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So I Guess This Is What Acid Feels Like
AL-LAD & Cannabis
by EoS
Citation:   EoS. "So I Guess This Is What Acid Feels Like: An Experience with AL-LAD & Cannabis (exp101573)". May 6, 2015.

T+ 0:00
150 ug buccal AL-LAD (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:00 1 bowl smoked Cannabis  
So last night I tried AL-LAD (at least I think it was that substance, you never know whats on these blotters).

I'm a 28 year old male, reasonably fit and healthy for my age. I have limited experience with Psilocybin and DMT and alot of exp with Cannabis. Other then Cannabis I don not use any other substances regularly, I do not drink or smoke.

Anyways, got this pack of 2 blotters which I suspect are 150 micrograms each. The blotters were bought online from a NL based vendor with relatively good reputation so I'm confident it was actually AL-LAD I got.


The trip took place in my room in the evening. I was in a good mood just a little anxious to try this stuff. Lately I have ben under alot of pressure with completing my degree and just life-troubles in general, but I did not worry about anything too much at the moment.

1800- I put one stamp of the blotter with I guess 150 micrograms of the substance on it under my top lip and let it sit there for about 30 min. My stomach is pretty empty.

1830: - I decide to swallow the stamp as I'm not feeling anything yet or if I am I'm not sure if its placebo.

1900-2000: I'm playing GTA V online and notice the game becoming ever more awesome. Everything is and fun, not many OEV or CEVs, just light getting brighter and a definite body stone setting in.

At this point, I'm feeling something but not sure how intense it could get- I decide to vape a bowl of weed. This seems to trigger the trip to get stronger.

2000: the game it getting too intense for me to handle. I start feeling very much like on a mushroom come up so theres definitely something at work here. No OEV but definite CEVs inspired by GTA V

2010: It's getting stronger now, I move to my bed and put on different music to try and find the one that freaks me out least.

2000-2300: don't remember much of this, but I was in bed listening to music and trying to ride this mental rollercoaster. I notice I can get lost in thought loops and situations very easily but I can also 'snap-out' and feel almost normal just to 'zoom-back' in again a second later. All in all its quite distracting and it seems to lack any sort of guidance or sense of direction - on mushrooms if sometimes feel like theres 'something' guiding the trip but with AL-LAD it was more of a sensory overload.

I also notice quite alot of bowel movement - nothing too bad just alot of gas, several trips to the toilet and a strong urge to urinate even with little bladder content. This was kinda distracting but nothing too bad compared to some of the nausea I've had on shrooms.

2230-? During that time the 'mind fuck' effect seems to get more manageable and I move back to the TV.
I watch VH1 classic for some hours, every music video is like a visual orgasm: I'm amazed at the funny 80s music videos that includes whole stories and theater pieces in one music video, things like Queen and Madonna. I realize this is how it must have been back in the 60s experiencing amazing music on acid.

This was my first attempt at anything close to LSD. Since I dont know how LSD feels like I can just say AL-LAD is what I was basically expecting. The trip lasts about 5-6 hours with some hours of coming up and down so make sure you have plenty of time on your hand a a good safe setting.

It is also advisable to stay close to a toilet as for me the bowel movements were a little distracting, I went to the toilet about 6-8 times. It felt like when you are really nervous before a date or something and need to pee. All in all these were some minor issues though compared to what I can get with shrooms. No nausea whatsoever, no headaches or anything else.

The trip itself was... Distracting. There was no sense of spirituality although that was prolly my setting, but still it felt more like sensory overload then a mystical trip. Don't get my wrong it was very interesting and enjoyable since it involved alot of euphoria and stupid grinning especially during some of the amazing 80s music videos - also either they used ALOT of trippy effects back then or I did have some OEVs after all :D

What was positive for me that although I do have some things that bother me at the moment in life, I was able to keep myself from going into a negative thought loop - I do possess quite alot of mental strength but I felt that with some mental discipline most people can control their train of thought at least at this dose. Be careful though, the stuff def has the potential to send the mind spinning into a downward spiral!

Sleeping was a little hard after the the trip as I still felt quite alert even thought my mind felt tired like after a strong shroom trip or DMT. It took me some more cannabis to finally get sleepy. Waking up felt fine, still feeling a little stoned but I did vape a shit-ton of weed last night so.. ;)

Ok so here's my verdict:

+ worked just as Shulgin describes it
+ trip time was very accurate: come-up of about 1-2 hours, trip for about 5-6 hours
+ very trippy, euphoric but at the same time very manageable
+ I could 'snap out of it' pretty easily if I wanted to
+ relatively little body load

- the bowel movement and peeing urge was distracting
- I also don't know what the stuff does to your liver, better be careful
- trip has the potential of getting out of hand so proper set/setting is key
- trip feels a little confusing, not much of any spiritual feeling but again that's setting related

All in all I can say it was a good exp, I will prolly try it again as I still have 3 stamps left. Other than the bowel movement it was really easy on the body, the mindfuck was OK and the effects enjoyable. Maybe next time I'll trip with a friend.

[Reported Dose: '150 micrograms several bowls vaped']

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101573
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 28
Published: May 6, 2015Views: 2,820
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AL-LAD (603) : Alone (16), First Times (2)

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