Overview and Review
Citation:   Infectious. "Overview and Review: An Experience with 5-MAPB (exp101651)". Erowid.org. Sep 18, 2014. erowid.org/exp/101651

  oral 5-MAPB (powder / crystals)
Like most my trip reports, this is simply an overview conducted based on memory, which is not my strong point. I feel the need to record my results as this is a novel substance with few reports, yet I can see it taking off sometime in the near-future. I have used various drugs, those most relevant to this report being 6-AP(D)B, MDMA, Methylone, 4-MEC, 3-MMC, (meth)amphetamine, MDPV, and Cocaine. I don't really think the last three apply, as I do not feel 5-MAPB is a 'straight' stimulant, but others may feel different.

So, I'll just throw this out there quick; Duration is 5-6hrs, dosage for a good time perhaps 100-300mg, though 300 may be high for some.

I shared this with several friends, all taking the above dosage range. All enjoyed it, and reported what one would expect given MDMA, though I told them before hand that it was a Molly analog. When asking for more, a few people simply referred to it as 'Molly' (which I find unrepresentative). I'm unsure how many of these people have ever had real MDMA, so...

I have had real MDMA, along with dubious 'Molly' and pressed tabs. I do not feel that 5-MAPB should be categorized alongside such. I find it very unique in its action. Simply looking at it as a 'Molly substitute' is unfair, and perhaps even disappointing.

I am a hard-head. The lowest dose I ever took was 150mg, and found this to be underwhelming. It was not a boring experience, just not one I would write about. My preferred dose was 300mg, alongside a psychedelic or dissociative. I worked my way up to 600mg, but could not find a reason to dose higher.

Effects I experienced: strong euphoria, mental 'stoning', minor visual distortions, perhaps some tactile effects. No real increased appreciation or distortion of music, not much more than residual stimulation, some lack of coordination at high doses, strong overheating (hence me not going above 600mg, at that dose, I had to continually hold ice on my neck), no empathy really, nystagmus, and 'saucer eyes' were apparent, maybe some jaw tension.

This is definitely NOT Molly to an experienced user, though novices may find it similar. However, that does not mean it is a worthless drug. On the contrary, I find it quite enjoyable. Rather than getting me up dancing, or chatting away aimlessly, 5-MAPB just gets me stoned as can be. I find that to be the most obvious effect.

Visually, this is unimpressive, for a visual one, 6-APDB is the best. Nor does 5-MAPB lend itself well to introspection or empathy. The euphoria is just too strong to focus on anything else. Very 'couch-locking', maybe akin to a strong IV dose of coke. Stimulation was there (increased heart rate, overheating, inability to sleep), but more in the background, as there was no urge to do anything, however had I so desired, the neccessary energy would have been present.

I could see myself actually choosing this over MDMA depending on the setting.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101651
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Sep 18, 2014Views: 20,759
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