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Gentle First Experience
by Smeagol2
Citation:   Smeagol2. "Gentle First Experience: An Experience with DOM (exp100820)". Jul 23, 2013.

5 mg oral DOM (blotter / tab)


DOM 5mg- Dose is attempted to be taken sublingually but more bitter saliva is swallowed than kept under the tongue. The tab is kept under for about 15 minutes and then swallowed. This is my second real psychedelic experience (if you exclude some trials with escaline to get a feel for the psychedelic state of mind) but as the title states, my first one with DOM.

0:00-2:00- This is the come up and itís rather slow and steady to say the least. Colors begin to deepen and musical appreciation is enhanced. Objects will move but the moving will appear to be more in the head than anywhere else, visually it doesnít appear like anything is happening at all. Psychedelic mindset slowly eases in during this time and is somewhat apparent after the first hour. A pressure starts to appear in the back of the head, reminiscent of a headache almost. As I am watching TV there is an Ďenergy blastí on screen and I can feel the heat for a second or two radiating out of the television as if I were standing in front of a stove. Weird.

2:00-3:00- Things start to really build up at this point, faster than they had been. Warping, stretching, breathing effects are all present but not apparent and outright obvious. However there is no mistaking they are there. Pressure in head is still there but other than that there are no unpleasant physical symptoms. There is a deep feeling of being peaceful and serene, Iíve heard it described as euphoric and I disagree. Personality seems to be distanced although it is really clear headed at this point.
4:00-9:00- This is truly the bulk of the trip, at least at 5mg. I have heard of the STP overdoses lasting up to 3 days (in the psych ward). If you are dosing higher I would account for length as in my (online, not first hand) research the dosage seems to matter a lot with DOM. I havenít tried many psychedelics but DOM seemed very reminiscent of escaline. Iíve heard escaline to be similar to mescaline and Iíve read many reports of people putting DOM akin to mescaline. I recall seeing some tiger print and despite not being able to see a head or tail or any other defining features, it struck me as a real live tiger. When it moved, it was a tiger moving and at first it gave me quite the jolt thinking I was in the room with a real tiger. I thought I was fucked. Tracers become more apparent and I nearly break my arm trying to see how long they would go and decide to stop. Looking at my hands the veins would move around and when I tried to text the characters would go further and closer away from me. From the outside Iím sure I could appear sober to the average person assuming I didnít get too close to their face or open my mouth too much. My friend and I are picking apart the show we are watching and discussing things that ordinarily you donít discuss.

Unfortunately, this is all we could talk about and we werenít connecting on a deeper level like I had hoped. I started to have ďbadĒ thoughts of this sort (some were rather productive) but they wouldnít really go anywhere. The serene peacefulness of DOM pretty much prevented it from going south and at one point I even tried to make it go south because I felt that I would learn more from such an experience. It goes with what I was saying before with the distanced personality, I could analyze these things and realize that they were in fact, my life; but I wouldnít really care like my normal personality would and it almost seemed like some aspects of my life were the aspects of another personís life instead. I began to feel like my entire existence was made of two parts, the shell and the mind. The more I thought about this the more I could physically feel myself getting almost number. I could really exert a lot of pressure on my skin through pinching or pulling and not think much of it. I decided to stop however because I didnít want to hurt myself. Deep introspection was somewhat difficult. Social boundaries and such seemed almost comical but I had no trouble following them. Iíve read of people having intense buildups of energy with DOM and I didnít feel such at all, I was perfectly fine remaining in my seat. There was some twitching and a general uncomfortableness with my position but it was totally manageable. I was very comfortable within my own mind and I recall thinking that my physical being didnít need to go anywhere at that current moment. I did make an effort to step outside but my friend didnít really like the hot air and wanted to go in right away. It was at this moment I decided that Iíd probably enjoy tripping alone more so that I could have more freedom to do the things I wanted to do. There was not really a peak to this trip, more like a long plateau. Smoking weed during the most intense parts of it (intense is a bad word for it, it was very gentle) would bring real intensity into it. I remember looking up at a brick wall and the bricks were sliding all over.

9:00-12:00- During this time the trip starts to slowly wear down, even slower than it came up. Colors appear brighter than they had during the trip strangely enough (it may have just been the setting?). I have no trouble acting sober during this time and by 10:00 pupils had even gone down to normal size. My friend had no trouble passing out during this time.

12:00-26:00- I would say during this time it wore down considerably. Colors still remained somewhat brighter until about 26:00 but the psychedelic mindset was essentially gone at 18:00 although it was still there. I felt a little bit worn out towards the tail end of this and the following day but it was not a mental tiredness like I had experienced before in my previous trip but more a ďaw shit Iím coming back to monotonyĒ type deal.Passed out at 26:00, was very tired from lack of sleep the night before.

Summary- All in all it was a little less visual than I had hoped but it was a worthwhile experience for sure. On my next trial I plan to dose higher, maybe 7mg. Iíve heard there is more introspection to be found and of course, more visuals at such a dosage and Iím looking forward to my next trial.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100820
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jul 23, 2013Views: 25,537
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DOM (20) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2), General (1)

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