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Observations Over 4 Years of Usage
Citation:   MrLyrica. "Observations Over 4 Years of Usage: An Experience with Pregabalin (exp101373)". Nov 22, 2019.

150 - 900 mg oral Pharms - Pregabalin
Introduction: I have been recreationally using Lyrica for almost 4 years on a weekly basis. Where I live any form of drugs are highly illegal and carry a severe jail term. Cannabis is rare and if one is caught with even a few grams the minimum jail term is 2 years. Due to the harshness of the laws people tend to try everything and anything to high. Over the counter drugs were popular at one point until they made them prescription based. This includes Lyrica in around 2012. Below are details of some of the experiences and effects as well as a list of pros and cons at different dosages.

My first time: When I was introduced to Lyrica at the end of 2009 (peak of the financial crisis) by a friend I initially had a 600 mg at around 5 pm. The effects took an hour to start and 2 hours later I was at the peak. It was an incredible feeling Iíd never felt before! Previously Iíve tried pot many times during my travels to East Asia and Europe. Alcohol on weekends and a couple of times have tried LSD in Australia. 600 mg of Lyrica gave a euphoric feeling. Joy and happiness followed as well as a great social lubricant. I do not get along with my fatherís side of the family, but on that day I was chatting with my aunts and cousins as if we were close. The confidence level was a factor as well. I felt hyper and talkative.
I felt hyper and talkative.
However, I did feel sort of ďdrunkĒ and swaying sideways when I walked. Blurred vision and my speech was slurred. The high lasted for at least 6 hours and slowly started to subside. The entire high would last till the next morning. Sleeping was one of the best feelings as it would knock me out soon as I lay in bed. I later learnt that any time during the high it was a bad idea to lay down anywhere as I would fall asleep most of the time if I wasn't active.

Dosage: Over the almost four years of trying different dosages ranging from 75 mg all the way up to 2250 mg (read below) I've found that the best dosage for a prolonged high and the most of the pros described below would be 450 mg. Itís a controlled high that lasts many hours. I am able to function normally and not fall asleep like I would at higher dosage. Pregabalin at controlled dosage is a great party and social high. I usually take it before going out with friends, going to a social gathering, or an event of sorts. I've found its best to take before an outdoor excursion. Theme parks, water parks, outdoor climbing, nature walks, arcade games, go karting, etc all become an incredible experience. Lyrica is also great for completing work. Taking it at night before going to bed and waking up fresh and high for work.

Methods of administration: Taking Lyrica orally on an empty stomach will have a stronger effect and take a shorter time to reach the desired high. Iíve heard of people opening the pills and sniffing them in lines like coke. Iíve tried it once but it wasnít as effective and quite uncomfortable.

High Dosage (2250 mg): My personal experience with a high dosage was a one-time thing during a visit in Africa. I took 15 pills of 150 mg (total of 2250 mg) knowing that it will be relatively safe. The peak high kicked in much faster. After a couple of hours I felt stoned. I could hardly walk and my speech was slurred.
I could hardly walk and my speech was slurred.
To the observer I looked drunk. As soon as I sat in a friendís car to go somewhere I felt a surge of muscle spasms. However, these were very pleasant feelings, almost like I was getting an internal massage. I lay there enjoying the music and the extreme body high. Getting out of the car was difficult at first but when I started moving I would find the energy to be more active. The drawback is that it's almost like a sleeping pill. I once went out clubbing around midnight at a peak high after taking around 750 mg in the evening. I literally fell asleep while I was on the dance floor. I collapsed for a split second and immediately woke up. I believe it differs from person to person. I have several friends who take it occasionally and none of them report being sleepy on these occasions.

4 years of usage: I have not stopped taking Lyrica since 2009. My average usage would be 450 mg twice a week. Some months I would take it every 3 days, either 300 mg or 450 mg. If there was a special occasion with friends I would go for a higher dosage to reach that pleasant euphoria (600-900 mg). When I am anxious I would take a single 150 mg pill. It has a calming effect and mood booster but does not get me high.

Lyrica and other drugs: Weed goes very well with a Lyrica high. It enhances the high and removes that paranoia and uneasiness that is sometimes associated with marijuana. Lyrica basically enhances the alcohol effect. Every drink I have while high on Lyrica is like having two drinks. I have gotten drunk too quickly on a few occasions and I would immediately pass out on the bed. Mixing alcohol with Lyrica and then smoking up is a BAD idea, might make me sick and nauseous.

The Pros and Cons of Lyrica (Pregabalin): These are just from my observations over 4 years of usage as well as reports from friends who have tried Lyrica. However, the effects might differ from person to person, specially when it comes to the cons.

- Mood booster
- Anti-anxiety
- Euphoria and weed-like high at dosages above 300 mg
- Social lubricant
- Confidence booster
- Great for insomnia (Iíve had amazing dreams while high)
- Eliminates paranoia
- Increase in motivation especially to do work - Pain relief

- Increased appetite (weight gain)
- Slurred speech - Blurred vision
- Blackouts at higher dosages
- Decreased fine and gross motor control
- Difficulty in ejaculating - Unable to drive (DO NOT DRIVE ON LYRICA. I have fallen asleep at the wheel on occasions)
- Slight withdrawal once the effects have completely worn off (roughly 48 hours)

Note to researchers: I haven't met any other individuals who takes Lyrica for as long as or as often as I have. I'm not sure what it has done to me after 4 years of use as I still feel as normal as I used to be. This might be vital information for researchers and people who work with long-term drug effects on the human body.

Exp Year: 2009-2013ExpID: 101373
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Nov 22, 2019Views: 10,831
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Pharms - Pregabalin (418) : Various (28), Retrospective / Summary (11)

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