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Incredible Adventure With Foreign Entities
DMT & Cannabis
by Natalie
Citation:   Natalie. "Incredible Adventure With Foreign Entities: An Experience with DMT & Cannabis (exp101730)". Feb 26, 2018.

125 mg oral MDA
  75 mg oral MDA
    smoked Cannabis
    smoked DMT


It all began this past week/weekend (week of Oct. 31st). It was my first time going to a music festival. It was 4 days and 4 nights of camping out in the woods and being around lovely people and beautiful music and nature and unconditional love everywhere. I had never felt so at peace and at home before. It was all about love and acceptance and being one with each other and the environment around you. I had brought a variety of psychedelics and other drugs with me to use and share throughout the 4 days of being there. I got there late Wednesday night and so my friend and I basically just set up our campsite and went to bed so we would be ready for the next day. Thursday I dosed on 2g of Penis Envy mushrooms for the night. Had a great time listening to music and walking through the forest. Friday I dosed on 125mg of MDA for the night and also had an amazing time. Saturday we had another friend join us and again I dosed 125mg of MDA and then later re-dosed on 75mg of MDA again. This all leads to my first DMT breakthrough on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

Earlier Saturday evening I had made plans with my camping neighbors to have a campfire at night so that we would all have a great memory of the last night of the festival. I told them I was planning on bringing the deemsters with me, if anyone was interested. We never agreed on a set time. Eventually after spending the whole night out and meeting new people and listening to great music, I got back to my campsite around 4 am Sunday morning and found my neighbors in the back of the campsite area, sitting around a fire. Talk about perfect timing. We spent some time sitting around the fire getting warm, talking about our nights, and having a good time.

I went with my friends James and Megan to James’s camp site for a few minutes. He grabbed his blanket and guitar. Back to the camp site we went. I grabbed my box full of psychedelics and other things. I sat back around the campfire, with about 7 other people sitting around it. Everyone was having a great time. James was playing beautiful music on his guitar and singing softly. The fire was warming me as much as possible. I was around the perfect group of people that anyone could be with. The sky was perfectly clear and there were billions of stars in the sky, clearly visible. It seemed like a perfect time for my experience, the entire setting was just perfect. I busted out my scale, some weed, and a bowl. Although I had brought my oil vaporizer, I decided on using the sandwich method this time because I had heard a lot of positive experiences from it.

I packed a tiny bit of weed in the bowl and took a couple of hits until there was only ash left, but it had not been sucked through. I then weighed out 50mg of some high quality, whitish-yellow n,n-DMT. I poured all of it on top of the ash, and then put a little bit more weed on top of it. We went around the circle, deciding on who would hit the bowl. Some said they would, some decided not to. No pressure to do it. It was 5:21 am. I began the circle. I took a hit, and passed it. I believe my first hit was only weed, as I tasted no burning plastic and felt that the top layer of weed was a little too thick anyways. That was fine by me. The second time it came around to me, I could smell the slight plastic burning. I was excited. I lit the bowl again, slowly inhaling. I inhaled the smoke for about 20 seconds, and held it in as long as I could. Even while I was holding in the smoke, I could feel my body start to get numb. That euphoric body high that comes with smoking DMT that I had felt a number of times before.
I could feel my body start to get numb. That euphoric body high that comes with smoking DMT that I had felt a number of times before.
I knew I had taken a great hit.

As soon as I exhaled my second hit, I felt like everything just froze. I was going to take a third hit, but I just couldn’t move my body at all. All I could do was sit there, cross-legged, in front of the fire, holding the bowl and lighter in my hand. Someone took the bowl and lighter from my hand eventually. I placed my hands on my knees and just sat there, frozen in time. I had my eyes closed the entire time. In a matter of seconds, I “looked” up and the visuals began… I saw a tunnel of lasers leading up into the sky and I looked into it and felt like my body was in a slingshot… I was pulled back, and immediately slingshot into hyperspace. All throughout this, my body was completely frozen. I couldn’t even lay down. I flew into hyperspace. At the end of the tunnel, I began my adventure with foreign/alien entities.

It was like I was watching a movie reel. A sequence of events almost. They showed me everything. They showed me all the problems of the world. Violence, hunger, death, anything and everything negative in this world that you could think of. Then they showed me why it was all happening. They took me through different scenarios, all very quickly, never stopping. We would transition through the different types of scenarios, as in from problems to why we had problems, I would transition by seeing complex geometric patterns and all the sacred geometry was there and various colors. I then transitioned from why we had all these problems into how to fix everything… The solution to all of our problems and issues… They showed me love and compassion and told me that the only way to fix everything was to love everyone fully and unconditionally. It doesn’t matter if you know someone or not. It doesn’t matter if you have already had a falling out with someone and have sworn to never speak to them again. We need to forget our differences. We are all human and we all have flaws. The only way things will ever get better is if we begin to care about each other and love everyone with no barriers between us. Forget about pretty or ugly, young or old, big or small. Accept everyone for who they are and love them fully. Nearing the end of my adventure, the foreign entities kind of “knighted” me if you will (for lack of a better explanation?) and told me that I needed to remember this information and tell everyone. I had been brave enough to go on this journey with them and they wanted me to see everything and know everything. I had to tell everyone of my journey and what it meant and why it was so important.

I flew back through hyperspace and landed in my body again and opened my eyes. I looked to my friend Megan next to me and hugged her. I began trying to explain what just happened but I couldn’t. I just started choking up and tears started flowing out of my eyes. What I had just gone through was so incredible, so beautiful, so eye-opening. It was amazing. Exhilarating. It was so hard to get the words out because I was just in such awe of what had just happened. The fact that I was realizing that it had just happened was just so shocking to me. That I had actually broken through and had a HUGE adventure with foreign entities and they showed me everything. I cried for a while, just sitting there at the fire. Eventually I got a hold of myself and hugged everyone and told them I loved them. I will never forget this experience and I hope I can share it with everyone. It definitely changed me. Although I have had eye-opening experiences before, on mushrooms, nothing compared to this DMT experience. I am thankful for the foreign entities that showed me the way and decided to enlighten me with their information. It is nothing I could have ever imagined and something I will never ever forget.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101730
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Feb 26, 2018Views: 810
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DMT (18) : Combinations (3), Entities / Beings (37), Glowing Experiences (4), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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