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Pleasant but Nothing Great
Citation:   wasok. "Pleasant but Nothing Great: An Experience with Methiopropamine (exp101371)". Sep 24, 2017.

  repeated insufflated Methiopropamine (powder / crystals)
    smoked Tobacco - Cigarettes  
    oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine  
The backstory:
After meeting with some friends that had taken methiopropamine in the form of a legal high mixed with benzocaine (Ethyl 4-aminobenzoate), presumably to combat the quite painful snorting, in an unspecified ratio, my friend and I decided weíd try it after a bit of research. We bought a gram, which when we weighed it turned out to be about 1.2 grams of actual powder, and after checking the ingredients list began to chop up lines. From here we didnít bother to weigh dosage, which was not sensible especially considering we had scales right there, but it worked out ok.

My friend, lets say B, has no experience with any drugs except prescribed codeine, lorazepam, mirtazapine and has tried cannabis 3 times. The only one of these he was taking at the time was mirtazapine the night before, as prescribed. I have tried salvia twice, cannabis too many times to count, although it had been a week since Iíd last smoked it and MDMA 7 times, last time being 3 months previous. Bís girlfriend was also present who had never tried any recreational substances at all.

The night:
At around 9.30 pm we got to Bís house and immediately I started to chop lines, 1 each to start, I have no idea of dosage of these lines but over the evening I had a little less than half the total powder, and B and his girlfriend shared the rest, reason being I had experience so would presumably want more.

We did these lines and after about a minute they both claimed they felt something, although I suspect this was a mixture of placebo and nerves about trying drugs, I felt nothing until about 10 minutes of baseline when I felt a tension and alertness very similar to an adrenaline rush after a fairground ride, but less shaky and more stable. We started talking about what it felt like, and then a timer we had set for 20 minutes beeped, so I prepared another line each, which we did, the burning had just subsided from the first line when we did the second. The pain is not too bad but it made my eyes water and I got a slight drip, only comparison I have is with mdma and it was nowhere near as painful, although it did block my nose and burn my throat slightly when I swallowed the drip.

About 5 minutes after this line I began to feel some positive effects, very slight jaw clenching and movement, teeth felt like the slid over each other smoothly, and tingly sensations especially on the top of my head and in the lower legs, and a warm feeling of pleasure, I remained able to think and speak very well, and felt very alert, but mentally sober. B and his girlfriend were reporting fairly similar results and they both left the room, and came back looking like they were rolling on mdma, although no pupil dilation from anybody, they were raving about how good it felt and stroking themselves and each other.

After another 20 minutes we each had another 2 lines, by now to me it felt like a smoother and less anxious mdma comeup albeit less intense, warmth and openness, desire to talk, empathy, mild euphoria in the form of a body high, and mood elevation, although it was slightly spoiled by a nagging feeling that it didnít compare to mdma. Touching and rubbing textured objects and myself, and running fingers through my hair was definitely pleasant, and hugs were fun, still nothing as intense as rolling. B and his girlfriend were very high, they spent most of their time hugging and kissing, although I was still thinking and speaking as alert and sober as with a few coffees. as the 2 lines kicked in these effects increased, not dramatically but markedly more intense, still no real mental effects except very minor closed eye visuals, and I repeatedly got stuck thinking about a particular moment I remembered and analysing it.

At this time Bís girlfriend needed to leave to go home, so we walked her to her bus and seized the opportunity for a few cigarettes. The couple were talking a lot but seemed to be making decisions well, walking straight and both managed to light their cigarettes. Cigarettes were less pleasant than normal, not sure why but the dry mouth might have had something to do with it, the taste was stronger, and not in a good way, did not increase or decrease the high, but the smoke looked cool in the dark. When we got back, we switched the music from dubstep to more relaxed music and sat and talked, we did another line each and relaxed, B disappeared into the bathroom where he remained for 45 minutes, it turns out he had vomited a lot of liquid, but as we hadnít eaten anything after lunch there was not much to throw up. Bís girlfriend also vomited when she got home and both reported waves of nausea occasionally, I got neither of these effects and any point. When he got back we did our final lines finishing the bag, and got into beds next to each other.

We carried on talking for about an hour, then decided to try to sleep with the aid of a couple of beers each but these did nothing and neither of us felt any effects from alcohol. Sleep was definitely not going to happen. We remained in bed until 7.30 when we got up to be somewhere. This time was generally about and hour and a half with eyes closed trying to sleep, then half an hour talking, then back to trying to sleep.

The stimulation continued until about 11am the next day but the high wore off about 2 hours after our last line. B vomited again after he had lost the high at about 3am. Bís girlfriend also got no sleep. The next day I felt tired, but alert, and had a sore throat and nose, no depression but felt fairly down, although after food, water and a 5 hour sleep at 2pm I felt back to normal. I am writing this 2 days after the night and noticed no ill effects whatsoever.

In summary, donít expect any intense or profound experiences, and beware the insomnia and vomiting, I think this drug would be best used either as a wake-up stimulant at lower dosage and in moderation, or in combination, or as a boost and mood lifter to an already good time, and for the price and legality, itís not bad at all especially for people with little to no tolerance or expectations for drugs.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101371
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 15
Published: Sep 24, 2017Views: 2,328
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Methiopropamine (545) : Small Group (2-9) (17), First Times (2)

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