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A Visual Spectacular
Citation:   Riley. "A Visual Spectacular: An Experience with 2C-B (exp101038)". Erowid.org. Apr 2, 2017. erowid.org/exp/101038

T+ 0:00
1 capsl oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 2:00 1 smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
  T+ 3:00 1 capsl oral 2C-B (powder / crystals)
  T+ 6:00 400 mg oral Pharms - Ibuprofen  
I am a first-time 2cb user and the powder is in a capsule so I do not know the exact mass of the substance. However, based off of the trip reports in Pihkal (Shulgin), as well as numerous others, I am going to estimate that each capsule contained 10-15 mg. What happens at the >20 mg reports did not happen until ingestion of the second capsule.

I am with three other first-time 2cb users, however, we have all had experience with other psychedelics. We have also had many experiences with MDMA and the rave scene, which seems to be pertinent for comparison in 2cb. We are all past 25 in age. I did not take any herbs or supplements other than 2cb before or during the experience, but I smoked 2 cigarettes during, and took 400 mg ibuprofen after 6 hours for a minor headache, and am not on any current medications. The four of us decide to take one capsule each, and we are in an apartment, since we donít know for certain what to expect. I have only had a breakfast sandwich and minor snacks throughout the day. I take the capsule while I am beginning to feel hungry again so that my stomach is empty, as I wanted to know the full story of 2cb.

T+0.00 hr:
We all take the first capsule (10-15mg) at 6pm. It came on very strong for me, being a 120 lb female on a rather empty stomach. Within 20 minutes, there was a glow surrounding all light forms (lamps, TV), like warm auras pulsating in and out. My body increasingly felt uneasy, like it was being propelled into the unknown. All physical senses and urges such as temperature and nausea began feeling fleeting and confused, and the solid ground and infrastructure began rocking and shifting as if I was on a boat. I knew that I was on this thing and there was no turning back. There was not nearly as much fear as being propelled into an LSD trip; however, there were bouts of physical uneasiness that I had to mentally overcome. It was overwhelming. Within 30 minutes, I had to step outside to get away from music and TV as it began to take me over. I just stared at the concrete and fence of the next-door building, trying to distract my loss of equilibrium with the fascinating visuals, which became stronger and stronger. Patterns began to take over every surface; shadows and textures became much more 3d looking, undulating in and out and sliding over one another like layers. To be completely honest, I couldnít tell if I had to pee, poo, or vomitÖ The first hour was just my body figuring out what the hell I put in it, but I just held on.
The first hour was just my body figuring out what the hell I put in it, but I just held on.

T+1.00 hr:
I came back inside and still was adjusting to the drug, but now my body temperature began to stabilize, and I felt warm and clammy, similar to on mushrooms. It didnít bother me in the least, I just felt relieved that my temperature wasnít fluctuating as before. I felt like I had accepted the drug and had much more control. Lighted areas of the room would get extremely bright and then dark, the color in the white light separated into every color of the rainbow. A true visual spectacular. Every breath and every sound of the music seemed to dictate the rotational speed of the geometric shapes populating on every surface, and the extraordinarily colored lines dictating their edges. The visuals were coming in stronger and stronger waves, but my mind was separate from them and I could think clearly and quietly. I could carry regular conversation and was completely in the present although the patterns began to grow out of the surfaces and swoop down into the space. I canít begin to describe the colors. Other reports, such as in Pihkal (Shulgin), say that there are rosy hues; I saw every color imaginable to man, riveting colors of rainbow as well as all shades of neon, almost like glowing light pulsing down the tentacles of a jellyfish. These were the outlines of a gorgeous pattern, ever in motion. It was absolutely beautiful and spectral, like Alex Grey and anything geometric and infinite, evolving fractals of insane detail and electricity.

T+2.00 hr:
Smoking a cigarette after about 2 hours. The cigarette looked huge and oversized, intense trailing coming out of the glowing red amber. The feeling was interesting, I was totally disconnected from my smoking self. I was so amused with the visuals, I would forget I was smoking. The smell and the act did not even dent the experience in the least; it was as if I was watching a friend smoking instead of actually smoking. I get bored halfway through with it, there was no purpose.

Everyone is coming up now and we decide to step outside. I eat a bagel with cream cheese and it tastes good but I have the same disconnected feeling. I recognize that it is happening, but the part of me experiencing that is only one of many other experiences. Feeling the visuals taking a step back and now the trees and light peering through them looks almost rubbery and fake, very Alice and Wonderland, like cartoon props, but each dancing and swaying and having almost as much detail as I wanted to see. Completely in control of the intensity. I think we are outside for about an hour, but we donít make it very far. Each direction we stand, and thereís a new story to be told about the visual scene. The sidewalks and the street look like tunnels or wormholes extending out, and the cars traveled into them, into a world unknown. Sounds are intensified and broken down in time and layers, like the sense of hearing is that of a dog or something far better than human. The visual show calms down for me and I am able to just hang out and enjoy looking around discussing how things are more 3d and alive with personality. Sometimes it looked like there was smoke or fog in the air.

T+3.00 hr:
We get back inside and the trip has subdued. Having no fear or paranoia about this substance, I am ready to take another capsule of 2cb. Its been 3 hours since the first, and I feel very embracing and in control of my mind and body, ready to take it a step further if it wishes to go there. Everyone decides to join me. The guys came up at a much slower rate and were probably just at the height of their trip as I was ending mine. Nevertheless, we take our second capsule. Within 15 minutes, I begin to see the patterns reemerging on the ceiling and the walls.

As I come back up, it feels intense and I eat a little more of a bagel, which tastes better than it did before, and I lay back on the ground with calm and progressive trance playing in the background. I began to enter a visually blossoming world that was speeding up faster and faster. The lights are dim and candles are lit and there is no need for any lightshow, TV, or external visual stimulation; it is all there in front of your eyes. Music sounds incredible, but my focus is primarily in what I am seeing, which was becoming more complex and intricate by the second.

As I laid on my back, I entered into a world that was unlike anything I have ever felt or seen on mushrooms or LSD. I just stared and stared as the shapes became fluid and evolved into 3 dimensional ribbons of electrified light, flowing down through me and back out into the ceiling. I just breathe and feel an intense peace and appreciation for what is before my eyes, which is beyond any 2d still or poster, but is rather everywhere, both evolving at times, but sometimes in focus, like an intense organized network of light and energy. It was like traveling through an artistís rendition of the brainís neuronal network that you sometimes see on Discovery, with synapse connections transferring light, flowing through them with firey heat. My body just floated through this network, which was all around me in every direction, with such intense detail that I was overcome with awe and pleasure.

I was only staring at the ceiling, which I knew; I was completely aware of where I was, yet able to freely travel away and explore, like a child being set free into a whole new world of light-filled tubes and huge voids in between them, filled with nebula-like gas and stars. The ceiling expanded farther out and began to look translucent, as I could now see into the vastness of space, like a soul floating wherever I wanted to go. I experience a sense of freedom and empowerment I have never felt before and I was in complete appreciation of my minds interpretation of art and science that allowed this environment to be as real as it was around me. It was better than any piece of art Iíve ever seen and infinitely more detailed, the way fractals are infinite but can only be appreciated so far, until nowÖ All this was unraveling before my eyes, yet in between, I could see out into the stars and space, and see energy transferring between them inside ribbons, whether they wrapped around me or into the space unseen. I feel whole.

I am not stuck on the ground, although this journey I was leading could have been enjoyed longer. I almost wept at the beauty at times but never did, just peered through glossy eyes without saying a word at times. After this space travel, I sit up and take a look around. I enjoyed my boyfriendís humor and things he said made complete sense even if the subject matter was light. I found myself laughing hysterically as he commented on parts of the trip and the sounds in the music.

T+4.50 hr:
My boyfriend and I moved over to a couch and I felt his head over my stomach as his arms were wrapped around my legs. I was still traveling far and near in my mind, but was in total control. We discussed the riveting sounds of the music as if we could hear it separating and joining and sounding much more complex and beautiful than when heard normally. We began melting into one mold, and laughing at almost anything. We literally became one, like a twisted pretzel, and although it wasnít sexual, it easily could have became so. My laughter came from deep within my belly and sometimes one thing that was said would be so funny, every muscle would join in contraction, and the idea would somehow evolve into something more and more hysterical as the laughter continued. He said I sounded so far away, and I knew what me meant; he was listening to me from both my belly and my voice. I felt natural and primal, no need for makeup, fashion, normsÖ no time for judging, paranoia, ungratefulness, or fear. No matter how much our faces were covered in patterns or flowing with light, each and every one of us was beautiful and accepted from the inside out. Every sense was on fire with detail, every sight, sound, taste, and touch. It was a god-like sense of existence, and it felt powerful and lucky to be human.

T+5.50 hr:
Everyone made their way to the floor and it was there that the trip began to taper away. Just as it pulsed in higher and higher, it pulsed away, but in a slower and steadier fashion. It had been another three hours since we took the second capsule, now approaching midnight, and we were all happy with having stayed primarily in the comfort of our home, with bathroom, food, and water, instead of outdoors somewhere. It didnít matter being in the confines of a room because you could easily leave and go to far away lands in your mind and it was comforting to not have to think of interacting at all with people on another level or an environment that we may get stuck at.

T+6.00 hr:
We all had appetites near the end and had sandwiches and salad and drank plenty of water on the comedown. I had a headache and took some ibuprofen (400 mg) with the food, but this was the most of any negative symptoms. Iíd say the entire trip was 6 hours (3 hours per 10-15 mg capsule) on a spaced out total of 20-30 mg of 2cb. We were all able to fall asleep easily around 2am and I even had some lovely dreamsÖ

Next morning:
Woke up today after 9 hours of sleep feeling happy and wholesome about this experience, which was so much more fulfilling than the forced states of MDMA and raving. WOW! Absolutely no comedown, not even tired, no depression or apathy. More of an intense feeling of awe and appreciation for what just happened.

I never felt as if I was rolling on MDMA on this drug, it was absolutely more of a true psychedelic than I was expecting. But I understand why reports claim the effects being so, this is MUCH less of a mind-trip than either mushrooms or acid. I was much more in the present and felt in control, and oftentimes inspired, rather than drudging up past memories or thinking of grand philosophies that accompany other psychedelics. These epiphanies that come with other psychedelics can lead to feelings of profound insight and pleasure, but could also lead to negative thought patterns, flashbacks, and paranoia. This is not so with 2cb, at least not at the dosage I took; the mindset is present, calm, lighthearted, and oftentimes, very comical. And the visuals are just as stunning, if not more.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101038
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Apr 2, 2017Views: 24,874
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2C-B (52) : Glowing Experiences (4), First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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