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Introduction to All Things of Evil
by Clevergenius
Citation:   Clevergenius. "Introduction to All Things of Evil: An Experience with 4-AcO-DMT (exp100946)". Apr 28, 2021.

42 mg oral 4-AcO-DMT


Here's the story of my first interaction with Lucifer. It was in August 2013 and I was hanging out with some friends of mine, one which I haven't seen in over a year. The setting was in a friends bedroom, there were 5 of us including myself. We will call the friend A, B, C, D (myself) and E. So I said, does anyone want to try some 4-ACO-DMT and three of my friends said no at first. But one said, maybe after you take some so I can see how it affects you first. He had never taken a psychedelic other that psilocybin mushrooms, so he was bit skeptical.

I didn't know much about this substance other than what I read online, so with me not knowing how much to use, I typed '4-AcO-DMT dose' in a search engine. I made huge mistake and read the title of a forum and it said 30mg is an adequate dosage.... Well me being me, I just took mushrooms 2 nights before so I figured I had a tolerance to psychedelics and I weighed out 38 which didn't look like much to me. So I decided I would add 5 more which turned out to be 6. My total prior to ingestion was 42 mg. BIG MISTAKE FOR A FIRST TIME and here's why;

(My time frame may not be exact and all of my ideas are abstract from reality)
T- 00:00 42 mg ingested orally under tongue for a 2 minutes.
T+ 00:02 entire dose was swallowed with water became I could no longer bare the taste.
T+ 00:10 I felt a little different, the comeuppance reminded me of mushrooms.
T+ 00:20 I was really feeling it and started to notice how bright colors were and I asked friend C if he would like some now that he sees I'm not dead from it. Meanwhile I'm really into it an was saying how is was just like shrooms. I then put on a movie.
T+ 00:30 I weigh out 32 mg for my friend, but he wouldn't take it until after he smoked some herb.

T+ 00:50 I saw a haze kind of like smoke before my eyes, or maybe it was smoke but it was warping so I asked my friend again if he's ready and handed the scale to him with the powder on it. He touched it with his finger and got about 20 mg or so in his mouth. He didn't take the rest because he couldn't stand the taste so he swallowed it immediately. Meanwhile, I'm stuck there smiling and trying to comprehend what my friends were talking about among each other while they were laughing at me because I was smiling so much. This lasted for an hour or so and I forgot all about the movie.

T+ 01:50 or 02:00 I lost perception of time an couldn't put words together to me a sentence. Meanwhile my friend tells me he's tripping and I the asked friends A, B and E if they want to try it now and A took a small taste of what was left on the scale, then B took approximately the other half on her finger.

T+ 03:00 I said it was wearing off because I quit smiling so much. I tried to play games on a cell phone, but still couldn't comprehend anything. I thought the drug made retarded and I was going to be stuck that was forever. I get bad thoughts and wanted to go home. So I get my laptop and said I'm leaving and asked friend E if he's coming with me since we rode there in my truck. I started walking out the door and they all said wait up and came after me. They told me that I can't drive and I started to think about police being out and panicked. So like a child, I called my mom and asked if she'd come get me. I told her I was about to to jail and she started to get upset and asked where am I, who I'm with and why am I going to jail. I told her because they said I can't drive an cops are out. Then my friends talked to her D told her that every thing is alright and trees no cops. They walked me back inside and I thought they were saying bad things out me.

T+ 03:15 Everyone's face started changing and I thought they were plotting against me. I told them that I didn't want be there any more and started panicking. They asked if they should take me for a walk or take me to some water. My thoughts were 'they want to drown me then bury me in the woods.' so I asked them what did I do to them deserve to die. Friend C was really freaking out about my behavior and they all said they don't want hurt me. I said, I know drowning doesn't hurt, but why do you always dead? So friend E, the sober one comes to sit with me, then friend B sat next me and I pulled her into my lap. Well that made me have to pee and I was squeezing her tightly and told her I have to pee really bad and the said get up. I said no, I can't walk and I feel like jello, I'm dying. Then I peed on myself right there while she was sitting on me. Then she freaked out because I went all R. Kelly on her and they told me to change clothes. I refused and told them I can't move because I'm filled with mercury. Wtf, right?

T+ 03:45 she brought me some of my old pajama pants from 4 years ago from somewhere in her house and said, here remember these? Change your pants, you're wet. I said, why? I'm just going to die, that's why I pissed myself. But everyone left the room but her and I changed clothes.

T+ 04:00 everyone came back in the room and I started seeing their faces change. I asked friend A is she the devil and she said if I want her to be. So then I called her Lucifer and herb face turned evil to me. I started imagining friends B and E were her minions. So I asked if I died and went to hell. They said no, you're not dead. I was so scared by then and I thought everything was real that I was imagining and thought everything that was real was fake. They told me it will be okay, this will pass over time. So I asked how much time, and friend A sad she don't know, she's in this with me, we all are, except friend E. So I thought I was in judgement day like in the bible. I asked, how can I get off here, I want to go home.

T+ 04:10 I start asking if I'm stuck there for all eternity and asked Lucifer why she's torching me with questions. I asked, Are these riddles, and the more I get right, the closer I get to getting out of here. She said yes, but I am not Lucifer, I am an angel. I said, Lucifer was an arch-angel that fell from heaven but she is not really an angel. I told her that she a growing horns and then I asked her for some water. She said yes I can have anything I want. I told her don't lie to me because there is no water in hell.
T+ 04:30 I really start freaking out. Everything I hear on TV is making me worse. It was about world war 2 and nuclear bombs so I accused friend E of being of the phone to coordinate a nuclear bomb to kill us all because he's a marine. Then I remembered I'm already dead, so this must be the afterlife.

T+ 05:00 Friend B and E said it's time to take me home. I said I am home. I'm in hell with Lucifer because I've been bad. He said no I'm taking you home to your bed brother, give me your hand. So I started talking off the wall and was reciting stuff from the bible that I once read and asked if this was a resurrection and I'm being saved because Jesus is my savior. He said, Yes, I've been trying to take you home all of this time, I'll carry you if I have to.

T+ 05:10 He walks me to my truck and I think he's taking me to hell because the roads are dark and scary. Then we get on the main road and lights are bright and colorful. It reminded me of the casino. So I asked if I'm now on the pathway to heaven because I told them what they wanted to hear.... I kept talking jabbering the whole way and I was coming down.
T+ 05:45 I came inside and decided to read my bible that's in a box in the bottom of my closet. So I open my closet and I see 3 rifles so I assume that evil spirits are convincing me to commit suicide, so I take the bolt out of each rifle and tried to read a bible in revelations so I could figure out what was going to happen next.

Finally at some point I fell asleep. I will never experiment with psychedelics again because that was too scary. This is only because I was ignorant an didn't do much research on a starter dose.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100946
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25 
Published: Apr 28, 2021Views: 144
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4-AcO-DMT (387) : First Times (2), Bad Trips (6), Difficult Experiences (5), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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