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The Guest Who Wouldnt Leave
by Horizbiz
Citation:   Horizbiz. "The Guest Who Wouldnt Leave: An Experience with LSZ (exp101735)". Jan 19, 2014.

T+ 0:00
225 ug oral LSZ (blotter / tab)
  T+ 2:30   repeated inhaled Nitric Oxide (gas)


I recently tried AL-LAD with my friend Ben and while it was a good time I was looking for a more LSD like experience (even though I have never done LSD). Ben had done LSD in the past and found the AL-LAD to be similar but certainly milder and a much less heady trip. Reading that LSZ was much more like LSD from the trip reports, we ordered some and assessed it over the weekend.

4:00PM I take 225ug and Ben takes 300ug, held in mouth for 15 minutes and swallowed. No taste at all.

4:30 Feel first hints of the come up. Mild muscle tension and nervous energy continue for 2.5 hours. Music slowly becomes enhanced, conversation flows easily and we have many laughs.

6:30 It has kicked in pretty good now, colors are bright and we have hit a few nitrous balloons. These trigger CEV kaleidoscope imagery and are very pleasant. The Muscle tension has built from earlier and I find myself having to remind myself to relax.

7:00 In the matter of a few minutes the muscle tension has relaxed significantly and the trip smoothed out very nicely. The furniture has paisley patterns that are mildly flowing, the carpeting has waves going across it and the pattern in the carpet is creating a 3d texture to it. There are mild waves of energy that ebb and flow. I am alternately relaxing in a chair and jumping up and walking around the room as we joke. Talking is a little more difficult now but still manageable.

9:00 I am very surprised at this point. The trip has continued at the same level for 2 hours now with no increase or decrease in intensity. Ben is a very high energy guy and has been talking the entire time. My wife arrives and joins the conversation. I am quite happy about this because I am getting tired of talking.

11:00 We both agree that we are at exactly the same level we were at 7:00. This has well exceeded the intensity of the same doses of AL-LAD we took last month. Ben says that he canít tell the difference between this and LSD and is having a blast.

12:00 My wife has gone to bed. We are still wade awake. My experiences with psychedelics have generally been with mushrooms and the 4-tryptamines which have a sedating affect as the trip progresses. There is none of this here. We could both go out drinking or dancing right now. I am not the least bit tired. Ben has had the better part of a case of beer but it has had no effect on him.

1:00 Still no change in intensity. This is like the house guest who just wonít go home. I am wide awake but I am just tired of talking. Next time I do this I will plan more things to do while tripping. Ben decides to walk home and I pop 5mg of Valium and watch some TV while it kicks in.

2:00 the energy waves are tapering off but colors are still saturated. I go to bed and fall asleep around 3:00.

I Wake at 10:30 the next morning feeling a little played, but in a very positive mood. I really enjoyed this trip. Neither of us experienced any stomach issues. There was not a lot of introspection going on with this dose but I felt upping it another 150ug would really bring on the visuals and give it more mental depth. My wife said we were definitely tripping harder on this then the Al-Lad and it was pretty obvious. I still feel that I could have functioned in a public place though. The length of the trip was the only negative I can come up with here.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101735
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 50 
Published: Jan 19, 2014Views: 16,054
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LSZ (609) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Hangover / Days After (46), First Times (2), General (1)

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