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Woodland Wonderland
Citation:   Tamino. "Woodland Wonderland: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp101632)". Jan 10, 2017.

2 drops oral 25I-NBOMe
I have had a few experiences with mushrooms, LSD and 2CB but nothing has compared to my latest psychedelic experience with 25i.

I was on a camping trip out in the woods with 150 or so of my closest friends. We are burner types (burning man) and the woods were illuminated with blinky lights and crazy art sculptures. I planned on tripping on 2C-B but the capsule I took had no effect after 1.5 hours. A friend offered me some 25i. I had nowhere to be over the next three days so I indulged. I took a single sugar cube with two drops. The dosage was between 50-100mcg per drop so min 100mcg-max 200mcg.

I have taken LSD on sugar cubes and the taste never really bothered me. When I popped the 25i in my mouth the taste was almost unbearable. Like an idiot I tried to swallow the cube three times. I almost choked and spit it out. Eventually I just bit the bullet and squished the cube between the roof of my mouth and my tongue. With the corners rounded I quickly swallowed the clump.

T-0 Dropped around 11:00pm

T-11:20 No change at all. No euphoria, no visuals, nothing.

T-11:45 Still no change at all. Thinking this stuff is a dud and I might just go to bed.

T-11:50 Talked to my friend and he was tripping hard. Starting to think I didn't get enough and I didn't want him to stop to get me another dose.

T-12:00 Decided to go to bed. In a tent on a cold October night. (very cold)

T-1:25 Woke up with a feeling of intense energy. Felt like dancing and hanging out by the fire after all it was very cold that night. When I sat up to put on my shoes and sweatshirt the zipper on the tent door was breathing and bending very slowly. I'm tripping. Finally.

I got my shoes on and left the tent. When I stood up my entire field of vision began to blur and bend. I felt very powerful and energized but the need to be with people was intense. It was a 2-3 minute walk to the fire down a pretty bumpy and winding path. I was amazed at how easily I navigated the roots, rocks and other various obstacles. I remember thinking 'I'm finally tripping. I mean REALLY tripping' The blue LED lights hanging from the tree branches were bending and swirling all around me. I could hear the voices of my campmates down by the fire.

Although there was visual blurring and pulsing and breathing I didn't see light traces or complex patterns

T-1:30 I make it to the fire. Everyone is happy an giddy. They all know I'm on something and they smile as I sit down next to the fire. The flames start to show traces of light. The coals are pulsing and breathing. I keep thinking to myself 'Don't touch the fire. Just don't touch the fire' I don't really know how long I was at the fire. My campmates are a very sexually expressive group and people are cuddling and kissing. I feel a bit left out but a guy friend of mine hugs me and we decide to go back to his tent. We are interested in keeping warm. No sex happened between us. He was high and I was tripping and both just wanted to be with someone and not freeze to death.

T-2:15 We climb into the sleeping bag and cuddle together to keep warm. I have some looping going on and my body temperature seems to be rising. I had to take my shirt off and as I fell asleep on and off I noticed I was continuously pulling the blankets off my friend. I finally decide to go back to my own tent and hopefully not freeze to death.

T-3:00 Starting to trip really hard now. As I curl up in my sleeping bag I begin to see fractal like patterns. I see what I like to describe as the belly button of the universe. A reflective ball that is pulling me in but when I reach the event horizon I flip around to the other side. I keep trying to get in the center of the sphere but I can't seem to balance. My thoughts bounce back and forth between positive and negative, alive and dead, existing and not existing. Words begin to pop into my head and I see visual representations of their definitions. Opulence, wealth, poverty, evil, good, sharp, dull and elegance among a few. The sphere has become a cone shaped vortex wrapping around itself in a continuing fractal like pattern and as I try to align all the vortexes so I can see the sphere I keep slipping off to one side. I hear a voice that basically tells me I need to find the balance. If I can find the balance I will, at the same time, exist and not exist. I think to myself is this what 'Enlightenment' is? Does everything come down to a binary state of 0 or 1? Is my goal to try and keep the balance?

T-3:30 This is the first time I actually look at my iPhone to get the time. I wanted to see if I was stuck in an alternate reality.
T-3:30 This is the first time I actually look at my iPhone to get the time. I wanted to see if I was stuck in an alternate reality.
Time was moving and at that point in time I thought I was ok and I could get back to this serious trip. I started to think about the spheres. Maybe we were all spheres and the more balanced we are the easier it would be to relate to one another. I started to see very, very intense patterns. Strange blueprint like patterns drawn out on circular discs. Blue/read background with bright orange lines. strange symbols that looked like numbers. GRAVITY! This is the explanation of gravity? The way the many spheres related to each other pulling and pushing and me trying to keep my balance on my own sphere. If I vibrate my sphere I maybe able to affect other spheres. I do. I get the impression that I can manipulate objects by changing the vibration of my sphere.

T-350 I check my iPhone again. This is going on a long time. I start to worry. I close my eyes and I can see rainbow line skeletons of fish. I can hear someone snoring in the distance. I HATE snoring. it makes me uncomfortable. I want to kill people when they snore. I realize that when I was obsessing about the snoring I was way out of balance on the sphere. I was way down around the equator of the sphere and I didn't want to be there. All of the sudden I closed my eyes and saw the rainbow fish skeletons. I heard a voice of a female friend saying. 'the snoring is like being tickled. It should make you happy. It should tickle your insides' I then started to laugh. I realized I was laughing out loud. I then realized that I was now hovering over the top pole of the sphere. The closer I was to the pole of the sphere the more content I was. I realized that I could possibly enter the sphere at the pole and be totally content. But what would happen if I entered the sphere? Would I die? would I exist and not exist? what would happen to my loved ones if I just disappeared or died? It shouldn't matter. I'd be content. Do I want to be that content. I continued to consider these options for a while.

T-4:00 I'm not seeing as many visuals but I'm still tripping. I get in a crazy loop that I may have broken something in my brain. I keep feeling like I was stuck in a 'wrong' reality and that I would be stuck in this tent. I could hear cars in the distance but they never changed in pitch. I began to think that the sound would keep going on and on and I would end up living in this tent. I would say to myself that I could just get up and leave the tent but I never did. I thought about all the shit I had to do at work on Tuesday but I figured I was really some burnt out crazy guy sitting on a street corner living in a tent in his mind. I'm thinking to myself 'When will this end?'

T-5:00 I check my iPhone again. Still thinking I'm broken because this is STILL going on. I start thinking that I'm in a coma or something and the flashes of red and blue lights I'm seeing in my peripheral vision are lights from an ambulance/police vehicles. I'm thinking people are trying to pull me out of this reality and I'm really in an ambulance. This goes on for a few hours. I'm starting to think this will never end. I'm beginning to get paranoid.
I'm starting to think this will never end. I'm beginning to get paranoid.
I tell myself this will pass. Everything will be fine. I'm doing great and I can ride this out. I've never had a bad trip and I'm not going to have a bad one now.

T-7:00 I must have fallen asleep because I wake up to people talking. Talking about coffee and how cold it was that night. I decide to get up. I leave the tent and things are still swirly, breathing. I seek out a few people to verify that they are real and I'm not really dead. They offer me coffee but I need to pee. I walk up the trail and the trees and leaves are still breathing and morphing. I really think I broke something in my brain. I'm thinking clearly but the visuals are still intense. As I reach the portapotty I keep thinking 'could I live this way?' I'm sitting in the porta-potty thinking this will end sometime. I remember reading aftereffects can last 1-7 days.

T-8:45 I'm sitting in a camp chair eating ravioli from a can and all of the sudden it just stops. All the whirling and breathing visuals just stop. I'm exhausted. I tell my friend 'It stopped' I'm going to take a nap.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101632
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 47
Published: Jan 10, 2017Views: 4,054
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25I-NBOMe (542) : Large Group (10+) (19), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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