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Glass Hexagons
Citation:   Constance. "Glass Hexagons: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp100913)". Dec 5, 2014.

T+ 0:00
300 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 1:00 150 ug buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
Never having been able to get my hands on 2C-I, I happily discovered its close chemical cousin 25I-NBOMe is available legally (so far) and quite a bit more potent too. After reading as much as I could find, I decided time would come for me to try this substance.

I have previous experience in MDMA, 2C-B, Salvia, LSA and Mushrooms.

My chance to try would come on a Thursday afternoon/evening when my roommate would be out on a date. I prefer having the place to myself when tripping; I have dealt with some pretty wild situations alone and have always been fine. My roommate knows I like to trip but it's been years since I have communicated this -- they are separate worlds and I think for the better.

To reduce potential trouble I decided to stick to the very low end of recommended doses.

T+0:00 took 300ug buccally.
T+0:05 mildly excited. It reminded me of my first time MDMA.

After 45 minutes I could sense just the smallest hint of something happening. I decided to cut up the remaining blotter into 2 parts, each 150ug and redose some time after T+1:00. I needed to run a few errants and went outside. I was able to ride a bicycle and handle everyday situations just fine.

T+1:15 took 150ug buccally.
T+1:30 the effects are becoming apparent.

So 25I is a slow starter and this agreed with the reports I read online. I did nothing special to speed up the effects: just placed the blotter between gum and cheek and left it there. I continued to swallow and go about my business.

It is at this time my times will become inexact. I've found that 25I really messes up time perception.

T+2:00 definitely at a plus-2. Though no closed or open eye visuals are apparent, my house kind of moves independently. I am quite at ease and I am physically fine. There is some pupil dilation but it's not huge.

A half hour after this the effects are really coming on strong. I can feel this trip going into plus-3 easily, which seems surprising to me. I've read reports of people dosing 2000ug nasally and that just seems insane to me. 25I is extremely potent and I am tripping so hard I decide to throw away the remaining blotter.
I am tripping so hard I decide to throw away the remaining blotter.
This brings my total dose to just 450ug.

In the next few hours, the trip went to a definite plus-3. I was able to enjoy movies, but equally at ease just laying in bed thinking about my life, this drug and the future ahead of me. It's warm outside but I am otherwise comfortable. It surprises me that watching movies is very intense. The characters become super-real and I become really immersed in the video. It's enjoyable.

T+4:00 still increasing in intensity.
T+4:30 I see my roommate coming home a lot earlier than expected. Shit!

I decided to hit my bed and pretend to be asleep. I don't want my roommate to discover I am under the influence, and I am quite sure I would be detected easily. The plan works: after an initial greeting I am left alone. It's about 10pm. Not ideal but it will have to do. I am otherwise fine in bed. The passage of time becomes harder to understand with every passing minute.

Having to fake being asleep isn't ideal and I would not otherwise recommend it. But lying in bed did trigger something resembling normal sleep in my body. I drifted in and out of consciousness over the next few hours. Sounds would appear incredibly far away. I would hear my roommate or noise on the street as if it were hundreds of feet away, very faint, inaudible. I am tripping hard and it's just been 450ug in two separate hits. Amazing.

By this time the closed eye visuals are spectacular. I see glass hexagons moving; beautifully colored with bright sunlight passing through, spreading out into rainbows. It's breathtaking. From time to time I open my eyes so very slightly. The sun is setting, and in addition to the sounds appearing far away my room is appearing far away too. I decide that at least part of my body is actually asleep and everything will be fine. I do feel guilt about tripping this hard while pretending I am not.

T+6:00 my roommate has gone to bed without interacting with me.

I can start to relax a little, but still stay in bed and enjoy the trip. The CEVs are still going strong, continuing the glass theme. Though no music is on, I can play song in my head with ease. In fact a glorious progressive house mix has been playing inside my head for hours.

T+7:00 I get up and drink some juice. Still tripping, but in this dark house I should be fine.
T+8:00 have a shower. I am coming down and I am able to pretend being normal.

After having another glass of juice and checking email I am still definitely at a plus-one. What has just happened? I have tripped face on a tiny amount. Other people have done insane doses. It becomes apparent to me that 25I is still misunderstood and probably dosed way too high. 1500ug would just be mental. No wonder people are overdosing on 2mg; in my opinion 1mg would be an effective upper limit. After contemplating this I go to bed to sleep. Sleep doesn't come early but I am otherwise comfortable.

The next morning I am still on a plus-one I think but I have no trouble getting up, taking a shower and interact with my roommate. Doesn't seem to suspect a thing. I go to work and I am able to function just fine.

After 24 hours have passed I definitely feel serotonin deprived; not that that might be happening medically but to me it's very similar to an MDMA-related dip. I just felt hollow, uneasy, and regretful of the trip. I suspect a big part of that was having to keep quiet hoping I would not be discovered. However I am not convinced 25I is actually a worthwhile substance. This feeling gradually passed and two days after the experience, I am fine with no regrets. I will definitely try again with a higher dose and a guaranteed trouble-free environment. I think things might become real interesting at 600ug. However, I did not gain any insights. On for example LSA I have made some profound discoveries about my personal life, which has changed me for the better. That did not happen on 25I and I do not suspect it will. It's just a trip.

If you are thinking about trying this, I would stick to the low end of the scale and work your way up. Only use blotters, do not ever ingest the raw material. Even when, like me, you don't have many opportunities in a year to trip, you must not take a gamble with too high a dose.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100913
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 37
Published: Dec 5, 2014Views: 5,700
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25I-NBOMe (542) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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