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Cyclone Society
by An Average Teenager
Citation:   An Average Teenager. "Cyclone Society: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp101249)". Apr 7, 2018.

750 ug oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
  750 ug oral 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)


First up to clear the fact side:

Drug History at that time: Only Alcohol from 14-15, stopped drinking after I was put on 25mg of Methotrexate. Been on anti-depressants since the age of 15, 20mg of Fluoxetine taken orally for a year and a half (I have no changed medications).

Preparations: I had spent a very vey considerable amount of time studying and researching LSD, which I had wanted to take as my first psychedelic experience but alas it is not easy to attain at 16. Two weeks before my trip as soon as my friend (green) told me that he got 25i instead because he couldnít find acid and asked if I still wanted to participate. I agreed and spent a couple of night doing research on drug interaction, reading reports and generally gaining knowledge about the differences. I did however not spend any time at all studying the mechanism nor pharmacology of the drug, something that since then I have always made sure to do. I had had 11 hours sleep the night before, and skipped two doses of fluoxetine beforehand just in case. I had been awake since 10am before dropping at 2pm, went about my day as usual doing homework and generally not thinking about it so as not to effect the trip itself.

Here follows the report itself:

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, me and three of my friends were chilling at my place, my dad was home but he was to vacate for 6 hours so we thought we could get away with a sneaky trip of 25i. We had purchased it off silk road, the usual bla bla bla 20 tabs bla bla whatever anyway, this lovely Saturday afternoon, and it was lovely, blue skies and about 27 I took half of a tab (750ug) and everything was dandy, I had no tolerance what so ever and being a light-weight in everything other than cannabis it was enough to make the skies warp and the grass grow. We were lying about, examining trees and talking of evolution. The 25i had nearly no headspace other than the distracting visuals and an inability to concentrate.

I must say in particular that peripheral visions were the most vivid and unique, but nevertheless watching the grass for more than a 10 or so seconds would start to make the universe collapse, the simple idea of grass growing so fast whilst the world spun so slow defied everything I knew, it was incredibly eye opening but at the time not particularly analysable. After watching the clouds form geometric shapes and cloud dragons waking waves of rolling dragons across the sky, having had no pervious experience with serious psychedelics, I really didn't know what to expect, I thought that perhaps this was the threshold, maybe this is only the beginning, maybe I could really get the world to form shapes around me, maybe white would turn to a haze of psychedelic patterns that I could walk into and door's would become portals the dropped into the universe. At the time the idea was so appealing that I asked for anything half a tab, the half tab had half worn off or so I thought and perhaps if I took another I would have a quick burst of incredible visuals before returning to my serotonin fuelled come-down. I popped the rest of the tab under my tongue and preparing for the experience brought a lounge chair outside with my blanker and pillows and sat back, allowing the drug to take hold and the fullness of the experience embrace me, I was expecting that when I sat up I would be in some kind of cartoon, perhaps monsters Inc. would appear, or maybe I would become Alice; bolting down that yellow brick road, I wouldn't wait, after what seemed like hours of deep meditation I slowly rolled up my eyelids as if they were roller door, literally, but nothing had changed particularly, colours were still just as vivid, although looking out into my backyard the plants refused to stay still no matter how much I willed them to.

I sat in my chair for about 10 minutes yelling at my friends to stop the plants moving so that I could re-gain my sanity and once again be a part of usual society. It went ok for another 15 or so minutes, I still felt insane but I began to embrace the visuals, I felt myself getting fumbled up in the trip, not being able to keep a clear head space and feeling the constant zaps of electricity in my jaw. For another ten minutes I just didn't bother to try function, just sat staring at the general scenery so that little things wouldn't move too much. It was manageable, I could do this, Iíll sober up a little and things will go back to the way they were before dad came home. Wrong. My simply stoned simple friend got hungry and my other two drug-addled friends agreed, excited for an adventure. I was not nearly as ok with this as they were.

I argued for a while but in the end gave up because I felt as if my head was going to explode. All the while the scenery was still enhanced by the 25I-NBOMe background, everything was bright and lovely and colourful, but my mind was beginning to collapse
everything was bright and lovely and colourful, but my mind was beginning to collapse
, I shut the large gate behind us and we ventured on to the footpath, time was crawling and I was barely able to keep up, time kept lagging, little blackouts I suppose. The footpath became a bridge; the drop onto the dirt sides would surely kill me, or anyone who ventured off the tall swinging bridge. I put my hood up to shelter the visuals and got reminded merely to say nothing 'if you go to town on a psychedelic, say nothingí I read that somewhere. You look normally; just act normal no one knows or cares.

As we arrived at the shopping centre down my street the zapping feelings had spread throughout my entire head, and whenever the zap came I blinked and saw things appear, vivid shapes and patterns, as if there was an alternate universe under my eyelids and the 25I-NBOMe was giving me the ability to see it in the darkness of my closed eyes. I got looped over blinking and closing my eyes to see what appeared. The buildings were no longer attached to the ground, in fact there was no ground, only an intricate map of bridges would possibly lead us around the complex net of streets and roaring beasts. I was sketching out, mad tonnes, like Johnny Depp only far less glamorous.

I saw three teenagers, perhaps 18 or 19 strolling towards us, they were demons, the 25I-NBOMe allowed me to see it. If we meddled with them surely we would be the victims of violent aggravated criminals. No one else saw it but I certainly did, I muttered to each on of my friends about it. Telling each of them a different message so as to code what I was saying and get them to return HOME. Home became a very repetitive words after we strolled past the boys, all I could here was 'need to go home' being said by hundreds of different voices in different accents with different wording. I thought I was being conniving, Iíd tell the pot head we should go home because there's free food and more weed there, the pot head was red, to this day I am unsure, but I felt as if I was trapped within a spinning colour wheel, everyone had a different colour, the chicken shop man was yellow, and when the colour wheel fell to yellow I felt the need to look at him, thinking he was saying something to us.

The teenagers we strolled past before came into the shop, they were grey. When I looked at them everything had a greyish hue, everything but the green of the chicken shop logos and signs. When the teenagers walked in everything became black and white, everything except that damn green. It was getting into my head, I was losing it, I knew it, I could feel it. My other two friends were green and blue, and the colour wheel went like so Grey-Yellow-Red-Green and Blue together-Green on his own, then Blue on his own, and I could not escape the colour wheel, every time it turned blue green or red I had to think of a new scheming way of getting them to take me home. Red wouldn't listen, he was determined to head off to this party, but we had to stay for a little while because it was only 4:30 and the party was at six. The party was applying pressure to my temples, the stress was crushing my brain and it began to hurt, the hurt made everything worse. The food arrived, and my hungry friends dug into their meals. Just before they had finished, and after another fifteen minutes of uncontrollable colour wheel and random head jerking they were finished, I put one chip in my mouth attempting to normalize what I though was a dangerous and risky situation.

I chewed it, swallowed, tripped mentally and spewed everywhere, I mean everywhere, each one of the chicken containers was at least half full of my spew, I was escorted by blue and green out the door draped over their soldiers, it was at that moment that everything hit me, I totally lost control of my physical appearing, submitting to the paranoia, faces, legs, walking pavement, everything was at me for some reason or another, and I knew every single reason all i had to do was look at an object before it said to me in my mind what it thought of me. I got half dragged to the back of a car park, and spewed violently before sobering up a little, I felt it now for sure. While red+blue+green were all present everything was rainbows, as in everything, every object was part of a rainbow across my field of vision, but not a true rainbow, an 25I-NBOMe rainbow in which only fluorescent green, yellow, red and blue. The more I looked at one thing the more individual rainbows I could see within it. Somehow at this point I just remember announcing, Iím tripping out, let's go home to blue, who was the only one left in my field of vision.

I remember feeling as if society is a wheel, and every so often a group of friends or people get peeled off of the constant swirling society liquid. I felt as if the first swipe was alcohol, it took the most people, an enormous chunk of society fluid that then was swirled into it's own little pool. The remains of society would surely get pulled into the alcohol pool later. As the alcohol fluid swirled around and around smaller, but still substantial amounts of fluid would peel off and collect in the weed pool, still swirling rapidly, from that smaller weed pool small amounts of society fluid got caught up in opiates and stimulants, weed pool still swirling tiny portions of society fluid were slivered off and they were the psychedelic pool. I found myself dizzy and swirling, a part of these swirling cyclones of liquid society and I could not understand how I got there. I was still here, on earth sitting in that car park but society was flowing all around me. It was profound and enlightening for me, it actually helped me make decisions that have ultimately made my life better. It actually truly helped me to change the way I lived, not largely or spiritually but just the attitude I had towards things. Meanwhile I was still utterly insane, we made the journey back to my house, not that I can remember it my brain was so full of electric zaps and the closed eye hallucinations were to interesting not to pay attention to, let alone how difficult it was to open my eyes, I felt as if the motor on the roller door had broken, I saw glimpses of the footpath as I got led home.

We arrived home and I remember nothing other than having a conversation with my drunk father and his drunk friend that never actually happened, during which I calmly explained to dad that I had had a rough day, and the 25I-NBOMe was just a little bit stronger than I thought I was going to be and could he therefore give me a break.

We ventured upstairs where I began to relive how who I was created. Influential experiences were bright flashes of incredible vivacity, and sad but important time made me sink into the grey carpet where it was dark and sad. I felt my brain growing slowly, I felt myself comprehending concepts and ideas at school, I could feel my hearing those weird facts from teachers again, my brain grew and grew, I remembered what I was like during every year of my life and I felt as if I could feel neurologically how my personality had developed to be how I was in the future, well, the present but I was years back. The entire thing was happening in my head, but I was like my eyes were projecting my life onto the wall. I learnt exactly who I was, who I liked, who I loved and who I don't actually like although I pretend to, I realised who were truly fucking good lad mates and who were just there for the kicks.

I awoke upstairs more myself than I had ever been, still with slight visuals, I think it was about 2am by this time, having dropped at 2 or so, I hobbled downstairs and watched a painting of a farm house for 2 hours. To be perfectly honest the last part was the most soothing and comforting experience of my entire life. I was watching the seasons change, the building wear down but when the visuals weren't strong enough to go any longer it would go back to the exact start, which was (having no looked at the painting again) the real image. Strangely the dark room was the kind of light that the season in the painting was, winter was grey and bleak and spring was bright an colourful, brighter seasons brought back the 25I-NBOMe rainbow but dark seasons just looked like a painting of a dark season.

Simply the most definitive and vivid influence of my entire life.

I think that on a final note since then I have tried a variety of different drugs including doing 25i 7 more times with no bad experiences, although almost all have resulted in the kind of maddening situations that 25 almost always seems to induce.

I am currently preparing to try 25-b having spent countless hours researching the next psychedelic on my journey of conscious exploration.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101249
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 16 
Published: Apr 7, 2018Views: 1,798
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