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The Misguided Psychedelic
LSZ & Alcohol
by AE
Citation:   AE. "The Misguided Psychedelic: An Experience with LSZ & Alcohol (exp101120)". Apr 15, 2016.

T+ 0:00
300 ug   LSZ (blotter / tab)
  T+ 6:00   repeated oral Alcohol - Hard  


I dosed two blotter hits of LSZ (Lysergic acid 2,4-dimethylazetidide) at 150g a blotter. I've had my fair share of psychedelic experiences in the past with lysergamides such as 600-750g of LSD and 450g of AL-LAD. I dropped the two blotters under my tongue around 7PM.

After the first 30 minutes, I feel a slight head change. My friend and I are playing Xbox to waste some time. Since I weigh more than my friend, he usually gets the effects of the drug faster than I do. We'll call him John. He was experiencing a head change in less than fifteen minutes because of his fast metabolism.

An hour has passed and we are still playing Xbox. John and I reminisce our high school days and talking about how society is clueless to most things. We start experiencing a huge body high, more positive than that of LSD. I'm getting some nice OEV's but barely any CEV's. As soon as we start to trip, we turn off the Xbox and put on some music. Usually on LSD, I keep my playlist to very few. Including Jefferson Airplane, Hendrix , and The Beatles. This trip with LSZ we played the White Album from The Beatles as a new spin on things since this isn't our first choice most of the time.

A half hour passes and we're in full gear, the OEV's seem to be more than the CEV's for me with a flickering of any form of light. This flickering continues to go on most of the trip. Putting on Hendrix, we realize that this drug is not nearly as spiritual as LSD. It does not lack visuals however.

Closing my eyes, I notice that the CEV's are there but don't lead anywhere. No matter how deep the music was, the CEV's were doing their own thing in no correlation to the music. This doesn't mean the visuals weren't intense. The intricacy of the LSZ CEV's need to be explored more, but I was cascaded with the vision of being in space and seeing the stars close up. I can make out auras around the stars.

After a few hours of listening to some very psychedelic music, John suggests we go outside and appreciate nature. As soon as we get outside, it felt great, the body high was still intense at this time. We both feel at peace with the world at our hands. Sitting down, I start to meditate and get very into my CEV's. They still don't go any particular way, unlike LSD where I can make visuals happen however I want them to be. I open my eyes, and the whole time I'm outside I get profound flickering of the night sky with OEV's. It was particularly odd because only a certain portion of the sky was flickering with layers and layers of fractal spirals in between. I can tell the sky almost looked like the fabric of the universe would be ripping apart if I ever take more of this drug. We continue to stay outside for another hour and a half. I notice this drug is very different for every person since my friend was getting the opposite of me. Light flickering with the OEV's over powering it. We grab some alcohol out of my car while we're outside and prepare for the rest of the night.

After inside, I notice the visuals have subsided a lot. Even though I'm still getting some intricacy with both OEV's and CEV's. John and I start taking shots of vodka to loosen our muscles up and prepare for bed in a few hours and turn the music back on. This goes on for another couple hours as we know the best of the trip is over. The flickering has calmed down a bit, which is a relief since I personally like intricate patterns instead of my whole vision looking like a film reel playing an old movie.

Pretty down from the drug, I close my eyes and I notice it's like any other day with my VERY bad HPPD but more intense
I close my eyes and I notice it's like any other day with my VERY bad HPPD but more intense
since the drug is floating in my system still. Music appreciation is still up, and the body high is still there.

It's not necessarily a trip anymore, more like an afterglow. I've been taking shots for hours now and feel pretty comfortable to fall asleep. I lay down and realize my trip is over. It's hard to fall asleep even with alcohol in your system when you are still seeing fractals.

I finally fall asleep and this is where I'm going to end the trip.

The drug showed its intricacy but lacked the spirituality and mindset of LSD. John and I both agreed that LSZ is more similar to LSD than other lysergamides. We both tripped for a good solid 8-10 hours with a few hours of the afterglow. The come up was pretty gradual and not as quick as LSD's. It was very smooth and I noticed less tightening of muscles than a lot of other psychedelics. The drug is deep, but really went nowhere. My opinion was instead of visions of the whole color spectrum going down deep fractals and went wherever my scene took me, it was more like I was in the middle of space with no planets, just the stars. I saw an array of blues and deep purples with CEV's and had 'bubbles' radiating from the center of my vision, outwards with my OEV's. The body high was a lot more positive than LSD in my opinion as it hits my 5-HT2A receptor more. I would definitely take this drug again, at a bigger dose though. I'd add another 150g making it 450g.

Stay safe, and be responsible. Thank you for reading and I hope this report helped what you were looking for.


Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101120
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Apr 15, 2016Views: 3,210
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LSZ (609) : HPPD / Lasting Visuals (40), General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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