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Generally Satisfied but No Miracle
Citation:   Cdub7791. "Generally Satisfied but No Miracle: An Experience with Adrafinil (exp100777)". Erowid.org. May 13, 2019. erowid.org/exp/100777

300 mg oral Adrafinil
I have attempted to give up caffeine this year, but often found myself struggling to stay through the work day. I heard about modafinil and tried to get a prescription, but my doctor wouldnít write one. I heard about adrafinil and that it was non-prescription, so I bought some to give it a try. Iíve tried it 3 times, 300mg doses each time.

The first dose was taken around 7 a.m. after a poor night of sleep, and I was exhausted. Within an hour, I felt very awake and not sleepy at all. Unike caffeine, I didnít feel jittery at all, and this feeling lasted until around 3 p.m., but even by 5 I wasnít particularly sleepy. I didnít notice any significant side effects, other than strong-smelling urine.

The second dose was taken after waking up after a good sleep, but one I had used melatonin to get into. I often feel groggy the next day if I take too big or too late a dose of melatonin, so took a dose to see if the effects would be cancelled out. It may have helped a little, but I didnít feel as awake as with the first dose.

The 3rd dose I took after a good night sleep, again around 7 a.m., this time to see what effect if any it had on my concentration. I did not notice any improvement in focus, and felt slightly jittery throughout the day (albeit, different from and not as intense as caffeine). I also got a slight headache by the end of the day.

All in all, I am satisfied with the medication, but will only use it for times I am severely sleep deprived, not for any type of ďcognitive enhancement.Ē

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100777
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 35
Published: May 13, 2019Views: 1,698
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Adrafinil (216) : Performance Enhancement (50), Retrospective / Summary (11), Various (28)

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