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Eternity Revelations and Change
Citation:   Daniel G.. "Eternity Revelations and Change: An Experience with 25I-NBOMe (exp101637)". Apr 10, 2020.

1 mg buccal 25I-NBOMe (blotter / tab)
First of all, a little background. I'm a fourth year college student with little experience with psychedelics, having only tried 25i two times before and both times I experimented with a really low dose (500 μg), I do smoke weed, but not on a daily basis.

Set: Friday afternoon, it had been very cold those days, but that afternoon was really sunny so my two friends R, M and I decided to try 1 mg. The preparations included rubbing our fingers behind our upper lip, as to increase absorption (didn't have our toothbrushes with us) and a talk about accepting everything the trip would throw at us.

Setting: I had broken up with my girlfriend only 3 days before, but I wasn't feeling that sad. Apart from that everything was going great in my life, and besides, I really enjoyed the company.

Note: Due to the extreme time concept loss, timestamps are approximated.

T +00:00 we met around 2 o'clock in the campus, we took the blotters around 2:30. I put it between my gum and upper lip.

T +00:30 Decided it was time to get going; we left the university and started our journey to a nearby mountain.

T +00:35 we chewed our blotters, I spat it, helps with the nausea. First effects felt, nothing too visual, but a lot of body energy.

T +00:45 Stopped to grab a break, there was a flower garden in front of us, and the flowers started morphing, moving. There was some color enhancement, and when I looked at my friends, their skin was cycling through tones, a lot of reds and yellows. We walked a bit more and sat in a park to talk about the visuals we were getting. The roots of the trees moved snake-ish and the soil looked like a thousand bugs were there. Kind of unnerving, but I convinced myself it was my imagination. We realized there were a lot of kids in the park, so it was better to get going. I crossed the street (which was one of the most difficult things Iíve ever done, cars were starting to leave tracers, heavy tracers) to buy a coke, and then we moved on.

T +01:45 walking for 20 minutes seemed like hours and hours, so we got a rest in a kind of viewpoint that was to the side of the street, there was a big 4 point compass rose in the ground, it was beautiful, it started to morph, the ground started to get wavy and then a million tender eyes formed, observing me, and I felt they were a million creatures wanting to hug me and give me love. It put me in a great mood I felt nature loved me, and I loved it back.
I felt nature loved me, and I loved it back.
We rested for ten minutes and got again walking. From this until the three hour mark nothing noteworthy happened, visuals continued to develop and had nausea, not permanent but like three episodes that faded, there was a slight confusion, I did not know if I was cold or warm, or if I had hunger or not.

T +02:45 we started walking up a mountain and there were three rainbows parallel to each other on the street, sight that filled me with happiness, we continued walking and things started to hinder us... the watches, the cell phones, the wallets, so we took everything and threw it in my backpack. R said: 'let's forget about time!! About money!! About technology!!' and threw his watch, cell phone and wallet in my backpack.

T +03:15 there was a viewpoint at the top of the hill, we could see the woods and the city. Staring at the woods everything got themed to ancient China, I would see the trees morph into a big dragon head, with a big wall to the side. And then something really mystical happened, a man appeared from nowhere and asked if I had a rolling paper, I gave it to him and he said HEY! Have a good trip :) and got his bike and disappeared, I thought he was some kind of Cheshire cat that gifted us all the good vibes in the world.

T +03:20 there was a meadow to the side of the road, and we went there, found the most comfortable spot and laid down to the music of Pink Floyd. We went on an infinite bliss. Also had some pretty serious synesthesia, we drank our soda, it tasted fucking silver!

T +??:?? Time disappeared at this point; I did not understand what a second was, or a minute, or an hour. M was so euphoric, she called her best friend (T), they made some girl talk and then hung up, a while after, still puzzled by the sense of time, I asked her how long had been since she and T talked, but she didn't know, we checked her phone and it said they had spoken 2 minutes before, and I felt complete exhilaration, I laughed and laughed and laughed at the concept of time, R and M did too. The visuals at this point were extremely kaleidoscopic, there were few clouds and were totally geometric, they were triangles, and from each side a rainbow band emerged. I had some pretty shocking revelations about what was going on with my life and myself, and felt extreme serenity and peace. The best thing about this was the extreme nirvana I felt, for a second I got a glimpse of the eternity of the universe and nature, and realized how insignificant we are, and what is like to be part of the eternity. For a second, all the entropy, all the chaos stopped and everything made perfect sense. During that second, nature hugged me, and I hugged it back, everything went white and full of empathy and love, it was complete joy.

T +04:15 we were still tripping hard, but it was getting really dark so we returned to the road, and took the way down.

T +05:00 By this time my mental trip had stopped for the most part, Visuals were only present if I wanted them, but music still sounded incredible, we passed by an ironworks facility and it was the most cool sounding thing, everything had echo and resonated everywhere... at this point I could have a near lucid conversation with a sober person, but attention was an issue. In contrast, R, M and I could talk completely normal. T picked up M and went to T's house, R and I went to grab something to eat, and then R went to his house. Socialization at this point was pretty straightforward although I was getting really distracted at times.

T +05:00 - +10:00 casually encountered my best friend when I was heading home and we went to J's house (J is another friend) had some beers and talked and then they drove me home. I felt tired and went to sleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

The aftermath: Next day I felt a little bit lazy, but not tired or mentally spent like one feels after alcohol. R, M and I formed an incredible bond after that day, and the experience helped me realize I was doing things wrong in my life, I also think it boosted my creativity and abstract thinking. I am looking forward to experiment again with this compound in different settings. On a separate note, I did feel this compound very spiritual, but as I haven't tried LSD I can't say for sure if it compares or not.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101637
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21
Published: Apr 10, 2020Views: 1,098
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25I-NBOMe (542) : General (1), Glowing Experiences (4), Public Space (Museum, Park, etc) (53)

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