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Increased Emotional Access
Mucuna pruriens & Zoloft
by AnotherSpaceCadet
Citation:   AnotherSpaceCadet. "Increased Emotional Access: An Experience with Mucuna pruriens & Zoloft (exp100844)". Jun 1, 2018.

15 tablets oral Mucuna pruriens  
  10 tablets oral Mucuna pruriens  
  200 mg oral Pharms - Sertraline (daily)


Dose 25 pills containing 15 mg L-DOPA each

After ingesting 15 of the little bastards (pills) I had noticed that the sunset, trees and contrasts of the environment were suddenly more vivid and I began to notice a moderate reappearance of the old and complex emotions I hadnít felt since I was a child; the ones that seem to add meaning to the beauty of the environment or experience of reality as did a lot of sadness over a lost love years ago. However, I was able to push the negative feelings aside and I could choose whether or not I wanted to deal with them.

At this point I was intrigued and increased the dosage by taking another 10 pills. While this increased the effects there never seemed to be quite enough restored to me from the experience and the come down period over the next few days was hell
the come down period over the next few days was hell
mostly though because I take Zoloft and I decided to drink which always makes me depressed and shuts me down for several days. On top of that I had probably down-regulated my dopamine circuits adding to the problem.

Also I have a prescribed Tenex for ADD and I had not taken it that day but could have if I needed to reduce blood pressure and slow heart rate supposing that I had a bad reaction.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100844
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30 
Published: Jun 1, 2018Views: 2,713
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Mucuna pruriens (376) : Unknown Context (20), Hangover / Days After (46), Combinations (3)

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