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The Dead Man's Dream
25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe
Citation:   A Dreamer. "The Dead Man's Dream: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe (exp101341)". Aug 10, 2016.

0.5 bowls smoked Cannabis  
  3 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe (gel tab)
  1.6 mg buccal 25C-NBOMe (gel tab)
This experience is by far the most profound experience I've ever had. I consider myself a fairly seasoned psychonaut and have imbibed many a mind altering substance: DMT, DPT, LSD, most of the 2c series, Mushrooms, MXE, Ketamine, etc. Nothing I have ever done even come close to what happened that night.

I had recently acquired some 25i-nbome and 25c-nbome gel tabs with a fairly high dose in each, 1.5mg 25i and .8mg 25c. I went outside and smoked a bowl with a friend and showed them my newly acquired magical gummy worms. I was not entirely set on trying it that night but just kind of said 'fuck it why not?' So, due to prior experiences with 25i-nbome, 1.5mg gave me a fairly good yet somewhat underwhelming experience, I decided to double it and at about 10:45 stuck two of the gel tabs under my upper lip and waited for the fun to begin.

It did not take long.

11:00 Mouth is mostly numb and that god awful taste remains. Breathing feels...strange, the first signs of psychedelia manifest. A general feeling of strangeness takes me.

11:15 Feelings of strangeness continue. Slight trails forming now.

11:30 Closed eye visuals really kicking in now. Objects begin breathing. The world begins taking on a purple hue.

11:45 Cottonmouth from the weed earlier combined with the horrid taste of the RCs is getting annoying now. Walk mostly unhindered into the kitchen to get a glass of water.

11:47ish Walking back to the living room to get on the laptop and listen to music things start getting downright crazy. It feels as if I am on a boat in a storm. Everything is moving around. The walls and floor begin rippling. Have to hold myself up along the wall to make it to the couch. Go to put on some music but find it somewhat difficult as the keyboard appears to be moving around and changing sizes. Finally succeed in getting music started. Bad idea noise is weird. Somehow I become mesmerized in it though and it becomes less terrifying. Attempt to look up stuff on the internet, I don't really know why because I can barely read the screen at this point.

12:00 I feel unbelievably good. So damn happy. I am more used to the hallucinations now and seem to have regained my balance. I realize I forgot my water in the kitchen and decide to go get it. I get halfway there and decide it would also be a good time to go smoke a bowl and go back to get the weed and my phone so I can listen to music whilst burning one. Stop halfway to the kitchen again and play with the cat. At this point I pretty much lose my ability to tell time.

I stand by the window and look for whatever it is that my cat is staring at. As I stand there I realize I have no idea how long I've been standing there or how long ago it was I got up to get my glass of water. Things seem to start repeating. I walk towards the kitchen to get water. I am back at the window. Again I walk to get my water. Back at the window. What the fuck is going on?

I finally manage to make it to the kitchen and realize I am way too far gone to even attempt to burn something so close to my face. So I nix the weed smoking idea. I recall certain foods tasting amazing while on 25i and decide to eat some fruit. I get some kiwi out of the refrigerator and sit down on the floor to eat it because fuck chairs. Things seem to repeat again. I get the kiwi out of the refrigerator. I sit down. It repeats again. I finish the kiwi and go to wash my hands. After washing my hands I get engrossed watching the patterns forming on the floor tiles. I again zone out and forget how long I've been standing there.

I walk back to the couch and get on the laptop. I seem to have conquered my inability to read. I start looking at facebook and high strangeness begins anew. Massive deja vu. I remember all of this. I saw these posts months ago. The last time I did 25i-nbome I saw these same posts. As I scroll down the page I can predict the next posts before I get to them. For the second time now, what the fuck is going on.

Hallucinations come back en masse. The computer seems as if some alien machine. Everything starts warping around. Very hard to focus now. Purple and gold vines/snakes start growing out of the ceiling. I decide to make an attempt to listen to music again. I get my headphones out of my pocket and cannot unravel them. Something crunches between my fingers. A small insect walks up my arm. There are thousands of them now. The buzzing, oh god the buzzing! It's just a drug. They are not real. The buzzing dissipates and the insects are gone. I look around and the vines are still there swinging about. I see a ring of people around me. I can't see them right in front of me, they seem to be in my peripheral vision. They're ghosts. There's a ring of ghosts standing around me chanting. Their incantations fall on deaf ears. I look at my hands. A scorpion crawls out of one and walks up my arm, across my chest, down my other arm, and finally into the other hand. Strange. Very strange.

I realize I forgot my damn water again and try to make it back to the kitchen. This time the journey is fraught with obstacles. The fact the obstacles aren't actually there is only a minor concern. The people sitting on my kitchen table seem friendly enough. I cannot make out the language they are speaking. I offer them some fruit and they disappear. Too bad. It is good fruit. Holy shit I just offered real fruit to imaginary people. I get my water and go back to the couch.

A feeling of dread washes over me. Reality seems to be breaking around me. More things repeat. It would appear I am stuck in a loop. The tv show that is on now doesn't seem to be conducive to having a good trip. I try to change it but can't figure out how to make the remote work. I think I should try to go to bed. I make it as far as the laundry room and get lost in the darkness. Abort! Mission failure. Cannot make it to bedroom. Must go back the way I came. The return journey is perilous. When I last came through there was light abound now it is gone, a faint glimmer coming from the television I couldn't succeed in turning off.

I return to the couch and lie down there. The feeling of dread remains. What am I afraid of? I fade in and out. The television seems to be repeating itself again. I am sitting with my phone in my hand. When did I sit up? When did I get my phone? The man on the television has a phone as well. He sends a text. I get a text. It's from the guy on tv. The world explodes. I am sitting with my phone in my hand. When did I sit up? When did I get my phone? The man on the television has a phone as well. He sends a text. I get a text. It's from the guy on tv. Wait didn't this just happen?
The man on the television has a phone as well. He sends a text. I get a text. It's from the guy on tv. Wait didn't this just happen?
I look out the window. Something streaks across the sky. The world explodes. I am sitting with my phone in my hand. When did I sit up? When did I get my phone? The man on the television has a phone as well. He sends a text. I get a text. It's from the guy on tv. Not again. Bang.

I am curled up on the couch. What just happened? I recall explosions. The remote is lying on the floor now. Broken. Covered in blood. Smoke everywhere. Burning, everything burning. I am back on the couch. The remote is on the arm of the couch. And now the third, what the fuck is going on?

I walk to the front door and look outside. Things seem to be flipping from the psychedelic amazing world to the, well, exploded world. I look back to the couch and the remote is on the floor broken again. A second later it is back on the arm unscathed. Fuck this. I am lying back down. I will deal with the possibly broken remote tomorrow.

I am lying on the couch. Various visions of my demise flash before me. A sense of panic hits me. That last one felt very real. I am lying on a road. Pain. Pain everywhere. I am broken. I am bleeding. I am dying. Certain sounds start to make sense. What I recognized as snores a moment ago is actually the sound of the diesel engine of an ambulance. A paramedic stands over me. 'We're losing him.' He says as the whine of a defibrillator fills my ears. My breaths come rapidly now. I feel like I am having a seizure. Time slows to a crawl. Everything reverses. The paramedic stands and backs away. The ambulances back away. A semi backs away as I stand. I reverse back through a broken window into my house. A knife is sticking out of my midsection. I lower myself to the floor. The knife is in my hand as I rise awkwardly. In reverse I walk back to the counter and my finger is lying on the cutting board along with a piece of fruit. I lower my hand and the finger attaches back onto its proper place. I put the knife back into the block.

Everything moves forward again. I get the knife out of the block. While cutting the fruit I slip and take off a finger. Shock overwhelms me. Why the fuck am I cutting something up while this high? I slip on some blood and fall onto the floor. The knife stabs into my stomach. No. Why? Why? Why? Not now. I manage to make it to my feet and stumble forwards. I fall forwards and smash through the window. Rising again I stumble forwards, ever forwards. I am on the road now. I turn in time to see the lights and hear the horn. The truck hits me. I am lying on the road. Pain. Pain everywhere. The sprinkler across the street kicks on, the water combining with the first light of dawn makes an astoundingly beautiful rainbow. An ambulance pulls up. A paramedic stands over me. 'We're losing him.' The words fade out as a familiar whine fills my ears. Again in reverse. Then forwards. The cycle repeats several times. A realization grips me. All of this. Everything. It is all just the final sparks of a brain on the brink of death. Perception of time stretches to infinity. My whole life is occurring in the blink of a dying eye. The last time the defibrillator is brought to my chest. I feel a jolt. I am lying on the couch. It's still dark outside. I check my phone. 3:45 AM. For the fourth and final time, what the fuck is going on?

At that point I decided to go to bed. I was still tripping way too hard to actually sleep. So I just listened to some music and waited for daylight. I still felt quite strange most of the day with some slight hallucinations remaining as late as 10:30 that night.

That experience has certainly stuck with me. I tried the same combo a while later and the same feeling of dread got me. As the experience started to play out again. I could hear the engines again. I could feel the road and the pain. That time I didn't get caught in a loop and managed to break out of it and watch a movie instead of, you know, dying repeatedly.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 101341
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Aug 10, 2016Views: 5,008
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25C-NBOMe (540), 25I-NBOMe (542) : Alone (16), Entities / Beings (37), Difficult Experiences (5), Combinations (3)

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