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A Little Goes a Long Way
Heroin & DMT
Citation:   J.W.hitenoise. "A Little Goes a Long Way: An Experience with Heroin & DMT (exp101229)". Mar 28, 2018.

  IV Heroin
    IV DMT
Set and Setting: Tired, good mood, in my bedroom. Parents were in another room.

Dosage and Timing: unknown dose, 5 total minutes of the experience

No medications being taken at the time.

The Experience:

I am a regular drug user. I've been using drugs for the past 5 years and have sampled a wide variety. I regularly inject heroin, although I do not have a physical dependency to it. Before heroin, I've injected ketamine and DMT. As much as I do dope, psychedelics are actually more my game.

Only a handful of times have I IV'd Dimitri, as it is quite an intense experience taking the smallest grains of DMT to get an effect. The night before this experience, I used my gear to cook up a shot of DMT (~50 mg weighed) for a friend of mine who's twice my size. I sterilized the shot and saved it in a 1 dram vial for him later.

I woke up this morning after having cooked up his shot and decided to cook myself a shot of dope. I neglected to rinse out my syringe and needle more than once, and did not clean my spoon. I used a new cotton, however. I prepared myself about 1/3 of a bag of dope for my shot. As I pulled down on the plunger I realized there was still quite a bit of DMT in my rig.
As I pulled down on the plunger I realized there was still quite a bit of DMT in my rig.
For about 5 minutes I had intense brightening of colors, enhanced details, the sense of things moving around, and an altered mindset towards reality, along with sparkling along the edges and patterns of things. I did not 'break through' but I undoubtedly experienced quite a bit of the DMT high.

My guess is that there were a couple milligrams still in my syringe. Whatever the case, it was a minute amount. I think the lesson learned here is:

1) Clean your gear.
2) Clean it more than once.
3) No seriously, sterilize and rinse it out.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101229
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 20
Published: Mar 28, 2018Views: 5,277
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Heroin (27), DMT (18) : Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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