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The Goldilocks Zone
by Vaya
Citation:   Vaya. "The Goldilocks Zone: An Experience with Methallylescaline (exp101143)". Nov 3, 2015.

31 mg oral Methallylescaline


Today 02:03
After my last trials, I was so curious about the capacity of MAL to mimic the unique and intense energy that, thus far, not even synthetic Mescaline doesn't feel right.

The last time, I reported a somewhat eventful, mild psychedelic experience at 16mg oral, after a 1mg allergy test.

I felt more confident about doubling the dose; my first attempt utterly without reservation.

Location: my house/a car
Dose & Route of Administration: 31mg, PO (per oral)
Set: Excited for impending vacation

T+0:00 I ate methylallylescaline with a few sips of water.
I am slated to get in a car with my best friend in 2 hours and drive as passenger ~10 hours to vacation in southern Maine at his house. I hadn't yet established a good recreational dose for us to explore before the trip, and since he was driving, I seized the opportunity. I'm all packed.

T+1:05 I can feel the first alerts. My nerves tingle; there is a heavy feeling in my legs. Sitting is supremely preferred to standing, for sure.

T+1:45 Both the visual and the depth of my headspace simultaneously overcome me. This bears resemblance to Mescaline in the sense that it takes time for it to truly be. The waves are sunny, pleasant,, as though I'm looking at the world obscured by water at the bottom of a resort hotel pool. Very 2C-B-esque!

T+2:40 Am really glad I didn't take any more than 31mg, despite PIHKAL's conjectures regarding dosage, and I do know how 'out-there' I was for a couple hours!

T+3:30 This drug, despite its foreboding Internet slang term 'MAL,' has just been so nurturing to me, with NO bad intentions. The world really is alive, and it is beautiful. Waves of phenethylamine euphoria slide own my spine, and back up again. Vision is highly impaired, i.e. by hallucinations. I find it preferable to lot a significant period of closed-eye time, because it is a sensational experience, but also to prevent feeling overwhelmed by the physical hallucinatory madhouse outside. Neither are bad, but either can be welcome and for me, I learned a lot about creating a harmonious balance between the two on this trip.

T+4:45 I've really been cruising for quite a while, now. I, in the passenger seat of my (sober) friend's car, and watching the scenery we passed was, at times, powerful - though I'll be the very first to admit that being confined to a passenger seat during a trip can be difficult. And truth be told, I was uncomfortable for the latter half of the trip.

Nevertheless I had an amazing ride. I've never gotten 'Mescaline giggles' before (a trait I usually associate with tryptamines), but MAL-giggles are pretty rewarding things - even if just in the moment.

T+5:30 Visuals have begun to decrease. Even though descent is slow, it's palpable. because of this, I am really disappointed because the headspace was beginning to dissolve, too, and to be frank I just really had an earnest desire for the indiscriminate spiritual warmth I had been so thoroughly enjoying for five hours.
The come down was nothing to speak of - in the same vein as a 4-AcO-DMT comedown.

Definitely experienced (at times slightly intense) cramping in my calves, neck and jaw specifically. I would really recommend taking Magnesium beforehand; I had some with me and took it approximately halfway through the trip. Gum was also indispensable.

T+7:00 I'm pretty much down. Residual trippy visual antics are interesting, and body feels so nice! Sort of bordering that area necessary for MDMA-induced physical pleasure. I close my eyes; breathe in the music.

...breathe out my energy - pause for it to envelop everything - and slowly breathe it back in. This fills me with spiritual stability. This drug is with great spiritual and religious power if treated properly.

I'm struggling to find much more to say about methylallylescaline. I know many (including myself) have been wary of a dose that would not overpower us, as is the sense given from the PIHKAL reports. 16mg was just too low to be interesting. 31mg appears entirely well-suited for a proper and quite qualitative trip, whilst sacrificing those longer trips allegedly 10-16hrs; mine was 7). I would be eager to increase the dose next time to between 37-40mg.

The colors I would give to the aura around this trip were light green and honeycomb. If that made sense to anyone... cool.

*Obviously, your body chemistry is not my own. Nothing in this report ought to be advise on dosing. I state only what happened to me as a matter of public interest.

Upwards titration and/or staggered doing may be wise until you know how MAL affects you specifically!

~ Vaya

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101143
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27 
Published: Nov 3, 2015Views: 5,271
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