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A Little Heady and Floaty, That Mostly Waned
Tree Tobacco (Nicotania glauca)
Citation:   RegularGuy. "A Little Heady and Floaty, That Mostly Waned: An Experience with Tree Tobacco (Nicotania glauca) (exp101689)". Oct 4, 2019.

1 bowl smoked Tobacco
Smoked Tree Tobacco N. glauca

A while ago, I had gone fishing and noticed a plant with interesting flowers growing there. I took home a couple leaves and flowers with which to identify the plant later. It turned out to be Nicotiana glauca or 'Tree Tobacco'. Upon further research, I learned that the primary active constituent of N. glauca is anabasine, as opposed to nicotine from regular smoking tobacco.

Anecdotal evidence of deaths related to ingestion of N. glauca abound, citing how poisonous this plant was and how you should not ingest it. I thought to myself 'Well duh! of course they died; they ate it! If you drank a brew made with N. tobaccum, it would probably kill you too; that's why we don't do that!' Also, it seemed the handful of cases were just copied from one another and I wanted to know if it could be smoked, not eaten. I couldn't find many instances of anyone actually smoking it apart from a couple references to Native Americans using it in some ceremonies. Anyway, I had a feeling that if properly dried, cured and smoked, this plant was no more dangerous than regular tobacco.

It was a regular weekday at home and not much was going on. I was pretty bored actually, so I decided to try something different. I felt confident that smoking a small amount would not be exceedingly dangerous and I proceeded to pack a small bowl of a hand-pipe with some dried, cured and shredded young leaf matter. I intended to ere on the safe side and only smoke one bowl the first time around. After a few hits, I began to feel a little heady and floaty but that mostly waned within five minutes. I was very surprised at how pleasant the smoke was. It was smooth and tasted somewhere between a regular tobacco cigarette and Salvia divinorum; what I can only describe as leafy and mousy with a hint of oregeno. It is now an hour later, and I still feel the slightest lift in my forehead, gravitationally, but nothing else.

When the larger leaves that I have collected are done curing, I may roll them into a small cigarillo and smoke a slightly larger amount in a couple weeks.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101689
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Oct 4, 2019Views: 1,163
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Tobacco (47) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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