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Ecstasy's Cousin
Citation:   Kandi. "Ecstasy's Cousin: An Experience with Methylone (exp101440)". Apr 10, 2020.

1 capsl oral Methylone (powder / crystals)
Within a week of writing this, I had purchased street ecstasy through a dealer of a friend. I am always cautious of what I ingest, so I tested the substance with chemical test kits I ordered online. The test results indicated positive for methylone. I was very reluctant to take methylone, noting the media coverage of death due to methylone recently. However, I was attending a several day rave festival and would not be doing so sober.

At around sunset (7 P.M.) I ingested a pill capsule packed with methylone. I danced with the crowd, trying to soak up all the good vibes and energy for the roll to come. It was not until around 30 minutes later, that I began to feel some psychoactive effects.

7:30 P.M.- I am wandering around the festival with my romantic partner, and suddenly I feel waves of peace and pleasure wash over me. These feelings are so sedating that I had to lay down to rest. I found it very odd that I became incredibly sleepy
I had to lay down to rest. I found it very odd that I became incredibly sleepy
, despite enormous size speakers blaring loud bass not but 200 feet away. As my head began to fall I told my partner I needed to sleep for 20 minutes. She allowed me to do so, and I faded in and out of peaceful consciousness for the next 20-30 minutes.

7:50-8:00 P.M. – I awake, suddenly full of energy in my body and a extreme enthusiasm to dance. The rush was similar to when ingesting Adderall (D-Amphetamine Salts), and my hands and feet began to sway with the music. I retrieved a pair of LED gloves I purchased earlier that day and began to wave them around my face. Words can not describe the colorful euphoria I experienced. Notably, my body and mind became in sync with the rhythm, and I am filled with what Alexander Shulgin would describe as a A++ level of stimulation. Waves of happiness, self acceptance and warmth overcame me, which I gleefully expressed in rhythmic dance. Minutes more pass by, and my eyes begin to roll into the back of my head for typically 30 second spurts. During these seconds a intense euphoria filled my head, causing me to shut my eyes to embrace it.

It is important to note that this substance provided a very therapeutic backdrop for myself, in which I came to accept certain truths about my emotional baggage. As suggested by some other reports on methylone, the entire experience filtered the normal ego and anxiety ridden mind states I usually am in. Instead of the normal protection mechanisms (denial and repression), the methylone created a state where it was okay to be honest with myself. I accepted the truth of why I am so anxious and distant from others, and worked my way through it. In its place I was filled with acceptance which granted a confidence I have never seen in myself before. I am completely at ease and open with others.

8-9:00-P.M. I have been soaking in the euphoria, waving the led lights to my very own rhythm. Many people came up to me requesting a light show, which I happily obliged. It was during these light shows I felt intense incredible connections with complete strangers. I danced, hugged, and laughed with these people, whom matched my energy and enthusiasm in kind. This substance is definitely incredibly similar to MDMA in terms of openness and love. Where it differs from MDMA is a lack of the real magic (Alexander Shulgin describes this as A+++).

9:00 -10:30 P.M. I retreated to the back of the stage, where I found my romantic partner waiting. My eyes have still been rolling into the top of my head on and off this entire time. The waves of pleasure were still coming on strong. At this moment I could not have felt any more positive or close towards her than I have any other in my life. I strongly believe that if methylone (or MDMA) were introduced into couples therapy, it would have a significant impact on the quality of the relationship. She was sober however, but embraced me warmly and insisted I ingest water. I did, and rolled my glowing fingers in front of my half shut eyes, thoroughly enjoying the brightness and intensity of the colors in front of me. More people came over for light shows, and when they stopped coming, I sought more people to “blow up”.

Around 11 o’clock the effects began to diminish, and I found the anxiety and crippling ego of mine return. At about 1 A.M. that morning I still felt some effects, but they were extremely light bursts of pleasure. I collapsed with exhaustion, ending my experimental night with methylone.

[Reported Dose: '1 medium sized pill capsule full']

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101440
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 10, 2020Views: 1,156
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Methylone (255) : Glowing Experiences (4), What Was in That? (26), Festival / Lg. Crowd (24)

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