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A Toe in the Water of LSZ
by Borax
Citation:   Borax. "A Toe in the Water of LSZ: An Experience with LSZ (exp100823)". Jul 23, 2013.

150 ug oral LSZ (blotter / tab)


Setting: In my girlfriend's flat and in a peaceful local churchyard. It is a hot summer's day in the UK. The streets are quiet as it's a Sunday.
Set: Both my girlfriend and I are as mentally healthy as you could hope really. She has suffered depression in the past but has been off SSRIs for the last month and quit with few issues. I do not normally get much body load or nausea from psychedelics. I am absolutely confident in the identity of the material, having examined the analytical data and spoken to the vendor at length. I enjoy trying new substances and having been looking forward to this for a while so perhaps somewhat unwisely squeezed it into a day where the setting could have been better.

1000 I drop 150ug. The blotter tastes of nothing but cardboard. I quickly swallow it.

1015 I go to the supermarket and think I feel something but it was likely just placebo.

1028 Possibly something?

1058 Whatever there is, it's still very mild.

1125 I put some music on and it sounds great. I notice my vision is crisp. Now there is something!

1200 we mess around playing with the cat and listening to music. I'm sad I don't have a subwoofer or any trip toys here. I eat some crisps in the hope it will settle my stomach

1215 GF's sister calls in response to our asking when she was back to the flat. After accidentally muting the phone the first time I am able to hold a perfectly normal conversation with her suspecting nothing until I told her.

1230 My stomach hasn't gotten better but it's still mild.

1256 I finish a ham sandwich without much issue, as much to prevent myself eating nothing but crisps. Still some stomach discomfort but nothing major.

1316 I get a fantastic massage which causes some CEVs to come with the music and tactile sensations.

1330 Dry mouth? I think it's just quite hot in the flat so I have some water. We lay in bed chatting.

1345 Pretty significant OEVs as well now, fractals on the ceiling and mandalas in the sun shining through the window.

1354 There is a pleasant body buzz too.

1415 We get ready for a walk. I am tripping fairly hard but easily able to keep composure walking down the high street.

1430 We walk to some fields nearby but find they are fenced off for development which makes me a bit sad.

1445 We settle in a very quiet churchyard just off the route. Some visuals but I think the bright sun overpowers them somewhat.

1530 The experience feels less intense now. much time for thought. I flirt with my girlfriend and though I feel I'd be physically able I don't think I could manage intimacy like this.

1630 We mess about for a while. though it feels less intense than earlier, it doesn't really seem to be getting less intense.

1730 My girlfriend seems mostly to have come down. we get back to the flat and I have no problems chatting with sisters who are aware I am tripping and accordingly respectful.

1800 The sisters' boyfriends are here which makes the setting imperfect, still probably tripping at the same level as 1700 really, mild visual distortions but a very easily handled trip.

1900 I still have minor tracers and feel emotionally sensitive but I think it's just afterglow and some HPPD. Perhaps an enhancer would bring it back slightly at this point.

1930 We go to a nearby shop and bump into some acquaintances I'd certainly rather not have to speak to. I am socially pretty incapable and dislike the experience. It plays quietly on my mind for the rest of the evening.

2000 I eat my microwave meal without issue despite not really being hungry.

2015 We make love. It's great as might be expected but I don't think the LSZ changed much about it.

2130 I travel home on the train.

0030 I am tired and fall asleep without issue considering the heat.

0730 I wake up the next morning and am fine at work but perhaps a little more sensitive than normal. This is most likely just because I usually need 8h sleep.

Summary: The trip was very pleasant without too much in the way of challenging thoughts. It did seem to become a little more introspective towards the latter half but this was not unwelcome. The trip was comparable to 13 mg 2C-E, 700ug 25I NBOMe (nasal), or about 1.3 'hits' of LSD. The subjective effects were certainly most reminiscent of LSD. As a fairly experienced tripper I would certainly go for 200ug next time, especially with a better setting.

I would say the comeup was approx 45-60 mins to real alert, 3h to peak and the total duration perhaps 8h plus afterglow, though with a higher dose it may reveal itself to be longer and come up a little faster.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100823
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Jul 23, 2013Views: 16,653
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LSZ (609) : Music Discussion (22), Nature / Outdoors (23), First Times (2), Sex Discussion (14), Hangover / Days After (46), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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