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Time Travelling to Meet Love Death
by Fluorite
Citation:   Fluorite. "Time Travelling to Meet Love Death: An Experience with DMT (exp101112)". Erowid.org. Feb 26, 2018. erowid.org/exp/101112

  smoked DMT


At the time of this particular experience, I had several experiences with DMT (but never complete blast offs), LSD, 25-I-NBome (and other, limited experiences with unknown RCs), mushrooms, MDMA, cannabis, and a 'molly' experience that was actually meth and ketamine.

I would say this was close to being my 10th time smoking DMT. I had smoked DMT before but never quite reached the 'out of this world' level that everyone had always talked about. My roommate (and best friend of 13 years) my fiance (boyfriend of 6 years) and myself decided to go check out a local state park. They were both on low doses of LSD and were in the process of waiting to come up. The park was actually exceptionally busy compared to what I was used to but very beautiful, full of trees and lakes and wildlife. We tried to find a very secluded spot by the water in so that I would have a nice view of everything. I sat down on the grass, packed the pipe (it essentially was a stem pipe) and prepared myself for the trip. My fiance, whose favorite hallucinogen is DMT and had used it more than I had, had recently found a nice method to achieving as much as possible from a DMT smoking session. I followed his instructions exactly and I believe this is what enabled me to achieve the full blast off that I was given that day. I will give the instructions here.

1. Breathe in deep, short breaths, opening your lungs up and increasing the blood flow to your lungs. Almost as if you are hyperventilating.
2. Meditate with this breathing exercise until you feel prepared
3. Place the pipe to your lips, light the flame and very slowly breathe in so that the flame just barely sucks towards the pipe. Do not over-flame the pipe.
4. Keep breathing the smoke in until you can't anymore and hold it for as long as possible. You will potentially begin feeling the effects during the light-up or during the breath-hold. Hold it in until you just can't anymore. Around 15 to 30 seconds.
5. Blast off

I was listening to Tycho's Dive when I did this (38-40 mg). At first, the familiar dancing of the trees came on me, all the leaves were turning into emerald fractals, swirling on their branches. Within seconds, however, this beautiful landscape I had picked out disappeared and with my eyes open, my entire vision became a prism of fractals of coral, sky blue, lilac, beautiful pastel fractals. Words cannot describe how beautiful this vision was. Mentally, I begin to feel my self start to disappear. At first I'm telling myself to breathe but then another voice inside my head is telling me to breathe. I begin to experience pure ego death. Another voice was telling me to just let go, that I had loved as deeply as I could and that love is the meaning of everything in this life.
Another voice was telling me to just let go, that I had loved as deeply as I could and that love is the meaning of everything in this life.
Now it was my time to become love and to meet my death. I felt as if I had fast forward in time to the moment of my death, the moment where I will truly let go. And the voice was finally giving me all the secrets and meanings of everything. All those delightful things we forget when we are born into existence were coming back to me once again. I had always been afraid of death, but the DMT made me feel comfortable, happy and accepting of this because I had so much love for the world and was going on to become all the wonderful things that make this world a beautiful place. My spirit was literally dancing with the cosmos in celebration of death and love, the true masters of this world. I was no longer myself, I didn't exist because I was everything.

Just as quickly as I shot into the trip, I was quickly torn out of it because my earbud fell out of my ear as I was just coming down and immediately noticed that there were hikers walking behind us. I became very scared and worried that they knew or that something had happened to me. Nothing had, of course. I had just sat there, with my music and headphones, indian style in the leaves, smiling, breathing very slowly, with my eyes opening and closing, completely oblivious to the world for around 3 to 5 minutes.

I put my hand on my fiance's hand and almost immediately began crying. I felt so much love for him in that moment. I was okay with my death in my trip but I was so very glad to be back in this moment in time in order to continue to love him and have more moments with him. Time actually felt extremely long and slow comparatively. I felt as if I had lived my whole life, and was not able to rewind back to this one moment, and just enjoy it slower and savor it a little. Minutes felt like years.

Still shaken up by the people who had walked behind us, I decide we need to get up and leave, paranoid that someone might find out what we were doing. We start walking back and I almost start vomitting, the emotional impact of everything so startling and so much. I find this to be an interesting reaction considering Ayahuasca's reputation for purging (associated with the MAOI). After a minute or two more, my visuals and trip had faded into euphoria and I've been able to process everything just happened. We decided to stay in the woods (after I had been reassured that the hikers noticed nothing out of the usual) and I was able to revel in the amazing emotions I had just gone through.

It was slightly scary, but not bad by any definition. It was single-handedly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. After that blast off, I was very satisfied with tripping for a while. We had very little left and we actually decided that after he had one last blast, that we would be offering to smoke up any friends who wanted to have the experience.

I would just smoke it at home. The nature was very beautiful experience when I did, but the majority of my experience was not in this world at all. I wouldn't go to a crowded state park on a warm Saturday.

DMT is life-changing, awe-inspiring, magical and truly something I will never regret trying.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101112
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Feb 26, 2018Views: 866
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DMT (18) : Nature / Outdoors (23), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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