Rolling It Into Cigarettes
Citation:   Space Cadet W. "Rolling It Into Cigarettes: An Experience with DMT (exp101652)". Jun 13, 2018.

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Rolling DMT Into Cigarettes

I have been smoking DMT in a fairly ritualized but informal spiritual context for the past 4 or 5 years, and feel as though it is the best way to gain insight into the nature of reality as it exists beyond human perception. I always keep a pen and paper handy which has allowed me to occasionally bring back an intangible fragment or two (in the form of ideas), of what I feel a little bit silly describing as the transcendent oneness of our fundamentally sentient universe.

An issue has been that my pipe set-up is so effective that it becomes easy to accidentally stumble into breakthrough territory when I'm not necessarily in the right state of mind for it. Sometimes when I feel like smoking DMT I am only really seeking a glimpse as a reminder that there is something existing beyond us. The accidental breakthrough experiences I've had when not in a good state of mind have been rather unpleasant, and I have for a long time wanted to find a way to smoke it more casually in a way that would reliably produce less intense effects.
I have for a long time wanted to find a way to smoke it more casually in a way that would reliably produce less intense effects.

Last night I included roughly the amount I would smoke in my pipe into a roll-your-own cigarette, distributed evenly throughout the length of the roll and sandwiched between two layers of tobacco. This was then attached to a rolled up index card holder to be more easily held and less harsh. I went outside, sat down, and lit it up. After 1 or 2 small drags I began to taste the DMT, and the smoke had that warm, light feel to it so I held it in for about 10 seconds. The familiar warmth and physical heaviness I associate with low doses of DMT began to settle in, as well as a clarity from the tobacco.

As I continued to smoke, I gradually climbed into the DMT frame of mind which seemed to prevent the negative side effects of smoking too much tobacco. The DMT and the nicotine seemed to have something of a synergistic effect, and I received a calm, light emptiness and connectedness to my outdoor moonlit setting that I could only describe as true bliss. Not euphoria per say, but a sense of peace and contentedness that was so complete as to make me smile broadly. In the shadows cast by the moon I could see the beginning of typical DMT visuals, so I kept smoking and increased the intensity a bit more. At this point it felt similar to a super tranquil, really strong acid trip (when such a thing occurs). I spaced out for a while staring at the stars, knowing in a very deep and pure way that everything was connected by light, as though every beam was some cosmic signal connecting the synapses and neurons of some all inclusive cosmic entity of pure existence that is contained in the universe the way our selves are contained in our brains.

I won't go too much further into what was a very clear-headed train of cosmic rumination and philosophizing since it is not what I sought out to report. What I did seek to report was that for me DMT was extremely smokable and could conceivably be done so in either tobacco or cannabis cigarettes. It gave me a means of controlling the intensity of a low dose DMT trip, making much more conducive to writing, painting etc.

I ought to mention though that at one point when the effects were at their strongest, I tried to stand up to take a leak and found myself very physically weighed down and clumsy, so anything requiring physical coordination could potentially be dangerous. Although blasting off into a breakthrough experience is the single most profound type of experience I've had in life, I think from now on for the most part I will be smoking DMT rolled into joints of cigarettes since it was much more well suited to creative activity and it has been much easier to actually integrating the experience.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101652
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jun 13, 2018Views: 6,236
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