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G is for Generic
25G-NBOMe & 25B-NBOMe
Citation:   MrMoran. "G is for Generic: An Experience with 25G-NBOMe & 25B-NBOMe (exp101013)". Apr 14, 2016.

T+ 0:00
1 mg buccal 25G-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 0:00 1 mg buccal 25B-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:30   smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 7:30 10 mg oral Melatonin  
  T+ 16:30 1 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
  T+ 20:00   smoked Cannabis  
Compound: 25G-NBOMe (also 25B-NBOMe)
Dosage: 1mg each, tab (sublingual)
Duration: ~20 hours

There is very little known about 25G-NBOMe. At the time of writing this, there are fewer than 10 documents on its effects in humans circulating the internet. Knowing that it was related to 2C-G gave me some knowledge of what to look for in its effects, and knowing that it was related to NBOMe series meant that its dosage was around 1mg and that its duration would be around 12 hours at most.

I had prepared the blotters approximately 3 hours before consumption by using saturated solution of 70% Isopropyl Alcohol and 25G-NBOMe, using approximately 1 drop of alcohol per mg of NBOMe. I chose the 70% because it would dissolve the compound easily, and would also lie onto the paper nicely. It had dried within 30 minutes.

In my research, however, I found that it was not particularly visually or auditorily active, but there was something intrinsic to it that felt psychedelic. To an extent, I feel as though I understand this as well. There is something different, but it almost seems as though it is a potentiator, which was something that I was not expecting, but does not surprise me either. Where this suspicion comes from is that 25G has the 2C-D molecule inside of it, which acts as a potentiator for anything psychoactive. I focused my research on its potentiating properties.

0:00 - I take this compound on a blotter, and also dose 25B-NBOMe (1mg, also on blotter) simultaneously. The taste was very bitter, and the blotters fell apart in my mouth after about 20 minutes. I swallowed my spit, as I have discovered this does not affect the intensity of the compound in any significant way.

0:30 - The first effects begin to be felt. The onset of effects was a bit slower for me than others, however, but I felt a surge of energy rush through my veins. The warm, groovy feeling of 25B began to take hold. But yet, there was something else going on - it felt almost fleeting in the way it came and went. The old, familiar, Phenethylamine/NBOMe body anxiety began to take hold, but it was never too strong. There were no tremors, and it felt gentler than 25I in many ways. If 25G had any body anxiety associated with it, I found it to be comparable to 25B. While present, it could be easily ignored. +

1:00 - At this point, we all decide to take a short walk to an abandoned amphitheater which is set on a river. On this walk, I noticed that the patterning was much more pronounced than it would have been if it were just simply 25B. That's probably the first instant that 25G really had shown its colors. Motor coordination was fine for the most part, and I noticed a particularly easy free-association of thoughts. At this point, while the effects were beginning to show their colors, I felt reasonably clear-headed. Skin and faces didn't shimmer, sparkle, or shine nearly as much they had on 150mcg of LSD, nor did they have the same sparkle as 19mg 2C-T-2, but they certainly had a color to them. ++

1:30 - The body anxiety ceased to be an issue by this point. However, I noticed that within our group of avid researchers, for everyone who had taken it simultaneously, regardless of the dosage taken, all of our body loads ceased to make us feel anxious. Within 15 minutes, 5 out of the 6 people in our group ceased to have body anxiety, and one person who had any was relatively new to the NBOMe series (she was on 25I). I felt tremors and unfocused energy of the compound turn into the good, rolling, organic, wholesome, stimulating, acidic feel that NBOMes give me. It was very tough to say whether I felt the 25G or the 25B at any given instant
It was very tough to say whether I felt the 25G or the 25B at any given instant
, but I would argue at this moment that the 25G added a level of clear-headedness to everything, and a level of introspection, and sociability.

Lights began to have halos around them, but colors remained relatively normal. The tracers were almost strobe-like in a sense, because it wouldn't necessarily appear fluid. Instead the tracers seemed to show a good deal where my hand was, then a bit of space, then more of where my hand was. Moreover, I noted this to my friend who was also on the same mixture, just stronger (he took 3mg of 25G and 2mg of 25B), and my friend also found the same thing.

All in all, though, I felt as though it was relatively manageable. Aside from a brief moment of feeling some coldness in my extremities (likely from vasoconstriction), I found no issues with my body's reaction to this mixture. At this point, I felt it was safe to say that there would be no adverse reactions or side-effects. However, I found myself sweating a lot - it could be a reaction to the humidity, but my body had a hard time maintaining a good temperature (though much less markedly compared to those around me). While they would go back and forth between being hot and cold, I would go back and forth between sweating a lot, and sweating a little. Phenethylamines tend to make my body temperature feel out-of-whack. ++

2:00 - We returned to the apartment, turned on some lasers and black lights, put on some music, and smoked some hookah. I found myself enjoying the patterns from the laser-projected star field immensely, but yet the patterning felt entirely different than other compounds. 25B, on my previous encounter with it, didn't show too much in the way of distinct patterning. At all. However, with 25G added to the equation, I found a distinct parabolic linear pattern. It was as though lines were bent into parabolae. Sitting felt nice, but it seemed like we were all back and forth between the amphitheater and the apartment. The energy associated with the stimulant component coupled with the tripping made our entire group essentially ADD like none other. +++

2:30 - When we return to the amphitheater for a second time, we all decide to smoke a couple cigarettes and relax. Lightning was off in the distance, and it captivated all of our attention. The wind blowing against my skin felt nice - not too cold, not too warm. Perfect. 25B and 25G were pretty much in harmony with each other. I could be open, but I could also be introspective. I could focus on everyone around me, but yet I also felt like I knew my place in the group. At this point, we decide to play a few games we haven't played since we were kids, such as tag, and hopscotch. Also around this time, we also felt as though we should go for a swim in a nearby pool at the apartment complex. +++

Swimming definitely changed the way it all behaved, as did motion. Earlier, when we were playing tag, the motion really brought down the trip a few levels, possibly to a + or ++. One girl remarked that she felt as though she wasn't tripping as hard, if even at all. I told her to wait about 15 minutes, because it would come back. As we were swimming, the trip did return to her. When I was swimming, I noticed that because 25B is a very tactile compound, and very auditory, robbing me of both of those inputs would help focus the trip a bit more. Floating on my back with my ears under the water did this trick nicely - I could feel exactly what the 25G was doing. It was very generic in its feeling – somewhat of a potentiator, but not quite colorful enough to really be identified. It had an introspective feeling to it, but it was very light-hearted. It was social. It was fun. But in the end, while it holds some value, it doesn't hold quite enough to be interesting and visited in its own right. +++

The sensation of being partially weightless and feeling how each breath of air changed the buoyancy of my body in the water was something I had never noticed before. It was one of those things that you overlook, that you take for granted, that you never really give a second thought to. But yet, somehow, this changed the way I felt. Had swimming really been like this my whole life, and had I never paid attention to this? ++ and +++

4:30 - We return to the apartment, again. We realize that only 3.5 hours had passed by this point. Time certainly seemed to dilate, and this was a theme I found with my previous experience with 25B-NBOMe. We realize that we run out of cigarettes, and one friend in our group decided that we should run and get cigarettes from a nearby gas station. However, the nearest gas station was actually more than 3 miles away, and he wanted to drive while he was on 4mg of 25I-NBOMe. In this moment, I learned two things - the driver drives much better when he is tripping (in the sense that he's not nearly as reckless), and that the stimulant component to 25I-NBOMe certainly didn't hurt reaction times or motor coordination in his case.

[Erowid Note: Driving while intoxicated, tripping, or extremely sleep deprived is dangerous and irresponsible because it endangers other people. Don't do it!]
However, his decision-making abilities were completely gone. The driver missed a right-hand turn, and almost made a right-hand turn down the wrong way of a one-way street. My fight-or-flight self-preservation reaction was still there, meaning that I was relatively clear-headed. Because he almost turned the wrong way down a one-way street, everyone in the car got really nervous, but the driver soon corrected the issue and continued driving onwards to the gas station. Because everyone reacts differently to each compound, I would highly advise not driving while tripping. ++

5:00 - After the cigarette excursion which involved 5 tripping backseat drivers and a tripping driver, we all return safely to the apartment one last time to the apartment, and proceed to each have a cigarette from the pack, as well as a parting cigarette (which is a tradition in our group - before we part ways, we all each smoke a cigarette as a group). By this point, I could feel the effects of the 25B beginning to wane. It was certainly the more active one of the two, with 25G adding its own subtle, elusive flavors to the mixture. Tracers were still there, and lights were still brighter, but the patterning was beginning to disappear. However, the generic psychedelic headspace remained. ++

6:00 - I arrive home, feeling tired more than anything, but yet I cannot sleep. There was some body load, as though I still had some energy to spend, but no idea how to spend it. But even then, that body load was rather subtle. It could almost be ignored, but somehow I knew it was there all along. A minor central nervous system and mental stimulation continued, but it was mild. +

7:30 - I finally am able to sleep after a drink and taking a 10mg melatonin timed release tablet. It was fairly difficult to go to sleep, but once asleep, I rested fairly well. No memorable or odd dreams when I rested – I felt fairly clear. +

15:00 - What's odd is when I awoke this morning (~11:30am), I still felt as though I had some residual trippiness, which is uncharacteristic of 25B. The 25B wore off at about 8 hours post dosage. But there is something still kind of here, maybe not even a +. There is very little patterning, if any, and if there are any tracers, they are mild. Perhaps it was my thoughts that made it feel as though I was still tripping, but I felt clear-headed. Food tastes normal, too. Whatever it is that makes me feel as though I am still tripping, it's very subtle. My thoughts are normal; I don't have the tripping smile I normally get. It's a very mild stoned feeling, if anything. +

16:30 - As I am eating food and drinking a beer after a long night, I begin to notice that beer was affecting me somewhat differently. At this point, I realized that any psychoactive (beer, weed, Adderall, caffeine) compound I had taken, it would add some very mild psychedelic twist to that compound. Even cigarettes. If I was drinking a beer, it would make feel rather lethargic, but it would be a slightly psychedelic lethargic. It was as if it had taken how beer would affect me, and added a psychedelic twist.

20:00 - My friend, his girlfriend, and I have a few bowls of weed, and decide to go to the dog park. It was around this time I realized that I was almost completely back to baseline. For each time I smoked, I felt the NBOMe headspace slowly fade away.

The two compounds on top of each other tend to add their own flavors to the mixture. I found that 25B has a very tactile, very auditory, somewhat visual, MDMA and LSD-like feeling to it. It isn't too pushy - not nearly as much as 25I. It still felt just as groovy (or 'funky' as two other people in the group described it) as I remembered it.

25G, however, I found to be somewhat harder to pin down. It lasts a bit longer than most NBOMes, which suggests that its parent molecule (2C-G) plays some role in its effects and duration, though a minor one. It really is tough to say why exactly 25G feels psychedelic, but it just does. Something about the free association of thoughts, and I find writing to be particularly easy. If anything, it may have added some kind of sociability or stoning feeling to the whole experience, but it really is tough to say what it feels like. There was a minor warm feeling in my limbs. There was an amplified, psychedelic feeling of any compound I had taken on top of it.

My theory that 25G is a potentiator was mostly true. It didn't bring out the effects as much as it did prolong them slightly. There were still some 25B-like feelings that I had the next day, but I wasn't sure if it was me being tired, the 25G, or what. But something felt different. And this feeling of things feeling 'different' lasted approximately 20 hours. If I smoked cannabis, it brought back the trip just slightly, but only that core NBOMe feeling.

Typically, NBOMes last for about 6 to 10 hours, but me having fleeting residual feelings the next day was something I found unusual. While the bulk of the trip wore off around the 15 hour point, there were still some remnants of the trip remaining throughout the following day.

25G is probably best as an introductory NBOMe. For me, it's not too heavy, not too pushy, but it introduces its user to the idea of body anxiety and the general psychedelic headspace. It is also a mild to moderate potentiator for other compounds as well – akin to 2C-D. It was an interesting one to research, but I don’t find the effects themselves very interesting. The effects it had were mild, elusive, and somewhat ineffable, but they lasted a long time.

It almost makes me wonder if the relationship between 25G-NBOMe and 2C-G is the same as the relationship between 2C-G and GANESHA (the amphetamine analog of 2C-G). Is 25G-NBOMe an exception to the NBOMe rule of dosages being below 1mg? Shulgin found that it didn’t matter whether or not it was in amphetamine form, the dosage remained the same – only the duration had changed slightly. It makes me wonder if 25G-NBOMe’s dosage was the same as 2C-G and GANESHA. Perhaps I will have to find that out another day.

For now, I can conclude that it is a mild, long-acting, generic-feeling psychedelic with moderate potential for research.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101013
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 14, 2016Views: 5,379
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25B-NBOMe (564), 25G-NBOMe (588) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3)

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