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Pleasant Calm
Amanita muscaria
by Todd
Citation:   Todd. "Pleasant Calm: An Experience with Amanita muscaria (exp100812)". Dec 20, 2017.

8 g oral Amanitas - A. muscaria (dried)


At the time of my Amanita muscaria experience, I had recently gained an interest in psychoactive substances. Being someone who isn't very social, the only well-known drug I had tried was cannabis, and everything else was either a pharmaceutical drug or a plant-based substance that can be ordered online. I was very interested in trying some Amanita muscaria.

Being unable to find any of these colorful mushrooms in my area, I bought a one-ounce bag of dried A. muscaria caps. They had a rich and earthy smell, just like I expected from a mushroom. I was feeling optimistic, so instead of following the heating and boiling procedures suggested by various sources on the internet, I decided to dive right in and eat the raw mushroom caps. I assumed that such a small amount of ibotenic acid wouldn't hurt. I was pleasantly surprised at the salty and, once again, earthy flavor. Over the course of 40 minutes, I consumed one big cap and roughly four small caps, which weighed just a little over 8 grams.

After I ate the mushrooms, my dad and I went for a drive around the area, just looking for some relaxing things to do on a calm and lazy summer day. My dad was not exactly supportive of drug use, but I had been high on various substances in his presence before with no problems, so I wasn't worried about looking inebriated. I didn't start feeling the effects until more than an hour after eating the mushrooms, as we stopped at an ice cream shack to get something else to eat.

At first, it was sort of like a stimulant and a depressant working together. My mind was loose and calm and I felt a bit woozy, but at the same time it was impossible for me to stop moving. It was hard to move any part of my body very fast, but every part of my body seemed to be moving constantly, like what you see in someone with Parkinson's disease. I also produced lots of sweat and saliva, which I had been expecting after reading other people's A. muscaria experience reports. Now, these effects might sound unpleasant, but I actually felt pretty good at the time. While eating, I observed that my senses of taste and smell were altered. Every food had a different 'twang' to it, and I kept noticing odd smells wherever I went. My sense of hearing was also a little different, as I kept hearing people talking but I couldn't judge how far away they were. There was a very slight analgesic buzz going through my body, and my head felt full and solid when I moved it.

In the next few hours, the effects changed slowly. I became even more calm and started to feel sleepy, minus the grogginess and lack of energy that typically accompanies tiredness. The internal chatter that always seems to be going through my brain had stopped. My dad and I arrived at a large boulder field on the side of a hill and started walking around. This worked out perfectly for me, as I figured that it would be wrong not to spend some time with nature while under the influence of such a beautiful natural substance. Feeling happy and creative, I decided to take a random, winding path through the boulder field. Every movement I made was smooth and gentle, and the mushrooms seemed to have given me extra energy to continue walking up and down the hillside. I ended up walking into a narrow and completely dark channel between two huge rocks, hoping to see some interesting visuals. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary; however, when I walked back to a brightly lit and open area, I noticed that the hills in the distance looked like they could have been painted on a flat canvas right in front of me. This was very subtle, and it could have just been a placebo effect or something similar.

Afterwards, I simply enjoyed the hypnotic feeling brought on by my friend A. muscaria as I relaxed outside of a little general store with my dad. Now, I had never before experienced the 'nodding' associated with some opiates, but I concluded that what I was feeling from the mushrooms was like a weak nod. I almost started drifting through a blissful, half-conscious state of mind at the peak of the experience. The comedown was slow and easy, and I felt fine after the effects had worn off.

Based on my own experience, I have nothing bad to say about Amanita muscaria. I've heard that higher doses are much less enjoyable and may cause intense cramps, nausea, and vomiting, so I probably won't use more than 10 grams of Amanita muscaria if I decide to try it again. More is not necessarily better when it comes to drugs.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100812
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Dec 20, 2017Views: 1,100
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Amanitas - A. muscaria (70) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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