dose for an evening of introspection, an evening with a friend, partner, or any personal time. Wonderful afternoon and beautiful chemical

Note: During the comedown I did have quite a bit of muscle tension in my back, but I assume that is due to lack of nutrition.

I hope this report may be helpful to others.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100765
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 22
Published: Jul 16, 2013Views: 12,257
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GHB (25), AL-LAD (603) : Alone (16), Music Discussion (22), Combinations (3), General (1)

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