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Too Much Revealed
Citation:   Inner Glow. "Too Much Revealed: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp100766)". Dec 19, 2019.

2 hits sublingual 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Background on myself: This trip revealed more than I ever wanted to know about myself and drugs. I consider myself fairly experienced with drugs and psychadelics. I have tried weed, alcohol, spice products, bath salts, DXM (1.2 grams was my strongest trip), mushrooms, and a few different pain killers, along with other substances I can't recall at the moment. Before this trip, I thought of myself as an expert on drugs, spending a good majority of my time at home researching drugs and reading trip reports.

Set and Setting: My friend A's house. A and B are also taking the 'LSD'. C and D are taking DXM. E (a mostly sober fellow, accepting of our drug use and has only tried alcohol and spice) is trip-sitting for the first time. I am fairly comfortable at A's house, having smoked weed, drank, and tripped here quite a bit. He had recently moved into a different room in his house which I felt slightly uncomfortable in due to the strange lighting and location in the house.

Experience: I arrive at A's house rather late. About 10:45 at night, which his parents are used to with me. My mom was not happy about this but willing to take me since I had to practice with my band for a battle of the bands that C was also in. When I arrive, everyone's relatively surprised by my presence, since they didn't really expect me to make. About 15 minutes or so after arriving, C and D take their triple C's, C taking 16 and D taking 8.

At about 11:30 or 11:35, B arrives with the 'acid' we were to be taking. A lot of how he was talking about it seemed fishy, and I was rather hesistant but decided fuck it, I want to trip like the hippies in the 60s. At exactly 11:55, I take two hits. The strange thing was though, that he told us to put it between our lips and gum, like how you dip. I wasn't familar with this method as I was more used to placing it on the tongue. A and B both took 1, B told me he also took 2 which was just to pressure me into buying more because he was only selling them to make money. Another strange thing to me was that he charged us ten a hit, when the previous week, he told me the good acid he gets his twenty a hit.

Immediately after taking them, I decided we should all meditate because I always like to calm my mind before a big trip. After 10 or 15 minutes, I dissolve the meditation circle. A minute or two after we finished meditating, B says to us all, 'Oh yeah, I should have mentioned this, people have had seizures from this shit and the lethal dose is three hits.' Now, this sounded very strange to me, because I've heard of people taking massive doses of acid and turn out fine. I ask him if he means thats just how much people might start freaking out, and he replies with a rather sketchy, 'Yeah sure man' as if to only get me to stop asking a questions.

A few minutes later, I start to get my first visuals. The walls were intensely pulsing and I begin to get giddy with joy. I leave to go to the restroom, pee, then come back. A few minutes later, I feel the need to urinate again, and when I go to the restroom, I just couldn't pee. I look around the bathroom, experiencing it for a few moments, thinking about what it actually was, and how many times I had smoked in such a tiny room with groups of up to 8 people. I then leave the restroom and return to A's room. The last real memory I have is being right outside is his door about to walk in, then everything from this point on is my imaginiation. I'd like to start with what was really happening around me, then to get into detail about what I saw and thought of the situation. This is based on what everyone there has told me.

Reality: I return to A's room and lay on his bed. Everyone's conversing except for D, who has left and gone to the playroom to sleep. My group of friends can converse on the most random of topics for hours, and it was one of those nights. After a while, I let out E's name in a strange voice (this is a joke between E and I, to get his attention during some of classes we have together, I'll say his name in this voice) and shake my hands around my face violently. I started laughing and everyone plays it off as he's tripping and is just being weird. Then, someone directs a question to me in which I respond the same way. Someone then asks me what my name was and I respond this way. Someone else asked me to spell my name, in which I replied in a rather frantic voice, 'L-S-D.' Everyone in the room starts to worry because they keep asking me this and I kept responding this way. They throw water on me to try to snap me out of it, which gave me a look of disgust and rage. They then start slapping me and hitting me to try to get me back to reality.

C comments, 'Whatever he's experiencing, it's got to be one hell of a trip.' After this comment was made, I hit my head on the wall very loudly, enough so to wake A's parents. Just as everyone is talking about getting his parents, A's dad comes in asks what's going on after seeing me in the state I was in. Someone filled him in on the situation, and they all carry me down the stairs onto the couch. His parents called 911 and the paramedics and cops arrived shortly afterwards, where they question B and he admits he tells them he sold me 25I at school and that they called him over because I was freaking out. I was rushed to the E.R. where I had a cathetar put in me and was hydrated until they saw everything returned to normal, in which they released me with my mom.

What I thought had happened: Note: Throughout much of this experience, strange tones and music of a genre impossible to describe was playing in my head. When I went back into A's room, it was no longer his room. It was a squared room, with the walls painted orange and nothing but an orange lava lamp in the center. Everyone was waiting for me and we started filming an art video where we would trip 'total balls'. Apparently, this was our jobs, and we were all very satisfied with this. So the music changes to a weird fuzzy tone that constantly got higher in pitch until it was as high as it would go. Then, I let out E's name like mentioned before and start moving in a strange, new dance style, and was praised for this invention. After repeating his name a few more times, this ends, and cuts to us all back in his room. This is where the trip loses all fun, and becomes a serious problem for me. A weird short little story involving lines plays out, and C looks straight at me and unzips himself to reveal nothing was there. It then cut to the beginning of this scene again, but someone else unzipped themselves this time. This happened with everyone in the room until we ended up in the beginning again. Everyone realizes I'm aware of what they are, and I become small lying on the bed when they throw pigs blood on me and begin beating me.

I then cut to being in the band room at my high school, only one light is on in the room where all the instruments are held in cages(this fact is actually true about my high school strangely enough) and D slides over to me without stepping. He hands me a bag that says 25I on it and says, 'Take this' in a slowed down, deeper version of his voice. The i on the bag looked like there was an eye peering into your soul
The i on the bag looked like there was an eye peering into your soul
, and the bag was very similar to the bags that spice from the smoke shops came in. At this point, I cut to being carried down a long flight of stairs in the manner a king would be by my friends. I am then layed down in a desolate wasteland version of A's house. I begin to explore some of the regions of this place. Along the way, I was attacked by strange dog cheetah mixed animals, whose claws resemble curved shots. They would attack me and I would continue, until a big black bald man in a sheriffs outfit looked me in the eye and waved a flashlight around. According to everyone, this man was actually there. Then I saw myself in third person being taken out of the house on a strange type of stretcher into an ambulance and then I come back into body. The manner was taken out on the stretcher was true, but the actually stretcher was rather basic.

When I return to my body, this is when things go competely crazy. I sit up at this point and gather intelligence on my surroundings. I realize I am some kind of supreme being with amazing mind powers. I see myself as perfection, and try to leave. Many people try to stop me, and I just destroy them completely with my mind. I do this and then realize I can change the world. I remake the world, but only having it populated by copies of me, and then there's my group of friends, who I program to worship me and think I'm the best. I then play video games with these copies of my friends, and they think everything I do is perfection, but it starts to become unfun. I realize what I did with the world is just pure insanity, and get on the ground and cry. I sat with my knees to my face and my hands on my head rocking back and forth, while my friend copies start laughing at me. I cry more and more, begging to be in contact with another real human, anything would have sufficed.
I cry more and more, begging to be in contact with another real human, anything would have sufficed.
I then look up into a very bright light and see one of the male doctors looking into my eyes, and I think this man knew what I was going through. He says to me, 'Everything is going to be alright, just relax.'

I have a very distant memory of being taken through the halls of the hospital and arriving in my room. I thought at first I was in an insane asylum which I understood for my actions. I was taken into my room where I don't remember anything for about 15 minutes. I look into the hallway where I see my mom with A's mom, and I began to think I was under arrest for what I did during the trip. Soon after this, I forgot almost everything that happened. This is where I begin to sober up and remember clearly what was happening at the time. I began questioning the doctors and nurses as to where I was. I looked back into the hallway and stared at my mom and A's mom not really realizing who they were. My mom gave me a look of pure disgust and I looked away, scared to face this person. Then a nurse came in and with a jug and told me to pee in it. I told her no several times, until I finally said yes. They left me alone in the room.

At this point I scan my surroundings and see flashing lights outside the room. I realize those are cop cars, but I still don't know where I am. I sit in this room, confused and sad for about 10 minutes then they came back and I told them I could pee. This is when they put the cathetar in, and I screamed as loud as I could for them to stop. After a while, my mom came in and sat down. She looked so angry and I was confused as to why, so I asked her if I could go to sleep in my room. She told me in a very mean way, just go to sleep. I tried to but the cathetar was so uncomfortable so I couldn't. Then it hit me. I said, 'Am I in the hospital mom?' She replied yes, and tried to get it out of me why I was there. I was reluctant to say why at first, and then I told her it was because of drugs. She then began to lecture me, and I tried making an argument of why people can't just used drugs. I had so much trouble forming an argument, which I can usually readily do. I eventually gave up, and we had a heart to heart conversation.

Eventually, one of the nurses came in and explained to me what was going on, and about how drugs like these are hard to tell what's going to happen. What was odd was, she told me that if I was going to get high, to avoid the synthetics like that. Pretty early on in the trip, I realized I was on 25I. B had once told me about it and how you get it on the internet, and I had looked into it a little bit. I still didn't know a lot about it. After a while, a different nurse came in, one that was much older, and had a rather strange face. She offered me something to drink and eat, and I ate and drank. A little bit after this, I was released and went home. I called C when I got home, and talked to everyone besides E and B, who both left after everything happened. I found out A's parents were glad I was alright, but at the point with A that they just decided they're giving up because of all the drug stuff. I called B later on and talked to him and he admitted he gave me 25I, but never apologized for it. I had to do family stuff later that day, so I just played it off as I was sick so the family wouldn't know.

Conclusion: Many things were wrong with what happened. B never apologized, and to this day has the attitude that it was an inconvience that I could've died, when he fully knew that it was mostly his fault. B had been my best friend before this, but I haven't even spoken to him since then. To this day, whenever I try to tell people of what happened warning them, I can't help but shiver. I later found out from a good friend of mine that the hits contained 1.2 mg each, which is a lot from what I understand. Had I known that it was 25I, I honestly probably still would've taken it, but only done one hit instead. The experience was completely mind shattering to me, and has completely destroyed how I used to think of drugs and reality. I now frequently have these really fucked up thoughts, and I try to push them out of my head, but I sometimes can't.

This whole experience could've been due to the fact that I was not ready for a trip this strong, or I could've just had a bad reaction to the drug. I'll never know the truth.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100766
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16
Published: Dec 19, 2019Views: 1,938
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